Best Golf Tips for Seniors -Play Golf Longer in Life

Senior Golfers Play for Fun and Socialize

Most seniors play mostly for fun and to socialize with their friends. As a matter of fact most rounds of golf played in the country are played by senior golfers, more than any other age group combined. Actually all around the country golf courses consider the senior golfer their bread and butter as far as revenue.

Many golf courses are also making their courses more and more senior senior couple playing golffriendly to compete for their business, some are even offering free senior golf tips if they so wish.

A lot of senior women are also getting into playing golf to play golf with their partner and another couple and make a social event out of the day.

The senior golfer may not be able to hit the ball as far as they once did but all golf courses now have installed senior tees which are closer and makes the game just as competitive for them as it is for their younger counterparts. They also combine their vast knowledge and experience to play a much smarter game and therefore score quite well.

Health Benefits and Injury

No matter if you are a senior golfer or a younger golfer you should also be aware of the fact that their is always the possibility of injury. The golf swing is a very unnatural movement which can put a lot of stress on many parts of your body, including your hips,shoulders, torso and your back.

Since a lot of golfers are from cold weather climates in winter they are more apt to strain muscles and have back and disc problems.During the course of an eighteen hole round of golf a lot of bending, twisting and walking on some tough terrain is involved. To help you avoid some of these common problems is to:

  1. keep your knees flexed
  2. keep your back straight
  3. tighren stomach muscles during swing
  4. warm up before teeing off

Playing golf can provide you with a lot of health benefits. You can really increase your physical ability playing golf buy not always driving around the golf course in a golf cart.If,you do use a cart drive past your ball and then walk back to it with the club you will need to hit you next shot.

If,you do this on even only nine of the eighteen holes it will increase your health tremendously. Also their are small nine hole courses that you can rent a pull cart and play your round that way, very beneficial. The one thing i recommend not doing is carrying your golf clubs.


Senior Golfers Approach to the Game of Golf

As we all get older and are suddenly are considered senior golfers one would automatically think that our golf skill and intensity would decline but that does not have to be the case.

Of course as we get older it’s only natural that we will not maintain the same level of play that we had in our younger years but it is still possible.If,you are a senior golfer just please don’t give up. The main thing we need to focus on here is our bodies.

Have during your last few rounds of golf you felt that your back swing does not go back as far as it used to, or your swing speed does not seem as fast or maybe your drives are not going has far as they used to, if so they it’s probably time to work on your body.

A lot of senior golfers first feel that they first have lost a lot of flexibility but they never consider that they have lost strength along with the flexibility. As a senior golfer the first things you will need to get started is by improving flexibility, strength, endurance and nutrition.

These are most important in a good golf fitness program. The best golf tip for seniors here is to not start out to fast, you must start slow so for one you don’t get hurt and two you don’t lose interest before you get started.

You first need to know your limitations and limit your golf program within those limitations. In this day and age you should have now problem finding e-books or videos that will fit the criteria of your current shape. I suggest not taking any golf lessons before you get your fitness program where you want then by all means take a lesson or two and go enjoy your new golf game.

Senior Golf Tips on Warm Ups

Whether you are playing football, baseball,basketball or any sport for that senior golf couplemater golf is no different then any of them, you need to warm up.

I see so many golfers pull up in their cars throw their shows on grab their clubs go in the clubhouse, take a couple swings and head to the first tee.

By doing these chances are the first five or six shots are going to go who knows where, thus setting yourself up for a start you may never recover from and therefor ruining your round of golf before it even gets started.

My first tip here is to try to get to the golf course at least an hour before you are scheduled to tee off, get your shoes on, take care of business in the clubhouse. All in a relaxing manner.

Now grab your putter and head to the putting green, practice some put from around twenty feet,then some from thirty feet, then ten feet, then short putts. This will give you a good idea of the speed of the greens. Now grab a couple wedges and practice some chips around the green to get the feel of the rough around the green.

Next you will want to head off to the range where you want to spend about ten minutes doing some stretching and limbering up exercises before you start taking some full swings.

Start out on the practice tee hitting some easy wedges then slowly go through your bag hitting all your clubs until finally get to your driver. Hit about half a dozen balls with your driver until you feel comfortable with it. You can now head to the first tee. Do a little more stretching. Right before you tee off. Then hit your drive right down the middle.

I hope the information and tips on this page and benefit you in your quest for making golf much more enjoyable in your senior years, I will do another post late delving into all the different golf clubs and other equipment you must have in your golf bag.

Please leave a comment below if this has been any help to you, or if you have any questions i would be more than happy to answer them.

Good Golf To You


Golf Short Game Lessons -Become a Short Game Expert



I wanted to write this blog in order for the average golfer to improve their short game and hopefully lower your scores.

As you probably know most strokes are lost when you finally get near the green and you have to depend on your short game to get the ball in the hole.

I think most golfers feel they don’t need to improve or they just don.t want to put the time in to improve by getting some short game lessons.

great short game

Here I’m going to try to show you how to lower your scores without spending hours on end at the driving range.

In order to improve any aspect of your life you need to have realistic expectations in order to reach your goal, same goes with golf.

Golf should actually be fun not work so instead of working on your golf game lets go playing on your golf game.

My goal here is to have you make a chip shot and watch it roll into the hole. What a feeling that is. So here is hopefully to some better golf and scores.

Sand Shots Made Simple

Most golfers when they hit the ball into a sand trap their first reaction is oh crap how do I get out of here, there goes my round.

So what if you were to hit in the trap and then just stroll up to your ball take a nice easy swing and watch the ball float on up on to the green.

The most important element of hitting a sand shot is technique, the first golf sand shotrule being keeping your body very still, there should be little movement in your body.

One of the biggest mistake golfers make when trying to get out of a sand trap is they try to scoop the ball out instead of hitting down behind the ball with a full swing which will cause the ball to be actually pushed out by the sand. Your club should never even come in contact with the ball.

Did you ever think of why the club is called a sand wedge? because it is designed to do the work for you.

So get started by taking your stance in the sand shuffle your feet a little to get them set in the sand because of doing this you will want to choke down on the club a little to make up for your feet sinking a little, now open the club face a little and then take your grip, very important.


Be sure the ball is in the middle of you stance. Now be sure your weight is on your front foot, take a 3/4″ swing back and a 3/4″ threw the ball. You want to hit the sand about two inches behind the ball and it will pop out onto the green.

Practice this technique until you get it down pat and then you can experiment with different kinds of lies in the sand. Hope this helps your sand game.


Chipping Like the Pros

Chipping around the greens can sometimes can actually be more difficult than the sand shot. Around the greens can have all different lengths of grass making you have to be much more imaginative.

One of the main factors in chipping well is the back of your left-hand if you are a right-handed golfer. A lot of golfers I see chipping is the same thing they do in the sand trap,they try to flip the right hand under leading to sculled chips or the club just sliding under the ball.

golf chip shotThe chipping technique is really quiet easy to learn, it’s the execution that is really difficult.

Practice does make perfect but you need to practice with the proper technique. There are many types of chips depending on high the grass is and whether you want to run it up to the hole or fly it in the almost to the hole. You can chip with any club from say a seven iron all the way down to your lob wedge.

No matter what chip you have you always want basically want the same setup, choke down a little on you club, ball back in your stance, your weight on your front foot and your hands slightly ahead of the ball.

The key now is to bring the club back with only your shoulders.No body or head movement and no wrist action. How far back you bring the club will depend on how far you want the ball to go and what club you are using.

This is where the left-hand comes in to play, always be sure the back of your left-hand is always facing the target at all times. You keep practicing this technique you will be chipping with more consistency and then you can learn to judge distances and cub loft.


The Flop Shot

One of the hardest golf short game lessons is the flop shot. It can also be one the most fun shots in golf. It is not very often in a round of golf where you actually need to use the flop shot but it is a great arsenal to have in your bag.

I’ll start with what is a flop shot? A flop shot is usually when you need to get the ball up high very quickly and have it lands softly hopefully near the hole.

The flop shot has its own rules so nothing previously holds true here. The flop shot requires a lot of practice and a full commitment. First thing is to evaluate you lie, your ball should be in the rough with the ball up a little, if you ball is settled down in the rough the flop will not work.

As opposed to chipping, the flop shot you want to keep your hands behind the ball and weight on your right foot, open the club face as far as possible and take a full swing without trying to help the ball.If done properly the ball will fly high and land soft hopefully near you target.


How to Make a Putt When You Have toputting

The best way for the average golfer to lower their scores is to improve their putting. So how do you become a better putter?

Stand comfortably over the ball using light grip pressure and your weight slighting on your front foot, your hands should be over the ball if not slightly forward of the ball.

Do not keep your hands behind the ball, this will lead to a lot of miss hits.

You want your hand, arms and shoulders to for kind of a triangle. Take the club back close to the ground with your shoulders keeping your arm and hands quiet and still. At the end of your backstroke again you want to use your shoulders keeping your putter still close to the ground, this should result in a well struck putt that should roll nicely towards the hole.



So there are two components to help improve your golf game, the first is to learn the techniques you’ve learnt and the second is to practice and never forget the first.

Go to your local driving range or golf course and practice your sand trap techniques, then go practice your chipping techniques and then on to your putting techniques, before you know it, it will become second nature to you.

Then when you take all this out to the golf course you will be surprised how much lower your score will drop.

I hope you have found these lessons helpful to you, if so please leave a comment below and I will also answer any questions you may have

good golf to you




















Medicus Golf Swing Trainer Review – Perfect your Swing

Product: Medicus Golf Swing Aid
Price: $99.95medicus driver
Cheapest place to buy: Ebay
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5


The Medicus Golf Swing Trainer Overview


Not too long ago I just couldn’t hit the golf ball straight, I was all over the place, one shot was a big slice then the next shot I would hook into the woods or something. I just could not figure it out, then one day a buddy of mine I was playing mentioned to me this training club he was told about and he went out and purchased it and it turned out to be the Medicus golf swing training aid. I was watching him hit his shots and was amazed how good he was hitting the ball. I promptly went out and bought the Medicus and well, the rest is history.

For the Price the Medicus Swing Trainer is a Steal

So over the years I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on golf lessons,
and after time you sometimes forget what the instructor told you and fall right back into your old swing habits, but with the Medicus golf swing trainer you will have it forever and for the less than the price of one golf lesson.

Pros and cons of the medicus swing trainer

The Medicus is affordable

It is easy to store

you can use it anywhere, home, office, back yard

Will not help other aspects of your game




In Conclusion

I am a believer in this product and I know many others who also love their Medicus swing trainer. So for less than the price of one golf lesson go here and get yourself the Medicus Swing Trainer.

If you have enjoyed my review of the Medicus Swing Trainer please feel free to leave a review of your own or a comment below.

Kids and Golfing – Get Started




Parents are always looking for different sports that their children can get involved in. This is something as natural as the sun rising and the sun setting. A large amount of children are involved in some form of extracurricular activity.

This can leave parents thinking a little out of the box, hence comes in kids and golfing. I think as golf has evolved many parents might be thinking maybe this may not be such a bad activity, but at least see if my child enjoys it.

kid putting

Kids and Golfing – Suitable for Kids or Not

A lot of parents probably think this is not an appropriate sport for kids to  get involved in but I personally think it would be a great opportunity for kids to spread their wings and try something totally different.

Kids playing golf has the ability to teach kids how to learn good sportsmanship, it teaches kids how to be logical, it teaches kids how to make good decisions when on the golf course and face certain circumstances and how to handle them.

It teaches kids how to get along with other kids and take turns playing. Golf for kids is also a great exercise regimen for them as the walking around a golf course would bring astronomical physical results.

Kids Learning Golf ?

Kids learning to play golf in this day and age is a huge opportunity and so very appropriate for a kid today. The benefits are widely available for both boys and girls and parents should feel very confident in getting their kids into playing golf.

However, before you jump to conclusions or try to force them into golf you really need to find out if they actually have any interest 3 kids golfingin the game itself. A lot of times a kid might need a little encouragement.

It can be a very positive experience for any kid, but you need to find out if it is something that really interests them.

Talk to your child and find out how they feel about the situation and take it from there.

In my opinion a good start would be the take them to a competition, whether it be a pro event, a college event or even a high school event at the  local golf course.

Let them feel up close the emotion and competition of a true golf event. To even drop it down a notch take them to a miniature golf course and see how they react to that, it could give you a good gauge on how they feel about the game of golf.

Kids Playing Golf – Lessons!

So  yea, if your kid seems interested in learning how to the play this great game of golf, you may want to look for an instructor in your local area that has a reputation for being patient and good with teaching kids.

With the proper instructor and encouragement from you, most children can become quite skilled at golf, which makes it a great sport due to the huge self esteem boost it can bring.

So no matter if the child is a boy or girl they are more than likely to enjoy this wonderful game of golf

You will be very surprised as just how good a sport golf can be for kids.

Good golf to you

If you have enjoyed this blog post please leave a comment below

or if you have any questions, I will get back to you

as soon as possible




Best Golf Fitness Exercises

GolfGym,Golf Fitness,Golf Fitness Products

If you are just starting out playing golf and have not had the most active
lifestyle that maybe you could have had it will be very difficult to just run right out and play 18 holes of golf.

If you are in pretty good shape physically as far as strength and flexibility you will certainly have a bigger advantage in your overall play than someone who is not in such good a shape.  golf wrist exerciser


Improve Flexibility and Strength

One of the best golf fitness exercise to start with should be your flexibility. Being flexible will greatly improve your back swing and therefore your entire golf swing for that matter.

Along with your flexibility you will also need to improve your overall strength. Now by building strength I do not mean running out to your local gym and start pumping iron.

All this will do is build you big bulky muscles that will not help with your flexibility.What you want to do with this fitness exercise is build lean muscle mass.

Bulky muscles might make you a bit stronger but it will greatly reduce the amount of core turn in your swing. Building lean muscle strength is not impossible but is a little harder and will take a little more effort.

The key exercise tip here is to lift lighter weights with more repetitions which will let you muscle but still keep the flexibility you will need for a proper golf swing. Resist the urge to use no more than 10 lb weights.


Golf Exercise Tip – Stretching

Another essential golf fitness exercise tip to keep your body as flexible as possible is stretching. I recommend that you stretch before your round of golf and immediately after your round of golf.

This will ensure you are keeping your body in the best possible shape.Also, golf stretchyou may find that your body is very sore when done playing your round of golf which in turn take a lot of fun out of what should be an enjoyable game.

Myself, I will show up for my round of golf well ahead of my scheduled tee time so I can stretch for a few minutes then hit some golf balls, do some putting and then stretch a little more before I take my first shot.

Golf Fitness – hydration

Normally when you play this wonderful game of golf you are playing it nice weather.When you are out on the golf course sometimes there are few trees and wide open spaces where it can get extremely hot, therefore it is imperative that you drink plenty of water.

If you find yourself getting overheated and dehydrated it could cause help problems as well as hindering your ability to even finish your round of golf.

So please
be sure that you keep yourself as hydrated as possible, not only when playing golf but anytime you are doing strenuous activity or exercising.

Golf Fitness Exercise – walking


You may think that golf is a slow moving methodical sport but believe you me there is an extremely large amount of walking involved in a typical 18 hole round of golf.

Even if you rent a golf cart there is still a huge amount of walking involved.You are constantly walking up and down hills and over some rough terrain.So obviously in is imperative that you keep your legs in great shape, otherwise you may find yourself not even able to finish your round of golf.

You could even go out and get yourself a treadmill to help get your legs in shape. So following all these golf fitness exercises could take your golf game to a whole new level.

Good Golf To You



If you found this article helpful or have any questions please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible

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Basic Golf Tips for Beginners – Practice,Practice



So yea, I’m adding this post to teach you about the best golf tips for beginners for every club in your bag. Most golfers carry 14 cubs in their golf bag, they would include, your driver, a 3 fairway wood, a 5 fairway wood. Then you have your irons, they normally include a 4,5,6,7,8 and 9 iron.

Then you have your wedges, usually a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a lob wedge. A lot of golfers will add what’s a hybrid club which is typically used for long shots from the fairway or a long par three holes. Then of course you have your putter which is used on or around the green.

Basic Golf Tip – The Driver

Your driver is the largest club in your golf bag and the club you will hit the golf ball the farthest. Most typically you will use your driver from the tee box on long par four holes and par five holes.

It is probably the one club that you will want to learn how to hit the best. Having long straight drives will give you your best chance to get your second shot from the fairway on to the green, thus giving you a better chance of making a par or possibly a birdie.

Driving is very important to your game so spending a lot of time at the driving range will certainly help you in this area. You can experiment with different ball positions in your stance. It would not hurt to take a short lesson to further improve your driver swing.



Basic Golf Tips – Your Irons

So once you tee off with your driver and hit down the middle of the fairway  (hopefully), your next objective on a par four is to hit your second shot on to the green or close to it in order to possibly make your par or hopefully a birdie. In order to achieve this you will need to determine how many yards you have left from where your ball is in comparative to the whole.

You will now need to determine which iron in your bag you will need to hit your ball the amount of yards you need to reach the green. Each iron in your golf bag has what is called loft.

Loft determines how high and how far each iron will make the ball travel. The lower the number iron you use the lower and farther the ball will travel, the higher number iron you use the higher and shorter the ball will travel.

Once again the best way to determine this information is going to the driving range and go all through your golf bag which each club and find out how high and far you can hit each club. Taking the time to learn this will most certainly help to improve your golf game.

golf irons


Especially on par threes where you want to get your first shot on the green and as close to the whole as possible, The distance on par threes can vary from 125 yards to 175 yards, sometimes over water or some other type of hazard where hitting your shot becomes even more important. So please
learn how far you hit your irons it will make the game of golf much more enjoyable for you.

Basic Golf Tips – The Short Game

OK, so now we get close to the green and this is where your short game really comes into play. The short game brings into play your wedges in your bag, your pitching wedge, your sand wedge and your lob wedge.

Your wedges will come into play when you are say 50 yards from the green and closer. It can be from the fairway, or from a sand trap or from the rough somewhere around the green.

Most local public golf courses have areas where you can go and practice all different kind of shots with your wedges. Most have a sand trap to practice
getting the ball out of the trap and close to the pin.

Most beginner golfers see a sand trap and freak out, for some reason they think it’s a difficult shot.Myself, I would much rather be in a sand trap as opposed to being in some thick narley rough around the green.

Implementing this shot from the sand is really quite simple. Set your ball in the sand trap and draw a line in the sand about two inches behind the ball, now take your sand wedge and when you swing down try to hit the line behind the ball and not the ball itself, make a complete follow through and you will notice the ball just pops out of the trap.

As in all aspects of the game only practice will help you to improve your game.

Basic Golf Tips – Putting

Well I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, You Drive for Show, You Putt for Dough.

Well no truer words have ever been spoken. Think about it, in an average 18 hole round of golf you probably hit your driver maybe 12 times, you hit you iron and wedges maybe 20 times, but yet you probably putt the ball over 30 times, so most of your time on the course you spend putting on the greens so does it not make sense you should spend more time putting than any other shot.

One of the first things you should do is find a putter you feel comfortable with. You can actually go to any golf shop and they will try out all the putters until you feel you have found the right one for you. I have been using my putter for twenty years now.

I just get it re gripped when needed. Another beautiful thing about putting is that you can practice it anywhere.You can practice at the office, at home on your carpet, or free at your local course.

I’m not going to get in to technique here because everyone is different, I will just add that if you don’t hit it hard enough to reach the hole you will never get it in the hole.

Fresh Start Putting

Final Thoughts

Remember golf is just a game and meant to have fun playing, remember about golf etiquette and proper mannerisms on the golf course and you will enjoy it much more.

Practice, Practice,Practice

If you have enjoyed this post or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will

be sure to get back to you.

Good Golf to you





Golfing Tips for Beginners – Equipment and Basics



Hello, i am writing this to try to help anyone who is interested
in taking up the game of golf but are not sure of how to go about getting started.

At first one would think that it is too expensive to get into this sport but that is not always the case.In golfing tips for beginners i will help you on your beginning golf journey as cheaply as possible and loaded with tons of golf knowledge.

Basic Equipment you Will Need

Like i said, you do not need a lot of money to get started in this wonderful relaxing game of golf. If your really not sure if this game of golf is for you can start out with a basic starter set of cubs or even rent a set, but I’m sure once you get started you will become addicted to this awesome sport.

Getting basic starter clubs will let you worry more about you swing more and not the clubs themselves.

Down the road as you get better at the game you can then go out and get yourself some better golf clubs. A good deal of golf equipment shops sell many golf clubs that vary largely in price.

The basic set consists of 14 cubs, usually driver, couple of fairway woods irons, a couple of wedges and a putter.Other basic equipment you will need is golf ball, tee’s, and a golf glove.

Having the right equipment is a very essential part of the game choose wisely when buying your golf equipment.

Take a Simple Basic Golf Lesson

When you are first starting out with the game of golf it would not be a bad idea to maybe get a starter lesson to begin you golf journey.

Even if you have some buddies who are pretty good golfers they could take you to the driving range to give you some pointers in order to get you started.

great short game

Most people are under the impression that golf lessons are just to expensive, but that could not be further from the truth. You could go to your local golf
course and get either a 1/2 hour or a 1-hour lesson quite reasonably.

Doing this will make your golf game better, quicker but also lower your level of frustration.


Golfing Tip One

Golf has become very popular in the last few decades thanks to the likes of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, etc. The beauty of golf is that you get to be outdoors, you get to spend time with good friends and to play a game that you can actually never perfect.

So, if you are new to the game of golf it is normally played on a nine hole course or most typically on an 18 hole course. The course consists of different length holes noted as par 3’s, par 4’s and par 5’s, that represents the number of shots you need to take to get the golf ball in the hole.

If you were to get a 4 on a par three that is called a bogey, a 5 would be a double bogey and getting a 2 would be called a birdie.

Each player keeps their own score and at the end when all scores are added up the player with the lowest score would be the winner.

Just remember if you are a beginner at this simple game please do not take this game to seriously. It takes years to get really good at this game, just go out and have fun.

It’s just a game and your outside having fun and not at work.

Golfing Tip – Golf Etiquette

Golf is a gentlemen s game made up of certain rules and regulations.Most times golf courses can be crowded, so you must know the basic rules and common courtesy.

Usually there will be a group of players in front of you and you should always wait until they are far enough ahead of you
so you will not hit into them with you shot.

While you are waiting you should have you club picked out and be ready to take your shot when it’s you turn. This will help speed up the game.

If you find that you group is playing slow and holding up the group behind you, either speed up or let the other group play through.

When a player is taking his shot you should stand behind them and try not to make a sound, that can be very distracting.

If you take a shot from the fairway and you take a big divot of turf please replace your divot or fill it with a sand grass seed mixture found on many golf carts. When you land a shot on the green and it makes a dent in the green repair it with you repair tool.

When you finish playing the hole please replace the flag stick and proceed to leave the green so the next group can play, you can mark you score card when you get back to you golf cart.

Conclusion – Golfing Tips

There are of course many other rules that apply to this simple game of golf which i will get into at another time, but for now these should get you through your first round of golf without embarrassing you or anyone else in you playing group.

If you have enjoyed this post or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

Good Golf to you


Simple Golf Swing – Hit it Straighter and Farther



If you are already a golfer and you have picked up some bad habits that are effecting your golf game negatively, you probably picked them up when you first started playing the game of golf.

Well I’m here at simple golf swing made easy to tell you that fortunately for you, you can turn your bad habits into good ones thus creating a simple golf swing to hit it straighter and farther.


Improve Your Golf Swing Easily

The first and most important part of the easy golf swing is having the proper grip, The whole golf swing starts with the grip. You can find out more about the proper grip here.The golf grip

Another important factor of the golf swing is where you are aiming your body and club before you make your swing.

If you are not aligned properly the golf ball will never go in the direction you want it to, thus leading to bad shots.

To help this problem when on the tee box check to make sure your shoulders are aligned with the target line that you wish the ball to travel thus increasing your chances of the golf ball going straight.

Another problem I see many amateur golfers make is their wrist action, 90% of bad shots are a direct result of this problem. You must be sure that your left wrist stays flat in relation to your left forearm and your left hand. Also, never take your club back further than you shoulder will turn.

Trouble on the tee:

If you are standing on the tee box and you see trouble on the left, say like water or trees always tee your ball up on the side of the tee where the trouble is thus giving you a better chance of avoiding the trouble and saving you some strokes.



Simple Swing Driver Tips to hit it Farther

I know that like every amateur or weekend golfer they want to hit their driver as far as the pro’s do but believe me that is easier said than done.

I have subscriptions to many golf magazines and every month they have something that’s gives a tip like ( hit your driver 50 yards further ) but rarely does it ever work.

There is no quick fix because they never work long term. The only thing that will work long term is you working on yourself, that is getting yourself in the best physical condition that you possibly can.

You can go to the driving range every day and hit 100’s of golf balls every day, you can take lesson after lesson, you can buy a state-of-the-art driver but you can not buy club head speed and club head speed is the only thing that will allow you to hit the golf ball further.

So hitting more balls or taking more lessons will never do it for you. You can improve your technique but the only thing for more distance is your physical condition. Period.

Simple Golf Swing Effortlessly


How many times have you striped a drive right down the middle of the fairway and then tried to remember exactly what you did with that shot to be so perfect and then just can’t duplicate it, very frustrating.

A simple powerful golf swing is just not about swinging harder. I’m sure you have stood over your golf ball and said to yourself I’m going to crush this one and swung with all you had and, what was the result?. Probably hit it shorter or way off-line, right?

Like I said earlier, the only way you are going to get more yards with your driver or any other club in you bag for that matter is with a controlled swing with more club head speed.

If your body cannot physically make that optimum swing then you have no business swinging harder.


So what if you decided to get your body in golf shape.  What I mean by that is to improve your core strength, improve your flexibility,you will now be able to make a full shoulder turn in your back swing, thus building up much more torque which in turn will translate into your club exploding into the golf ball at impact, make sense?

You now have a power swing that is effortless and under control and you will be just killing it of the tee and the deck leaving your playing partners in awe and amazement.

So remember if you want a powerful but effortless easy golf swing you need to take care of your bodies condition first and the rest will follow resulting in a much better and more fun golf game.


Simple Golf Swing and Flexibility

The simple golf swing really is just a turn back and then a turn through, I mean it really just doesn’t get much easier than that, so why would you not want to get your core and your body as flexible as possible.

There are many core flexibility exercises you can do right from your home or office, after all it is the key to longer drives and fairway irons.

Sit in a chair and cross your arms in front of you and just start to rotate your torso back and forth as far as you can, start out slowly start rotating faster as you feel your torso loosening up, do this as long as you can and as often as you can, you will soon notice a change in the flexibility in your back swing and follow through.



The most important factor in a successful simple golf swing is flexibility, plain and simple. It has been proven that pre stretched muscles perform much better than muscles that have not been pre stretched.

I think this holds true especially with the game of golf. Golf is a power sport and many times during a round of golf you need all the power you can generate at certain times.

That is why your muscles should be in the best condition and as flexible as possible. Balance also is important to the simple golf swing which I will get into next.

Simple Golf Swing and Balance

Balance is very essential for implementing the simple golf swing. The first thing would be your set up. A good set up as you address your golf ball would to be in a very athletic position before making your back swing, this will make you have complete balance throughout the entire golf swing.

Even if your technique is slightly off if you are balanced you still have a good chance of making a good shot. I see a lot of amateurs get up to their ball and make a swing and try to kill it, therefore losing their balance and the golf ball goes all over the place.

As long as you can take care of having good balance the golf club is designed to do most of the work, along with building strength flexibility your are on your way to a much more enjoyable simple golf game.

Enjoy the Wonderful Game of Golf

I hope you have found this blog informative and helpful, I will be posting more helpful golf tips in the near future. Please feel free to leave a comment below or if you have any question i will get back to you as soon as possible


Good Golf To You,


































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About Robert

Hello and welcome to my simple golf swing made easy. Ever since I was a small child golf has been a passion of mine and i have purchased a lot of equipment in order to hone my golf skills and my enthusiasm for the game.

A little About My Golf Journey


Ever since I was a small child I developed a passion for golf.You see I grew up in a small county in Pennsylvania and my parents home was actually a short walk through the woods to our local public golf course.

There was also at the course a driving range where at the age of 12 I actually got my first job picking up golf balls from the range.

I guess the best part of the job was that when the golf pro was not busy he would give me and my friends tips on grip and swings and stuff like that.


Why am I Doing This?


I am doing this website blog because I know there are a lot of people who would love this wonderful game if they were just introduced to it.I was lucky enough to be introduced to it at very young age and for that I am truly grateful. All through my childhood we were able to get our homework done, grab a couple clubs and sneak on the course and play a couple holes.

Golf Does not Have to be Expensive


I think a lot of people are under the impression that they cannot get into golf because it is just to expensive to play, but that is just not the case.You can pick up a set of good used golf fairly cheap on sites like craigs list.

you can get refurbished golf balls fairly cheap at any wal mart or other stores. Over time I will be posting all kinds of golf tips and ideas that you can take to the golf range and practice on your own. I think when most people just try this great game they will just fall in love with it.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,