Golfing Tips for Beginners – Equipment and Basics



Hello, i am writing this to try to help anyone who is interested
in taking up the game of golf but are not sure of how to go about getting started.

At first one would think that it is too expensive to get into this sport but that is not always the case.In golfing tips for beginners i will help you on your beginning golf journey as cheaply as possible and loaded with tons of golf knowledge.

Basic Equipment you Will Need

Like i said, you do not need a lot of money to get started in this wonderful relaxing game of golf. If your really not sure if this game of golf is for you can start out with a basic starter set of cubs or even rent a set, but I’m sure once you get started you will become addicted to this awesome sport.

Getting basic starter clubs will let you worry more about you swing more and not the clubs themselves.

Down the road as you get better at the game you can then go out and get yourself some better golf clubs. A good deal of golf equipment shops sell many golf clubs that vary largely in price.

The basic set consists of 14 cubs, usually driver, couple of fairway woods irons, a couple of wedges and a putter.Other basic equipment you will need is golf ball, tee’s, and a golf glove.

Having the right equipment is a very essential part of the game choose wisely when buying your golf equipment.

Take a Simple Basic Golf Lesson

When you are first starting out with the game of golf it would not be a bad idea to maybe get a starter lesson to begin you golf journey.

Even if you have some buddies who are pretty good golfers they could take you to the driving range to give you some pointers in order to get you started.

great short game

Most people are under the impression that golf lessons are just to expensive, but that could not be further from the truth. You could go to your local golf
course and get either a 1/2 hour or a 1-hour lesson quite reasonably.

Doing this will make your golf game better, quicker but also lower your level of frustration.


Golfing Tip One

Golf has become very popular in the last few decades thanks to the likes of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, etc. The beauty of golf is that you get to be outdoors, you get to spend time with good friends and to play a game that you can actually never perfect.

So, if you are new to the game of golf it is normally played on a nine hole course or most typically on an 18 hole course. The course consists of different length holes noted as par 3’s, par 4’s and par 5’s, that represents the number of shots you need to take to get the golf ball in the hole.

If you were to get a 4 on a par three that is called a bogey, a 5 would be a double bogey and getting a 2 would be called a birdie.

Each player keeps their own score and at the end when all scores are added up the player with the lowest score would be the winner.

Just remember if you are a beginner at this simple game please do not take this game to seriously. It takes years to get really good at this game, just go out and have fun.

It’s just a game and your outside having fun and not at work.

Golfing Tip – Golf Etiquette

Golf is a gentlemen s game made up of certain rules and regulations.Most times golf courses can be crowded, so you must know the basic rules and common courtesy.

Usually there will be a group of players in front of you and you should always wait until they are far enough ahead of you
so you will not hit into them with you shot.

While you are waiting you should have you club picked out and be ready to take your shot when it’s you turn. This will help speed up the game.

If you find that you group is playing slow and holding up the group behind you, either speed up or let the other group play through.

When a player is taking his shot you should stand behind them and try not to make a sound, that can be very distracting.

If you take a shot from the fairway and you take a big divot of turf please replace your divot or fill it with a sand grass seed mixture found on many golf carts. When you land a shot on the green and it makes a dent in the green repair it with you repair tool.

When you finish playing the hole please replace the flag stick and proceed to leave the green so the next group can play, you can mark you score card when you get back to you golf cart.

Conclusion – Golfing Tips

There are of course many other rules that apply to this simple game of golf which i will get into at another time, but for now these should get you through your first round of golf without embarrassing you or anyone else in you playing group.

If you have enjoyed this post or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

Good Golf to you


4 thoughts on “Golfing Tips for Beginners – Equipment and Basics”

  1. Thank you for explaining so simply! I loved reading your posts, and I’ve never been a golfer! Maybe I’ll come beck here and learn more.

    BTW, a page containing a golf glossary would be so welcome to me!


  2. Another great blog, thank you. I have only started playing this season so your etiquette tips are most appreciated. I play at a small country course and sometimes it seems like a bit of a free for all, perhaps some of those players need to have a read!

    I am using a borrowed set of clubs at the moment, but am reading through your review of other products for when I am ready to purchase. Really enjoying my golf at the moment now the season is starting to kick off here. Thanks again.

    1. you will not regret taking up this great game of golf, it is one of the most relaxing sports you can play. I’m glad i can help you on your golf journey, all the best to you and your golf game. Thanks for your comment

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