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So, what does dress for winning golf mean you might ask, well, I myself am a firm believer that the better you look on the golf course the better golf you will play.

Going all the way back to the days of Bobby Jones, Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan and the likes, they all dressed for every round dressed to win.

Of course back then the dress codes were much different but, at the same time there were dress codes, both for men and women.

The men wore high socks with knickers, a white shirt and a tie and usually a tweed jacket.

The women often wore a long skirt with a loose blouse and some type of bucket hat.

Boy how the times have changed since then. I will now just start out by just going over some basic golf attire of the present time.

What are the basics?

The Golf Shirt [Men]

A lot of golf courses and country clubs are very particular about what kind of golf attire you were playing golf on their golf courses. Some public courses will let you play in a tee shirt and jeans but that is not the norm.

Myself, I’m a firm believer in the old adage, the better you look playing golf the better you will play golf.

That does not mean every time you go out to play golf and look good you will always play good. Golf is such a mental game I just think it helps give a small edge by looking good.

There are a few different varieties of golf shirts available these days. First you have your basic three button collared shirt that is most popular with golfers.

The mock turtleneck golf shirt made popular by Tiger Woods is becoming more and more popular.

Most golf courses and country clubs now permit these shirts but not all do, Do yourself a favor and double check with the club if they are allowed so you don’t get ripped off having to buy a shirt from their club store. You could also take an extra collared shirt with you just in case.

When purchasing your golf shirts make sure you try them on to be sure they fit properly. Different manufacturers tailor their shirts diffidently so the size you think you wear may not fit properly for your golf swing.

Your golf shirt should fit you quite loosely and not fit you to tightly. The golf swing is hard enough without having a shirt on that restricts your golf swing.


Ever since women s golf has become more and more popular so has women s golf apparel. There are more choices for women in what they wear golfing then ever before.

As far as most female golfers go collared polo shirts are very popular along with sleeveless polo’s that are allowed by most golf courses today.

Skirts are very popular with women golfers because of the freedom they give them in their golf swing, but they should be of a reasonable length with maybe a pair of shorty shorts underneath.

Shorts and pants have also become very popular with women on the golf course but they must be sure neither one are to tight and restrictive. You want your golf apparel to fit comfortably with little restriction to your golf swing.

Golf Pants and Shorts:


Most golf clubs require their gentlemen golfers to wear golf pants on their golf courses , although shorts are also permitted as long as they are of a respectable length. Be sure they fit comfortably as to not restrict your golf swing.

Be sure that your golf pants or shorts have belt loops so you can wear a belt.

Another thing I highly recommend is that your pants and shorts have pockets. Pockets come in handy for your golf glove, your tees and green repair tool along with your scorecard.

One of the most popular color of golf pants are khaki, white and black. All of these colors can be easily be coordinated with any golf shirt you have.

Looking good and coordinated on the golf course will make you look powerful and respectful of the game of golf.

Your Golf Headgear:

Most golfers do not realize just how important wearing a hat of some sorts is. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s the golf visor was very popular.

Now visors are mostly worn by women golfers due to the many hair styles they can wear with a visor, but at the same time offer all the benefits of wearing a hat.

The golf hat has become more popular, why, you guessed it, [Tiger Woods] and his famous Nike hats that he wears, but golf hats, although should be coordinated with the rest of your current golf outfit so you look stylish but they also serve many other purposes.

Golf most commonly played in sunny, warm or hot conditions, therefore your hat will keep your head cooler and if you’re playing in cooler conditions your hat will keep your head warmer.

Your hat will also keep the sun out of your eyes and keep the sun off your forehead preventing sunburn, but please still use sunscreen when you are on the golf course. You’ll thank me later.

Your Golf Shoes:

To me one of the most important golf accessories you can purchase is your golf shoes. If there is one area in your golf attire that you do not want to skimp on it would be your golf shoes.

Golf shoes can be purchased from many golf shoe manufacturers and the best and most popular, {in my opinion} is Foot Joy. Golf shoes come in many styles and colors but once again I would recommend a neutral color pair which will go with any golf outfit you may put together.


All that being said the most important part of any golf shoe is comfort and waterproof. Two things that will put a real damper on your round of golf would be blisters on your feet or soaking wet feet from morning dew.

So when you buy your new golf shoes be sure to wear them around your house for awhile to be sure that they fit right and are comfortable. So once again if you are going to spend money on your golf accessories, do not cheap out on your golf shoes.

Golf Attire Accessories:

Your golf glove

Most golfers I know and golf with all wear a golf glove. Wearing a golf glove is totally optional, but I recommend using one. For one thing you will get a better grip on your golf club throughout your swing.

A golf glove will also help in the situation where a little bad weather rolls in. You will be glad you have that glove or you may just have your golf club slip right out of your hand.

Many golfers go crazy with their golf gloves, having different gloves for different outfits but I don’t get it.

To me it’s a waste of money. A white golf glove goes with any golf outfit you may have on any given day. Just make sure it fits your hand properly and is comfortable.

Golf Jackets and Rain Gear

Whenever you go out to play a round of golf you should be prepared for anything. You could tee off in the morning with the sun shining bright and nice and warm. Suddenly you get to say the 8th hole and some wind comes in and the temperature drops.

What do you do? You go in your golf bag and pull out your light windbreaker jacket and your good to go. (You can go to my article about golf accessories which includes best golf bags here:)

What if you get to say the 12th and a rain shower comes through, you go in your and pull out your rain gear outfit which fits over the outfit you have on and you will stay dry as a bone.

Golf Sunglasses:

Another important accessory you should always have on hand are sunglasses. Not only do they make you look cool for the beer cart girl but they also protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on them either. some of the best sunglasses for golf are actually the cheaper brands. They all have the same UV protection needed in a pair of sunglasses.

In Closing:

I hope you have enjoyed my article here on dress for winning golf. I hope you take heed to some of my suggestions I have made here. I’m sure they will help you enjoy the game more.

Just remember the better you look at the golf club the more you will be respected and I believe the more you will respect your surroundings.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or just enjoyed my article and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good Golf To You