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With the popularity of the internet these days, it has become more and more convenient for people to enjoy learning about their specific interests without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

The same holds true for the game of golf. No longer do you have to go to your local golf course or country club and spend a small fortune taking golf lessons from a golf pro.

There are many internet sites now that can help you improve your golf golf lessonsswing and technique for little or no cost to you. You can now find many articles and videos to help you find your best online golf lesson.

Online Golf Lessons

Finding a good online golf lesson website can be quite easy if you know what you are looking for. You can find golf lessons for any one specific area of your golf game or you can find a site that will cover all aspects of your golf game.

Online golf lessons can include lessons on improving your:

  • golf swing
  • golf stance
  • golf grip
  • golf stretching and exercises

Online golf lessons can also include tips on your:

  • Driving
  • Your long iron play
  • Your short iron play
  • You’re chipping
  • Your putting
  • Your mental golf gamegolf lesson 1

As we know golf is a very competitive sport in which you not only competing against other competitors, the golf course, but also yourself. That is where the mental part of your golf game comes into play.

Online Golf Lessons – (Free or Paid)

There are many online resources to obtain online golf lessons. Many of these lessons are free and some online golf lessons are paid programs.

If, you go the free online golf lesson route, you can find many articles on improving your golf game but they will only teach you so much about improving your golf game.

Another popular way to get free online golf lessons is on You Tube. The only problem with using You Tube is you will only get a short 3 to 5 minute video on just one aspect of your game.

In order to cover every aspect of your game on You Tube you will have to go from one video to another to get all the information you need to improve your entire game. This can be very time-consuming and ineffective.


Paid online golf lessons


As far as I am concerned, paid online golf lesson programs might be the best way to go to improve your golf game. There are many reputable online golf lesson courses available today.

Most paid online golf lesson programs are less money than a single golf lesson from your local pro and you own it forever to go back and refer to as often as you like.

Another positive from these paid online golf lessons is that free all have secure servers in which you pay through and all very often money back guarantee.

All of free best paid online golf programs I am going to go through offer both PDF lessons and a series of videos helping you with all aspects of your game.

Best Paid Online Golf Lessons

1 – Consistent golf – Stress Free Golf Swing

Consistent golf was created by Jeff Richmond. Jeff claims he has found the secret behind Ben Hogans stress free golf swing. It is said that Mr. Hogan had a secret move that he never revealed to anyone, ever.

What can you expect from the stress free golf swing ?

  1. Having a consistent golf swing without a thousand different swing thoughts going through your head.
  2. Just going out and playing golf knowing that you do not have to worry about your golf swing.
  3. Having one key golf swing move that you can practice to perfection.
  4. Having one key swing thought that you know will work round after round.

The lessons in this golf program will guarantee you to have the simplest possible, even if you cannot go out and spend countless hours hitting golf balls.

Jeff claims that this one golf swing secret is so powerful and easy that you will be hitting powerful and accurate golf shots’ in no time at all. It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

2 – The Long Game Mastery Program:

One of the most troublesome golf shots’ I see from most amateur golfers would have to be when free have a long iron or fairway wood in their hands.

Whether free are on the tee box of a long par three or going for the green in two on par five holes, free always seem to feel like free have to swing as hard as free can and kill the ball.

Well, this is actually the furthest thing from the truth. A lot of this of course is mental, but you can learn to keep those negative mental thoughts out of your head with the Long Game Mastery Program.

Your long irons are actually not that much different from your short irons. Each club is designed with different lofts which in turn controls the trajectory of each shot with any given club.

The long game mastery program includes 34 lessons and over 52 videos. It will teach you all the way from your grip all the way to making your swing automatic.

For more information on the long game mastery program you can check it out here:

Secret to a Great Short Game:

Everyone knows how important the short game is, but here’s some stats that may surprise you…

From 30 yards pros get up and down about 46% of the time. Whereas a 10 handicap golfer only gets up and down around 11% of the time, and a 30 handicapper only gets up and down about 3% of the time.

So what should this tell you ? The better you get at your short game the lower your scores will be.

Most golf instructors will try to teach you their short game techniques that the pro’s use. I believe for the amateur or novice golfers these techniques will rarely work.

Pro golfers practice these shots’ day in and day out. Because, of this they are very consistent with their short game.

The Secret to a Great Short Game program will teach you how to be as consistent as a pro in your short game with a technique that will work for you.

Go here to take your short game to another level.

5 Minutes to Great Putting:

5 minutes to great putting is probably one of the best putting programs on the internet today. More strokes are lost on the putting green during a typical round of golf than any other area of your game.

If, you think you suck at putting you will always suck at putting. Of course that is not the case at all. Probably just one small tip or tweak could suddenly make you a great putter.

One huge tip I could give you right now has to do with self – discipline or green readingyour confidence. 5 minutes to great putting will help you forever eliminate all you’re negative thoughts about putting from your mind.

Another problem I see many amateur golfers have is to keep switching putters. This may help your putting temporarily but rarely does it work long term.

Another putting problem I see a lot of high handicap golfers have is their finish after they putt the ball. They don’t finish. Check out any pro golfer on TV and you will notice they all hold their finish almost until the ball has reached the hole.

At 5 Minutes to Great Putting you will learn all these secrets and much more, and the best part is if you don’t see improvement in your putting almost immediately you will not have to pay.

How to Break 80 Golf Instruction Program:

The how to break 80 golf instruction programs claims to be the #1 golf instruction program available to golfers on the internet today, and it may very well be.

This program has been around the internet golf world for some time now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

They have literally helped hundreds of thousands of golfers around the world improve their golf games like no other program available.

They also put your money where their mouth is by offering a 60-day money back guarantee. They are also the most reasonable golf instruction programs available.

Break 80 golf program offers instruction in all aspects of your golf game from:

  1. Your Grip
  2. Your Stance
  3. Driving
  4. Long Irons
  5. Short Irons
  6. Bunker Sots
  7. Chipping around the Green
  8. Putting

They also offer many other bonuses with their instructional program like:

  • Shot making secrets
  • Dealing with trouble shots’
  • Rock solid short game
  • Mastering your chipping
  • Learning to putt like a pro

They even delve into the mental side of playing golf. You will also receive lifetime upgrades to How to Break 80.

In Conclusion

There are many other golf programs out there but I believe these are the best paid golf programs that I believe can help your golf game almost immediately if you apply yourself to the training.

I hope you have found this information useful and informative. Use this information wisely and you will soon be the envy of all you’re golfing buddies.

If, you have any questions about the best online golf lesson, please feel free to ask and I will get back to you as soon as possible, and as always please feel free to leave a comment below about your journey here.

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{Golf Ball Position Setup}

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Before I get into golf ball position setups, I want to touch briefly on your own particular golf swing. You must have your own consistent golf swing before you should start thinking about other technical aspects of the golf swing like golf ball position.

I see a lot of golfers, especially beginner and novice golfers go out and try to emulate or copy the swing of say, a Tiger Woods or another pro golfer. Unfortunately this thought process never works.

golf ball positions

The fact of the matter is that no two golfers swing the golf club the exact same way.

The next time you are at the driving range look at all the golfers hitting balls and you will notice that everyone of them has a different golf swing.

Each golfer has their own unique body style and muscle groups therefore they each have their own unique golf swing.

A golfer that is tall and thin will not have the same swing as someone that is shorter and heavier.

So what I’m trying to say here is you need to go out and develop your own consistent golf swing that is natural to your talents.

Whether you have to take a quick lesson from a professional or go out and practice on your swing alone, just remember your golf swing should feel natural and not forced.

Once you feel you have reached this comfort zone with your golf swing we can now go on and learn about your golf ball position setup for each of your clubs.

What is Golf Ball Position?

Whether you are on the tee box, in the fairway, chipping up near the green or on the green putting, when you approach your ball and take your golf stance, your golf ball should be in the correct position in your setup.

Each one of your golf clubs have different length shafts, with your driver having the longest shaft and your wedges having the shortest shaft. Taking this into consideration directly determines what position your golf ball position should be in your setup.

Golf Ball Position for Your Driver

In a Typical 18 hole round of golf you will use your driver on about 14 of your tee shots. That doesn’t sound like a lot but if you think about it, these 14 shots with your driver can determine the total outcome of your round of golf.

driver position

With that being said, hitting your drives in the fairway makes this game of golf much easier. The farther and straighter you hit your drives, the shorter and easier your approach to the green will be.

When hitting your driver you want to hit the golf ball on the upswing, giving you more launch and less ball spin thus giving you more distance and accuracy.

The ideal ball position for your driver is for the ball to be lined up off your left heel at address. What this does is guarantee that you make contact with the ball past the bottom of your swing arc on the upswing.

Another thing to take into consideration is the height that you tee your golf ball up. With the larger driver heads available today you must make sure you tee the ball up high enough.

Practicing these tips on a regular basis will have you splitting the fairway down the middle more often than not.


Golf Ball Position for Your Long Irons and Hybrids

I believe one of the toughest golf shots you can face is the shot with your long irons. This would include your 4, 5, 6 irons. I also believe with most average golfers it is totally a mental thing.

The everyday weekend golfer probably drives the ball somewhere around 220 yards or fewer. On a 400 yard par four that will leave you 180 yards left to reach the green.

This is where the mental part comes in to play. After your drive you get to your ball and look how far the green is and your first thought is, I’m going to really have to crush one to reach that green.

golf club, long irons

Well, that is actually the farthest thing from the truth.

What you need to do first off is to practice hitting your long irons and hybrid clubs more and learn how far you hit each one of these clubs.

Most golfers tend to not take enough club and end up trying to kill the ball, thus ending up with a terrible shot.

The golf ball position setup for your long irons and hybrids should be, take your stance with the ball about a two golf ball distance back from your left heel.

Because of the longer shaft on these clubs this setup will allow you to hit the ball with a descending blow and follow through straight towards the target without taking too much of a divot.

Always remember to let the club do the work as they were designed to. Take a nice easy, smooth swing and you will be hitting these shots on the green with much more consistency.


Golf Ball Position for Your Mid/Short Irons

Your mid and short irons basically consist of your 7, 8, and 9 irons. These clubs would be used on shots from 120 yards to around 145 yards from the green depending on what level of golfer you are.

Because of the shorter shaft on these clubs you will have much more control of them. Sometimes when you feel you are in between distances you can choke down on the grip and have even more control.

short irons

For this golf ball position you want the ball right in the center of your stance, narrow your stance a little and setup a little closer to the ball.

These shots require a more pendulum motion as opposed to a wider, flatter swing as with your long irons and your driver. You want to strike the back of the ball taking your divot beyond the ball position.

This technique will launch the ball higher and allowing the ball to land softer on the green.

The only time you should deviate from this setup is if you have an awkward lie in the fairway.

If you have an uphill lie you want to set up with the ball a little forward of center and if you have a downhill lie you want to set up with the ball a little back of center in your stance.


Golf Ball Position Setup for your Wedges

Most golfers carry three wedges in their bag. Their pitching wedge, sand wedge and their lob wedge. There are many setup positions for each one of these wedges.

Your Pitching Wedge:

Your pitching wedge can be used anywhere from 120 yards up until chipping around the green. If you are taking pretty much a full swing with your pitching wedge you want the ball positioned a little behind center of your stance.

If you are near the green and have no obstructions a plenty of green between you and the hole you want the ball setup far back in your stance which will keep the club face closed giving you less loft and the ball will roll out to the hole.

Your Sand Wedge:

Well, the name of the club says it all. This club is used mostly when you are in the sand trap.

golf sand shot

To execute this shot properly you want the ball in the center of your stance, open the club face, swing back and through, striking the sand about two inches behind the ball.

With this shot the club never touches the ball, the sand actually pushes the ball out and on to the green, hopefully near the hole for an easy par.

Your Lob Wedge:

Your lob wedge or 60 degree wedge is the most lofted club in your bag. Most commonly it is used when you are fairly close to green and you need to get the ball up high over an obstruction and land softly on the green.

Say you came up short on your approach shot and you have a sand trap between you and the green. Take your lob wedge and setup with the ball in the middle of your stance.

Your back swing will depend on how far you want the ball to travel and land. You don’t always want to take a full back swing with your lob wedge but always a full follow through. Take plenty of time practicing with this club.


Golf Ball Position Putting:

More than half of your golf strokes in a round of golf are made on the putting green, so the better you get at putting the better your golf scores will be.

As far as you’re putting setup goes every golfer is different, so every golfers putting technique will be different. There is two things every golfer needs to do to improve you’re putting.

In you’re putting setup you will first need to be sure to strike the ball on the center of the putters face, second, you want to strike the ball on a slight upward path.

putting position

This will ensure you have topspin on the ball moving forward which in turn will give you a truer straighter roll which will hole you more putts and cut down on your three putts, thus lowering your scores.

So get to the putting green and start practicing you’re putting. You will be surprised how much difference it will make in not only you’re scoring but also how much more fun you will have playing this great game.


One more thing about putting:

Another way to dramatically improve your putting is learn how to read greens. Learn more about reading greens by checking out my article,

learn how to read greens like a pro:

green reading

In Closing:

I hope you have enjoyed my article on golf ball position setup. I’m sure if you practice all have gone over here you will take your golf game to a new level.

If you have enjoyed this please feel free to leave a comment below and any questions you may have I will answer them as soon as possible.

Good Golf To You


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{Golf Equipment Deals Online}

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Who doesn’t love a great bargain or a great deal, know matter what you are shopping for. When it comes to golf clubs or golf equipment online the resources are endless.

From used, pre owned or what is considered clone golf clubs that does not mean they are cheap, as in quality. You can find some really great deals on golf equipment if you just spend a little time doing some research.

There are plenty of places where you can purchase great golf equipment deals online if you just know the right places to equipment

One example is there are many online golf shops where you can purchase last year’s model of golf equipment without paying the price of this year’s newer models.

This does not mean the quality is any less than it was last year, the golf shops just want to basically unload last year’s equipment to make room for the newer equipment coming in.

In this article I want to enlighten you on some places where you can get great deals on some great golf equipment online at a fraction of the cost of what you really need to spend.

A lot of online golf stores offer deals where you can exchange your existing clubs and give you credit for the purchase of a new set of clubs. They than sell these pre-owned clubs at a great discount.

I will be going over and turning you on to some of these online golf shops that offer you some of these great pre-owned and new golf clubs and golf equipment.

Austad’s Golf:

Austad’s golf has been around the golf world for over 55 year’s. The company was founded in 1963 by Oscar Austad. Still, to this day Austad’s golf is a family owned operation now entering their 3rd generation in business.austad's

Over all this time they have managed to keep up with all the golf technology that has evolved over the last few decades. Austad’s golf is totally committed to offering the best value to each and every customer.

They even offer to match or beat any price from any other golf equipment retailer on any matching stock item and will refund the difference.

TaylorMade Golf:

The TaylorMade golf company was founded in 1979. One single man, Gary Adams took a small loan on the home he owned at the time and started the TaylorMade golf company in a 6,000 square foot building.

The company started with three employees, including himself and just one single product. This product was, what is believed to be the first medal wood. It was a 12 degree metal driver cast out of stainless steel.TaylorMade golf

Ever since that creation in 1979 TaylorMade golf has striven to be the best and most innovative golf equipment manufacturer in the entire golf industry.

Year after year Taylormade has kept up with revolutionizing their golf equipment which in turn has led to equipping such pro golfers like Rory McElroy, Dustin Johnson, John Rahm, Jason Day and Tiger Woods.

TaylorMade is also supported by a network of over 1,500 PGA professionals around the country. They have representatives going to their individual golf clubs working with golfers of future generations.

In the Hole Golf:

In the hole golf has been servicing online golfers for over ten year’s now. They are dedicated to bringing you the latest in golf equipment, including, golf clubs, golf balls, shoes, bags, GPS’s, apparel, training aids and accessories.

You can find great prices on some top brand name golf equipment available online today. They also have a knowledgeable staff that are always there to help with any issue you may have.

In the hole golf also offers free shipping for any purchase over $75. This is a huge bonus since most golf equipment can tend to be quite heavy thus making shipping quite expensive.

In the hole golf strives to have the best prices for golf related items on the internet. They will match any item that you find on another golf website that is cheaper than their price.

Click here for more information.

Fairway Golf:

Fairway Golf has been around for over twenty year’s now. Their home base is located in the San Diego area but they have a large and growing online presence.

They began as a small mom-and-pop store but have expanded their business rapidly while still maintaining their excellent customer service and loyalty to their customers.

Not only has Fairway Golf done an excellent job inside their shop doors and online with their golf products and merchandise but their work also goes well beyond outside their shop doors.

For the past twenty year’s they have planned and organized events catering to those that love the game of golf. In this same amount of time they have run charity golf tournaments for local junior and high school golf programs.

Carlsbad Golf Center:

The Carlsbad Golf Center is an independent golf pro shop and a golf practice facility. They have been owned by a PGA pro and a LPGA pro since 2003.

Their goal from the beginning was to have their customers feel like they always have their own personal golf pro shop where they can feel at home and comfortable at.Carlsbad Golf Center

By 2008 they had grown so much and started to get customers from all over the country that they decided to open their shop internationally with this online pro shop.

Everything available in their pro shop store in San Diego you can also purchase in their online shop. In their online shop you can also get some great clearance deals from their well stocked warehouse. Click for more info

Rock Bottom Golf

How did Rock Bottom Golf actually become Rock Bottom Golf? Originally they were just called Rock Bottom.

Tom Rath, the founder and CEO of Rock Bottom Golf was just a high school student,was  looking to earn some some extra cash. He started fishing golf balls out of water hazards at local golf courses and selling them around town.

He not only earned some extra cash but was able to put himself through college doing so.  After graduating he started going to local flea markets and trade shows with used and demo golf clubs and selling them.

Then came along E-Bay which turned his life around. He joined forces with his brother and together they formed Rock Bottom Golf.

Rock Bottom Golf

Their inventory expanded to include golf clubs, bags, attire, accessories and anything else golf related. They eventually realized they needed to expand beyond E-Bay.

So in 2002 Rock Bottom was officially launched to the world wide web. They are now one of the industry leaders in golf related items on the internet.

They pride themselves on their excellent customer service, fast shipping and some of the greatest deals online.


Well, everyone pretty much knows about eBay. You can purchase just about anything you could want on e-bay and golf equipment is know different.

If you are a new and starter golfer you can get some good deals on pre-owned golf clubs but you really have know guarantee of what you are going to get.

They may need new grips, which will cost you more money. You need to be very careful when purchasing pre owned golf clubs on e-bay

You can get good deals on training aids, rangefinders any many other golf accessories on e-bay. Most purchases made on e-bay are through pay-pal which does give you some security if you are not happy with your purchase.

Shot by Shot

Have you ever wondered why you can never get your golf scores to go lower. Have you been stuck at a certain level and can never get above it?

My guess is that you do not know what your strength’s and weaknesses are in your golf game. At Shot by Shot you can now analyze your own golf game at a fraction of the cost of a professional.

No matter what level of golfer you are Shot by Shot will let you know what areas of your golf game you need to work on to achieve your golfing goals.

Shot by Shot will analyze the 5 main parts of your golf game:

Shot by Shot Golf


  1. Driving
  2. Approach shots
  3. Chip/Pitch shots within 50 yards of green
  4. Sand shots within 50 yards of green
  5. Putting

In Conclusion

I hope you have found my article on golf equipment deals online. I have enjoyed bringing here to you. One thing I would like to add is this. When going online to shop for anything golf related please be sure to do your research thoroughly.

You want to know when you are getting a deal and when you are not.

Please comment below if you have found this article and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Good Golf To You


{Fixing Golf Swing Problems}

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Fixing golf swing problems, where does one begin? Each and every golfer, especially novice and beginner golfers have so many golf swing problems  they don’t even know how to correct them.

In this article I am going to try to help you golfers with your golf swing problems without you having to go out and spend a fortune in golf lessons from a pro golfer.

If you really want to figure out about fixing your golf swing problems then please read on and I’m sure I can help you out.

Let’s Get Started:

Let me get started by telling you a little story about a female friend of mine. For this article we will call her Jenni. I was playing golf with her one day on just a little nine hole course

She was hitting the ball great off the tee and was a really good putter. Her biggest problem I observed was with her mid and short irons getting on the green.

Before I go on let me tell you that Jenni was a very well-endowed women but yet very athletic, anyway when we were done playing we were sitting around having a beer and started talking about the round of golf we just finished.

I mentioned to her about her iron game and suggested maybe she should think about taking a lesson, well that was the worst thing I could have said .

She then went on to tell me all about her golf lesson. To make a long story short the pro is telling her all the basic stuff, keep your spine angle straight, keep your elbows in, swing straight back etc. etc.

So she turns to him and says let me see you do everything you just told me with boobs like this in your way! My point here is every golfer is different, short, tall, slim, heavy, in other words all the basic golf lessons will not apply to every golfer.


What is Your Particular Golf problem?

The first thing we need to do is figure out what the worst golf swing problem you are facing in your golf game. It could be that you slice the ball off the tee box.

Maybe you are hitting your long irons thin from the fairway, or maybe you are constantly chunking your chip shots around the green.

Maybe your golf game is pretty good from tee to green but you are losing to many strokes on the green because of you’re putting.

Whatever your worst golf swing problem is we are going to help you out here and help you to shave strokes off your score thus enabling you to enjoy this game of golf much more.


Do You Slice the Ball With Your Driver?

One of the biggest golf problems I see from the beginner and even more experienced golfer is a big old slice off the tee with their driver.

This is normally caused by an outside to inside swing path, thus coming across the ball causing side spin which makes the ball swerve to the right.

This occurs when on your back swing your right elbow flies out which never lets you get your golf swing on the proper swing plane.

One way to correct this is to practice your back swing with a towel tucked under your right arm and take your golf swing without having the towel fall. This will help you create an inside out swing which will help to hit the ball straight or even maybe a right to left draw.


Other things to take into consideration is your setup. Line your feet up with them square to your body about shoulder width apart. The ball should be teed up a little forward of your stance just off your left heel.

Be sure your left shoulder is facing your target line, where your shoulder is aimed is where the golf ball is more likely to go.

Keep your swing smooth and relaxed with your knees slightly bent. Just because you have a driver in your hand does not mean you have to try to kill the ball. ( One of the most common mistakes made )

Keep your head down and eyes on the ball. There should be little head movement throughout your entire swing. You should not be looking to see your shot until after you have made contact with the ball.

After contact be sure to follow through to a complete finish, this will ensure you hit the ball with your club face square and thus eliminating your slice.

Hooking The Ball

The hook, although not as common as slicing the ball, is still not a pretty shot and can lead you to trouble or even out of bounds thus causing you a penalty stroke or two.

What causes you to hook the ball? There are a few factors that can cause you to hook the ball. Most often a hook is caused by striking the ball with the club face pass square and in a closed position.

One of the biggest culprits causing a hook is you have your tee ball set up too far forward in your stance thus causing you to hit the ball to late after you have passed square.

Another reason could be that you swing to hard and break your wrist to fast causing, once again having a closed face at impact. This is why you need to have a smooth, relaxed. Controlled swing. Do not try to kill the ball!

Hitting Your Mid/Long Irons Thin or Fat

Probably the second biggest golf swing problem I see a lot is when a golfer is around 160 to 200 yards from the green. I believe this is mostly a mental thing with most golfers.

For one thing, I don’t believe enough golfers practice with their 4, 5, or 6 irons as much as they should. Even their hybrid clubs for that matter.

Besides practice I have another tip that might help you out with this golf swing problem. First thing I want you to practice with your long irons is choke down a little on your grip.

Second: Do not try to swing harder just because you have a longer shot. A lot of golfers see they are 200 yards away from the green and they feel they have to swing harder and faster.



This is the farthest thing from the truth. Golf clubs are designed with a different loft angle on the face which determines how far the golf ball will travel with the same swing.

Once you learn this about the golf club design the sooner you will be hitting more greens in your golf game.

Do You Chunk Your Chip Shots

There are many types of chip shots that you can encounter in any given 18 hole round of golf. You can basically chip with any given club in your bag depending on your situation.

If you are close to the green and have no obstructions in your way and plenty of green in front of you to work with you can play what is called a pitch and run.

The pitch and run can be played with any of your less lofted clubs. The idea behind the pitch and run is to just chip the ball on to the green and let it roll to the pin without a lot of loft.


The biggest problem I see with most golfers is when they have to pull out their pitching wedge, sand wedge or lob wedge and have to chip the ball with a lot of loft.

What happens here a lot is that they do not set up right, they do not execute their swing plane properly and therefore end up hitting the center of the ball on an up swing send a line drive shot way over the green.

Let’s take a second to understand what your wedges are and how they are designed. Primarily the wedges you carry have 3 different lofts. 56 degrees, 58 degrees and 60 degrees, depending on how high you need to hit your shot.

So if you are in a situation where you have to pitch the ball over a sand trap or bush and need to get the ball up in the air, here are a few tips that will help pull these shots off with confidence.

First you want to set up to the ball with a little narrower stance with the ball a little back in your stance. Your back swing should go back only as far as you want the ball to travel with very little wrist action.

Your objective here is to hit the ball on a descending blow allowing the ball to ride up the club face lifting it up, over and on to the green. Your follow through should be not much more than waist high. Practicing this well help your pitching and thus lower your scores.

See more of my short game tips here.

Putting Tips

A lot of golfers do not realize just how important putting is. The amount of putts you take in a typical round of golf determines almost half of your total score at the end.

So you can see how important you’re putting can be. I see so many golfers show up at the golf course go straight to the driving range and start smashing golf balls. They spend only a couple minutes on the practice putting green.

Fresh Start Putting

The fact of the matter is you already know your golf swing and grip so you only need a dozen or so shots on the range and the majority of your time should be on the practice green getting down the speed of the greens that day and you’re putting stroke in general.

When it comes to putting and especially the putting grip there is really not one putting grip the same. You need to practice and find the most comfortable putting grip for you.

I putt with my left-hand low but that is what’s comfortable for me. That style may not work for you so that’s my point about the golf grip.

When putting you want to create topspin to get the ball rolling truer. A lot of golfers I see hit the ball square on the face which in turn deadens the putt which never makes it to the hole. You want to hit the ball with an upward strike which will create the topspin.

Another important aspect of you’re putting is the relationship between your hands in correlation with the golf ball. You want your hands to be a little ahead of the ball or at worst even with the ball.

Having that setup will create that strike that will get the ball rolling with the topspin needed for a pure roll helping you hole more putts.

Now for the most important thing. Once you have all the above down pat you need to learn how to relax and release all the tension in your hands and arms.

I see so many golfers stand over a 25-foot putt and want to make it or at least get it close for a tap in that they get all tense and end up bombing the putt 10 feet past the hole and miss that putt coming back.

One of the worst things in my opinion that can happen on a golf course is three putting. Nothing more can blow your score up more than three putting. Check out more of my golf putting tips here:

Another thing that will dramatically improve you’re putting and help you hole more putts is learning how to read greens. You will make a lot more putts if you know what line to hit the ball on.

Check out my article ( how to read greens like a pro )

In Conclusion

I hope that you have enjoyed my article on fixing golf swing problems and hope that it can greatly improve your golf game and lower your scores. If you have enjoyed this article please feel free to leave a comment below.

Good Golf To You




[Dress for Winning Golf]

rain or shine golf


So, what does dress for winning golf mean you might ask, well, I myself am a firm believer that the better you look on the golf course the better golf you will play.

Going all the way back to the days of Bobby Jones, Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan and the likes, they all dressed for every round dressed to win.

Of course back then the dress codes were much different but, at the same time there were dress codes, both for men and women.

The men wore high socks with knickers, a white shirt and a tie and usually a tweed jacket.

The women often wore a long skirt with a loose blouse and some type of bucket hat.

Boy how the times have changed since then. I will now just start out by just going over some basic golf attire of the present time.

What are the basics?

The Golf Shirt [Men]

A lot of golf courses and country clubs are very particular about what kind of golf attire you were playing golf on their golf courses. Some public courses will let you play in a tee shirt and jeans but that is not the norm.

Myself, I’m a firm believer in the old adage, the better you look playing golf the better you will play golf.

That does not mean every time you go out to play golf and look good you will always play good. Golf is such a mental game I just think it helps give a small edge by looking good.

There are a few different varieties of golf shirts available these days. First you have your basic three button collared shirt that is most popular with golfers.

The mock turtleneck golf shirt made popular by Tiger Woods is becoming more and more popular.

Most golf courses and country clubs now permit these shirts but not all do, Do yourself a favor and double check with the club if they are allowed so you don’t get ripped off having to buy a shirt from their club store. You could also take an extra collared shirt with you just in case.

When purchasing your golf shirts make sure you try them on to be sure they fit properly. Different manufacturers tailor their shirts diffidently so the size you think you wear may not fit properly for your golf swing.

Your golf shirt should fit you quite loosely and not fit you to tightly. The golf swing is hard enough without having a shirt on that restricts your golf swing.


Ever since women s golf has become more and more popular so has women s golf apparel. There are more choices for women in what they wear golfing then ever before.

As far as most female golfers go collared polo shirts are very popular along with sleeveless polo’s that are allowed by most golf courses today.

Skirts are very popular with women golfers because of the freedom they give them in their golf swing, but they should be of a reasonable length with maybe a pair of shorty shorts underneath.

Shorts and pants have also become very popular with women on the golf course but they must be sure neither one are to tight and restrictive. You want your golf apparel to fit comfortably with little restriction to your golf swing.

Golf Pants and Shorts:


Most golf clubs require their gentlemen golfers to wear golf pants on their golf courses , although shorts are also permitted as long as they are of a respectable length. Be sure they fit comfortably as to not restrict your golf swing.

Be sure that your golf pants or shorts have belt loops so you can wear a belt.

Another thing I highly recommend is that your pants and shorts have pockets. Pockets come in handy for your golf glove, your tees and green repair tool along with your scorecard.

One of the most popular color of golf pants are khaki, white and black. All of these colors can be easily be coordinated with any golf shirt you have.

Looking good and coordinated on the golf course will make you look powerful and respectful of the game of golf.

Your Golf Headgear:

Most golfers do not realize just how important wearing a hat of some sorts is. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s the golf visor was very popular.

Now visors are mostly worn by women golfers due to the many hair styles they can wear with a visor, but at the same time offer all the benefits of wearing a hat.

The golf hat has become more popular, why, you guessed it, [Tiger Woods] and his famous Nike hats that he wears, but golf hats, although should be coordinated with the rest of your current golf outfit so you look stylish but they also serve many other purposes.

Golf most commonly played in sunny, warm or hot conditions, therefore your hat will keep your head cooler and if you’re playing in cooler conditions your hat will keep your head warmer.

Your hat will also keep the sun out of your eyes and keep the sun off your forehead preventing sunburn, but please still use sunscreen when you are on the golf course. You’ll thank me later.

Your Golf Shoes:

To me one of the most important golf accessories you can purchase is your golf shoes. If there is one area in your golf attire that you do not want to skimp on it would be your golf shoes.

Golf shoes can be purchased from many golf shoe manufacturers and the best and most popular, {in my opinion} is Foot Joy. Golf shoes come in many styles and colors but once again I would recommend a neutral color pair which will go with any golf outfit you may put together.


All that being said the most important part of any golf shoe is comfort and waterproof. Two things that will put a real damper on your round of golf would be blisters on your feet or soaking wet feet from morning dew.

So when you buy your new golf shoes be sure to wear them around your house for awhile to be sure that they fit right and are comfortable. So once again if you are going to spend money on your golf accessories, do not cheap out on your golf shoes.

Golf Attire Accessories:

Your golf glove

Most golfers I know and golf with all wear a golf glove. Wearing a golf glove is totally optional, but I recommend using one. For one thing you will get a better grip on your golf club throughout your swing.

A golf glove will also help in the situation where a little bad weather rolls in. You will be glad you have that glove or you may just have your golf club slip right out of your hand.

Many golfers go crazy with their golf gloves, having different gloves for different outfits but I don’t get it.

To me it’s a waste of money. A white golf glove goes with any golf outfit you may have on any given day. Just make sure it fits your hand properly and is comfortable.

Golf Jackets and Rain Gear

Whenever you go out to play a round of golf you should be prepared for anything. You could tee off in the morning with the sun shining bright and nice and warm. Suddenly you get to say the 8th hole and some wind comes in and the temperature drops.

What do you do? You go in your golf bag and pull out your light windbreaker jacket and your good to go. (You can go to my article about golf accessories which includes best golf bags here:)

What if you get to say the 12th and a rain shower comes through, you go in your and pull out your rain gear outfit which fits over the outfit you have on and you will stay dry as a bone.

Golf Sunglasses:

Another important accessory you should always have on hand are sunglasses. Not only do they make you look cool for the beer cart girl but they also protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on them either. some of the best sunglasses for golf are actually the cheaper brands. They all have the same UV protection needed in a pair of sunglasses.

In Closing:

I hope you have enjoyed my article here on dress for winning golf. I hope you take heed to some of my suggestions I have made here. I’m sure they will help you enjoy the game more.

Just remember the better you look at the golf club the more you will be respected and I believe the more you will respect your surroundings.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or just enjoyed my article and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good Golf To You


{Best Golf Balls for Me}

rain or shine golf


So, what is the best golf ball for me?  Well there is so much that goes into that one question. First off it depends on what level of golfer you actually are.

There are so many golf balls available today that I believe that most golfers don’t even know what golf ball they should be balls

For example there are two types of golf ball covers. There are surlyn covers and urethane covers and I guarantee you that most average golfers do not know the difference.

A lot of beginners and novice golfers will watch the PGA tour on television and see ads for the golf balls they are using but little do they know that their golf balls will actually hurt their golf game.

In this article I’m going to try to educate to golfers of all levels, whether you are a beginner golfer or a much more advanced golfer, what would be the best golf ball for me.

What are Golf Ball Differences?

There are so many golf balls and the difference in them all it’s almost impossible to go over each one of them. As I mentioned earlier there are basically two different covers on a golf ball.

The Surlyn Cover

The surlyn cover is a more durable cover which offers less spin off the tee which would work best for a higher handicap golfer who most likely tends to slice their drives.

The Urethane cover

The urethane cover is normally found on higher end golf balls which bodes well for lower handicap players which gives a softer feel and more control of their golf shots.

The Golf Ball Core

The core of a golf ball has to do with the compression and density. Higher compression golf balls would be more adapt to more experienced golfers who have a much higher swing speed. Golf balls change shape at impact at these higher swing speeds and need to support this tremendous energy.

Golfers with slower swing speeds need to learn to lean towards lower compression golf balls which will give them maximum distance even with their slower swing speed.

Golf Ball Construction

There are two basic constructions of golf balls. First is the two piece construction and second is the multi-layer construction.

The two piece golf ball is more suitable for the beginner or higher handicap player with slower swing speeds.

The larger core increases distances and at the same time lowering spin, therefore improving wayward shots.

The multi layer construction is more suitable for mid to lower handicap players with greater swing speeds The multi layer increases your feel, control and shot shaping. Thinner cover offers more spin control and soft feel.

Best Golf Balls For Who

The best golf balls for the beginner golfer

Pinnacle Soft golf Ball

The Pinnacle soft golf ball has a two piece surlyn cover with a rubber core, thus creating longer and straighter drives off the tee and also gives you a great soft feel Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball

The Titleist NXT Tour golf ball is also a two piece surlyn cover but with a Polybutadiene core. This golf ball is engineered to help the golfer with slower swing speeds add more distance to their drives.

The Callaway Warbird golf ball is designed for distance and maximum flight from a high energy core and two piece design.

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

The Titleist Velocity Golf ball is designed for more distance off the tee and more forgiving on miss hits. It also creates a softer feel with short shots around the greens.

Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball

The Callaway super soft golf ball has a low compression core that creates fast ball spin along with lower spin that leads to straighter and longer drives. It’s two piece tri-onomer cover gives greater feel and more spin on shots around the green.

The Bridgestone E6 golf ball was designed to produce tremendous soft feel and straighter drives. The E6 also was designed with a delta dimple design which allows for more air resistance around the ball and greater forgiveness.

The Srixon Q Star golf ball gives you the perfect combination of distance off the tee and spin control around the greens, which in turn will lead to lower scores.

The Pro V 1 golf ball is one of the most popular golf balls used by the better than average golfers, in fact the Pro V 1 is used by many PGA tour pro’s.

It provides you with great short game spin and a soft feel along with added distance and consistent ball flight.

The Taylor Made TP5X gives you command of your golf game from tee to green. It has a 3 layer 83 compression core that gives you maximum energy transfer creating much more ball speed.

It is designed with a 322 dimple cover which gives you a much more accurate ball flight. Second most popular ball used by tour players

If any PGA tour pro is sponsored by Callaway chances are they are using the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball. The chrome soft ball is designed to give you distance and control throughout your golf bag.

The thin soft urethane cover gives excellent feel and shot saving spin around the greens.

The Bridgestone B RX golf ball has been designed to give the golfer a little extra edge in their golf game. Their new core construction promotes more distance through higher ball speeds and less side spin.

The dual dimple design seamless cover on this ball promotes consistent flight and accuracy.

The Titleist DT Tru Soft is newly designed with a new core and a new cover. This new design offer you more distance and accuracy even with a slower swing speed.

This golf ball is probably the softest feeling ball in the Titleist family of golf balls, therefore offering more spin and stopping power on shots from 100 yards in and around the green.

The super hot golf ball has been designed in such a way that it promotes less drag and delivers a much higher ball flight which translates to more distance from every club in your golf bag.

It’s 3 piece soft covers delivers much more feel and spin around the green. The low compression core promotes more energy at impact promoting long straight iron shots.

The Srixon Q-Star ball is probably the best golf ball for the senior or moderate golfer who has a swing speed of 75 – 85 mile per hour.

It’s thin urethane cover promotes more ball speed off the club to make up for the lack of swing speed. The 324 dimple pattern allows for less drag therefore creating more distance and a straighter ball flight.

You can find all these golf balls plus many more by clicking here:

In Conclusion

I hope you have enjoyed my article here on what is the best golf ball for me. Keep in mind there are thousands of other golf balls out there that you could experiment with but I believe I have listed the most popular.

I hope I have helped you in some small way for you to find the best golf ball for you and to take your golf game to the most optimal level that you can.

As always if you have enjoyed this article please feel to leave me a comment below and I will answer any questions you may have about golf balls and your golf game.

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{Cheapest Golf GPS Products}

rain or shine golf


In this day of modern technology there are a good deal of golf GPS products that can help you improve your golf game by instantly telling you how far you are from the hole on any golf course and on any hole you are playing anywhere in the world.

I thought I would take some time here to introduce you to some of the best and cheapest golf GPS products that are available on the market today.

Golf Buddy VTX Hand Held GPS

The golf buddy VTX hand held GPS is one of the most advanced hand held GPS range finders you can get. It comes with many features like voice audio in either male or female voices, it also comes with blue tooth connectivity.

The golf buddy GPS also comes pre-loaded with over 38,000 golf courses all around the world. It has a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 15 hours. Also, included is a plastic carrying case.Golf buddy vtx hand held GPS

Golf Buddy WTX Smart Golf GPS Watch

The golf buddy WTX smart golf GPS watch provides all the features of the hand held model but is a stylish compact watch. The WTX is compatible with the Golf Buddy mobile app which gives you extra levels of function.

The Golf Buddy WTX also is built in with an odometer and GPS tracking. It will give you distance to targets and hazards, distance to the front, center and the back of the green and the actual distance of your shot to the pin.

The WTX also comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that is good for 8 hours on GBS mode. The WTX is USGA compliant and is legal in handicap and tournament play.Golf Buddy smart watch

SkyCaddie SX500 Golf Hand Held Golf GPS

One of the best features of the SX500 is it’s 5″ touch screen. The SX500 also comes with a host of other features like the auto course selection, the auto hole advance feature and the auto zoom feature which virtually makes it a touch free GPS.

Another powerful feature of the SX500 is the SkyCaddie’s dynamic hole view. This feature automatically re positions you from where you are on the course to the hole from tee to caddie hand held GPS

Garmin G10 Hand Held Golf GPS

Whether you are playing at your local home course or on vacation at a course you have never been to, the Garmin G10 knows exactly where you are and how far you are to the pin.

The highly sensitive receiver on the Garmin G10 gives you the data you need to accurately know the distance of your next shot. The Garmin G10 gives you distance to the front, center and rear of the green as well as distance to water hazards, sand traps and even doglegs.Garmin g10 hand held GPS

Garmin S10 Golf GPS Watch

If you really want some bang for your buck as far as your golf GPS goes then the Garmin S10 Golf GPS watch is just what you are looking for. Based on your location the Garmin S10 GPS watch automatically picks the course you are playing at the time.

The Garmin S10 is pre-loaded with over 41,000 courses worldwide. It gives you yardages to the front, center and back of the green as well as hazards and doglegs. It automatically transitions from the green to the next tee. If, you really crush a drive it will also tell you how far you hit your shot. The Garmin S10 watch also come in three different colors.

  • Bushnell Hybrid Laser Rangefinder
  • Integrated laser/GPS Display
  • Two battery sources, CR2 for laser and USB for GPS
  • Includes carrying case, charging cable and CR2 battery

Laser Features

  • 400 yard distance to pin
  • Magnification to 5x
  • Jolt Technology pin seeker
  • Fast focus system

GPS Features

  • Pre-loaded with 36,000 courses in over 30 countries
  • GPS reads distance to front, center and back of green
  • Measures distance to hazards and doglegs
  • Bluetooth compatible for updates
  • Automatically recognizes course and auto hole advanceGarmin S10 gps watch


Bushnell Neo Golf Hand Held GPS Range Finder

This Bushnell Neo range finder is compact, light, waterproof and fits in the palm of your hand. The Neo comes pre-loaded with over 36,000 courses worldwide.

The Bushnell Neo gives you readings to the front, center and back of the green. It comes with a 16-hour-long battery life that is rechargeable.

Included with the Neo is a clip for your belt or bag, it adheres’s to USGA rules making it legal for handicap and tournament play. Includes auto course recognition and auto hole advance feature.
Bushnell Neo Waterproof range finder

Voice Caddie T2 Golf GPS Watch

The Voice Caddie T2 GPS watch is the most practical watch you can own. Not only is it a golf GPS range finder but it also has functions for running and cycling.

The Voice Caddie T2 comes pre-loaded with over 30,000 golf courses so no downloading is required. It is waterproof up to 30 meters deep. Includes a USB charging cable and a quick start guide.

Voice caddie T2 range finder

Golf Buddy LR7S Laser Range Finder

The LR7S range finder is a compact and lightweight range finder that gives you accurate readings of yardages needed. It has a scan mode a pin seeker mode and an elevation mode for even more accurate shot making.

If, you are really serious about golf this range finder is a must have. Guaranteed to knock shots off your score.

golf buddy lr7s

Bushnell Golf Excel Range Finder Watch

The Bushnell Excel range finder is blue tooth integrated for instant updates. Other features of the Bushnell Excel are:

  • Play three rounds of golf on one battery charge
  • Comes pre-loaded with over 35,000 golf courses
  • Reads distance to front, center and rear of green
  • Reads distance to up to 4 different hazards on any given hole
  • Comes with auto course recognition and auto hole advance
  • Built in step counter, clock, timer and alarm
  • completely water resistant

Plus many other features that you can find
bushnell golf excel GPS range finder


I hope you have enjoyed my article here on my cheapest golf GPS products. Hopefully you have found to meet your golf needs. Any questions you may have please feel free to leave me a comment below and I will get back too you as soon as possible, or just leave a comment if you have enjoyed this article.

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Stress Free Golf Swing Reviews

What is the Stress Free Golf Swing?

The Product: Stress Free Golf Swing

The Cost: $47.00Ben Hogan golf swing

Best Place to Buy: Right Here!

Guarantee: Yes, 60 Day Money Back

Support: Yes

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

What is the Stress Free Golf Swing?

The Stress Free Golf Swing is actually the best online golf instruction program on the internet today. I know this because I have actually used the program myself and cut my golf score by an average of 8 strokes per round.

I am not usually one to purchase online products myself but I was really struggling with my golf game and was thinking of giving up at one point, that’s how bad it got.

i have e-books, I watched you tube videos and just could not seem to get my golf swing in any kind of rhythm or consistency. Then one day I happened upon the stress free golf swing program. I must have read through the sales page a dozen times.

After reading through it one more time and reading all the reviews I figured I would give it a shot. The price seemed right and they did offer a 60-day money back guarantee, so what did I have to lose, right?

History of the Stress Free Golf Swing

A friend now, and fellow golf enthusiast Jack was doing some research on the golf swing and the human body and ran into what the now calls The Golf Swing Secret Move.

During his research Jack was studying around a dozen golfers. He would study their back swings, their hand positions, he studied where the ball was in their stance. He even studied how much head movement there was with each golfer.

Ben Hogans secret

After collecting and analyzing all this data on all these different golfers what he decided to do was compare all this data against the data of Ben Hogan’s Swing.

Why Ben Hogan?

In 1949 Ben Hogan was involved in a serious car accident that nearly took his life. Doctors said he my not walk again, let alone play golf again but he made a full recovery and went on to play golf again.

Not only play golf but went on to win 6 of the 9 major golf events he entered, including 3 majors in one year (1953). He also went on to be called the best striker of a golf ball ever.

So what changed after the accident?

After the accident due to some injuries Ben sustained in the accident he found he had to change his swing. In little time he noticed he was striking the ball better than ever with much better accuracy and distance.

He noticed he was making this one little secret move that was improving his golf swing and it is nothing that is taught in conventional golf lessons.

It is said that Ben said this move was so simple anyone could do it if they knew where to look for it, but Ben never told anyone what it was.

Jack and the Secret Move


After all Jacks research and studying he thought the discovered what the secret move was, but the wanted to be sure and said nothing. He decided to try the move himself and see what results he would have.

Jack practiced the move at the driving range for a couple of weeks before he took his new-found move to the golf course. Jack averaged around 10 greens in regulation before practicing the move and in the first round after he hit 12 greens in regulation.

He played a round about a week later and hit 14 greens in regulation. Over the next 7 or so months Jack averaged at least 12 greens in regulation. That is when he new he had found it. The Secret Move.

This is when he decided he wanted to share this secret golf move with others and decided to go public with it. He made it available for 7 days to a select group of golfers to see what effect it would have on their golf games.

The results were astonishing. Nearly every golfer who practiced the move and then took it to the golf course improved their golf game dramatically.

stress free golf swing

What is the Secret Move

Due to copyright rules and regulations I am unable to disclose the details of the secret move. I can tell you that it is totally unconventional and not taught elsewhere.

Like I said earlier, it’s easier to spot if you know where to look, and it is just that simple.

What You Get With Stress Free Golf Swing

When you purchase the stress free golf swing with a 60-day money back  guarantee you will receive a full PDF volume of the training. You will also receive over 14 online videos to teach you the move.

It is a simple move in theory, but it will take some time to master, but once you do your golf game will elevate to a new level.

My overall opinion is that I highly recommend it and you will be glad you tried it also.

I hope you have enjoyed my review on the Stress Free Golf Swing and as always if you have enjoyed please leave me a comment below.

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{Home Indoor Golf Simulators}



I am an avid golfer and I live in the northeast part of the country. New Jersey to be exact. This part of the country can be tough for an avid golfer such as myself. Sometimes the winters can be pretty rough here, thus shortening our golf season dramatically.

If you live farther north on the east coast or in the north central states then your golf season could be even shorter unlike states like Florida, Arizona or other parts west where you can play golf pretty much year round.

I thought I would take some time here to offer you some alternatives to help you keep yourself in great golf shape year round in the comfort of your own home, basement or heated garage.

Today, thanks to modern technology you can accomplish this with new high tech home indoor golf simulators, golf practice net packages and golf indoor putting greens.

SkyTrak Platinum golf Simulator

Dollar for dollar the SkyTrak home indoor golf simulator is probably one of the best golf simulators on the market today. The platinum package starts out with the SkyTrak launch monitor, the net return simulator series and the projector mount system.

Your SkyTrak simulator is also completely self-contained, meaning there is not need for drilling any holes making the setup of your simulator a breeze. Also, included in this package is a rugged and durable golf hitting mat that provides balance and forgiveness and realism.


I purchased my SkyTrak platinum golf simulator a little over a year ago and I am thrilled with it. The simulator is very durable and easy to set up. The simulated path seems to be very accurate with every one of my clubs.

Mike W.

I am very pleased with my purchase of my SkyTrak golf simulator. It was quite easy to set up and any questions I did have been answered promptly by their support team. I would highly recommend this simulator to any avid golfer.

Russ G.

skytrak platinum simulator

OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box

If you are interested in a golf simulator but are on somewhat of a budget, you may want to consider the OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box. Although the golf in a box may not have all the features of some upper tier simulators, they have come up with a relatively affordable compromise.

The Golf in a Box comes with the OptiShot simulators, a pop up net and a mat that fits perfectly with the Golf in a Box system. If you want to spend a few extras dollars you may want to opt for the OptiShot 2 home package. This package comes with the OptiShot 2 simulators, an extra heavy-duty net return system with side nets and a pro turf mat all for a few extra bucks.

golf in a box

Garage Retractable Golf Simulator

The SkyTrak home course golf simulator is perfect for anyone that has some extra room in their garage. The home course golf simulator comes with a ceiling mount kit so you can mount your golf simulator screen to the ceiling of your garage.

When you are not using your home course golf simulator you can simply retract it with just a push of a button. Just move your golf hitting mat out of the way and you can park your car back in your garage.

Being able to store your golf simulator when not in use makes the SkyTrak home course golf simulator perfect for garages.

garage golf simulator

Best Portable Outdoor Golf Simulator

The SkyTrak golf simulator with the net return pro or pro series net is very easy to set up and its lightweight design is perfect for creating your outdoor golf simulator setup.

It is highly recommended that you pair the SkyTrak simulator with the net return net and mat package. The net return net is the most durable golf net available with a 250,000 shot guarantee.

Another great thing about the Portable outdoor golf simulator is the ease in which you can put it up or take it down. With a total weight of just 28 pounds you can easily move the entire set up inside in bad weather or outside in nice weather.

outdoor simulator

TruGolf Vista Series Golf Simulator Studio

If you want to move on to a commercial grade golf simulator there are several top recommended simulators.

For high end pro shops, golf simulator bars and elite country clubs the TruGolf Vista series 8 would be highly recommended. The vista series 8 comes with E6 golf software, TruTrak swing analysis, high definition image quality It’s lightweight design makes it a great high end commercial simulator.

For smaller pro shops, bars, restaurants and college teams looking for a great value commercial golf simulator you really cannot go wrong with the SkyTrak Platinum.


vista 8 simulator


I hope you have enjoyed this article on some different golf simulators that you can enjoy from your home. I also hope that you have learn something about these different golf simulators and can find the right one for you.

As always if you have found this information helpful please feel free to leave a comment below. Any questions you may have I will be glad to answer them for you

Good Golf To You


Breaking 80 Golf Tips

rain or shine golf


No matter what level of golfer you are you should always be thinking about reaching certain goals with your golf game. Setting golf goals can have a major effect in your golf game in many ways.

I’m writing this article to help golfers reach their goal of breaking eighty for the first time in their golf game.

Those golfers who have been playing golf for a little while, for some reason always seem to have a problem reaching that magical goal of shooting a round of golf in the seventies, hence my break 80 golfingreason for sharing my breaking 80 golf tips.

This does not mean you cannot use the information I am about to share with you to reach your own particular golf goals.

What I mean by that is for instance if you are a beginner golfer and have not shot a round of golf below 100, or if you have been playing for a little while now and have not shot a round of golf below 90 this information can also be used to meet your golf goals as well.

Where to Start

There are probably many factors contributing to why you cannot seem to put together that consistent round of golf that will put you over the edge to finally obtaining your particular golf goal.

The first thing you will need to do is dissect your entire golf game to determine what the weakest links are in your golf game so you can address these issues and improve your golf game dramatically.

How do I dissect my golf game you ask?

I’m going to share a little tip I learned many years ago by an old school golfer who was totally obsessed with his golf game. He really wasn’t even that great of a golfer but he still was always trying to improve his golf game and figuring out how to do so.

So here is the tip:

The next time you go out to play a round of golf, go into the clubhouse and get yourself an extra score card. This will not be used to keep your score on. Where the spaces are where the players name go I want you to fill in those spaces with the following information:

  • Fairways hit – how far off line
  • Greens in regulation – second shot or third shot on a par 5
  • If missed green how close you chipped to hole
  • Sand saves – one shot from sand trap and made putt
  • Three putts – self explanatory
  • You could also jot down any penalty shot – hit in water hazard or ball out of playgolf scorecard

So now after you have completed your round of golf you will have a complete road map of the entire round. Now you can take the card to the 19th hole or take it home and analyze the round you just played.

This should give you a pretty good idea of what areas of your game that you need to work on the most. Do this for say three or four rounds and compare all the cards and see if they are pretty consistent with each other.

This will help you figure out the weak areas of your game even more.



Food for Thought: If, you look down this list from top to bottom you will notice they all kind of go hand in hand. If, you miss the fairway your odds for hitting the green will go down.

You will either be having longer putts or chipping more or hitting from a sand trap more. That in turn could lead to more three putts. So ideally what you are looking for is a very balanced golf game.

So now lets break down the list:

Fairways Hit:

So most regulation 18 hole golf courses will usually consist of 4 par threes, at least 2 par fives and the other 12 holes par fours. This means you will be pulling your driver out of your bag at least fourteen times.

In my opinion your driver is the second most important club in your bag. ( The putter being the first – we’ll get into that later )

The reason your driver is the second most important club in your bag is, like I said earlier, it kind of sets up the way you play the rest of the golf hole your playing at the time.

Most golfers have this preconceived notion that when they have their driver in their hand they need to swing as hard as they can in order to hit the ball as far as they can. This idea is far from the truth, in fact the exact opposite is true.



If, you feel like you fall into this category you need to get those thoughts out of your head. Take yourself to the driving range and hit some drives as hard as you can. Then hit some drives with your normal nice easy and fluid swing. I guarantee you the latter were your best drives.

In order to hit more fairways in your round of golf accuracy will always be more important than distance. In fact, if your accurate and hit fairways you will end up getting more distance anyway. Hitting the fairway will give you more roll when your ball lands.



Greens in Regulation, Your Irons:

Knowing how to hit your irons is a very important part of your golf game. If, you are an advanced golfer and are on the verge of breaking 80 then you probably know about how far you hit your irons.

Not all iron shots are created equal. Say if you are on the tee box of a par three 150 yards from the hole. You tee the ball up a little and have a perfect flat lie. So you hit your seven iron that distance and more often than not you probably hit the ball on the green.

Out on the golf course each and every iron shot can be entirely different. If your in the middle of the fairway on a flat lie you would use your normal club and swing for that distance.

What if the ball is below your feet? What if the ball is above your feet? In each of these scenarios the ball is going to react differently. You can learn about a lot of these golf trouble shots here.

Another thing to take into consideration when hitting your approach shot to the green is the pin location on the green. Sometimes the pin will be tucked in a corner or right behind a sand trap.

You don’t have to be a hero and aim right at the pin. These are called sucker pins. Sometimes it’s best to just aim for the center of the green make two putts for your par and move on to the next hole.

Pitching and Chipping

One of the areas where a lot of strokes are lost or gained is around the green but not quite on the green. Even pro golfers don’t hit greens every time but they are masters at chipping and putting around the greens and from the sand traps.

Ideally you want to pitch or chip your ball as close to the hole as possible so you have an easy put for your par. This is where becoming a short game expert can really come in handy.

A lot of golfers think just because you are pitching or chipping you have to take one of your more lofted clubs to make this shot. This is not the case. You will want to use say a sand wedge from the sand trap or if you are facing a shot where you have to hit over an obstacle, like a trap or a bush.

A lot of chips can be made with a much less lofted club like a 6 iron to just get the ball rolling on the green and up to the hole. Using your hybrid is also a great alternative in some situations for chipping. Be sure to practice these specialty shots before you try using them during your round of golf.

Three Putting

Ask any golfer, no matter what their skill level is, what upsets them the most during a round of golf and I’ll bet 9 out 10 of them will say three putting.

putting greenThere is no worse feeling in golf than striping your drive right down the middle of the fairway, hitting a perfect iron shot on the green 20 feet from the hole and then three putting for bogey. It’s the worst feeling in the world.

Why does this happen so often:

I’ll tell you one of the biggest reasons this happens from what I observe at the golf course on any given day.

Most golfers get to the golf course, put their shoes on then hit the range and start smashing drives. They then proceed to the first tee. This is not good. You’ll never break 80, 90 or 100 with this routine.

What I suggest:

When you arrive at the golf course, I recommend 45 minutes to an hour before your tee time. You want to be relaxed and not rushed. Get your golf shoes on, get your accessories together then head to the driving range. Spend at least 5 to 8 minutes stretching and going through some golf motions.

Then go through your golf bag from your pitching wedge to your driver hitting about 1/2 dozen balls with each club. Then proceed to the practice putting green and spend fifteen minutes practicing your pitching and putting.



Hit some long putts just for picking up the speed of the greens and then 6 to 10 foot putts to finish your session. You are now more likely to have a more enjoyable round of golf. You can see some of my best golf putting tips here:

Penalty Strokes

Penalty strokes really do stink but sometimes you just can’t do anything about them. Even the best golfers in the world hook the ball or slice the ball out of bounds or hit a wayward shot into the water.

What they do and what you should also learn to do is to take your medicine, forget about it and move onto the next shot. One of the most intimidating shots in golf is standing on the tee box of a par three hole and all you see is water.

What you need to do here is to pretend the water is not even there. I know this is easier said than done but it is something you need to overcome. All of these above scenarios is where the mental side of golf comes in to play.


I hope you have enjoyed my breaking 80 golf tips article and find time to check out my other articles on different golf tips that I have put into this article. I’m sure if you practice some of these principles you will eventually reach your golf goals, whether it be breaking 80, 90 or 100.

Please remember golf is a gentlemen s game and is meant to be in the outdoors and have fun. After all it is just a game and a great game at that.

Once again I hope you have enjoyed my post and as always please feel free to leave a comment below and I will answer any questions you may have.

Good Golf to You