How to Read Greens Like a Pro

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I’m sure you have probably been in the situation that I’m going to describe in a second, but first let me just refresh your memory about how you have gotten yourself in this position.

When you first started playing golf you probably spent most of your time working on your golf swing mechanics. Hitting your driver straight, hitting your irons the right distance and direction and finally working on your short game (chipping) in order to get your ball close to the hole.

golf is terrificBut chances are you have spent the least amount of your practice time on your putting. So back to the situation I mentioned earlier. There you are on the tee of say a par four and you hit your drive right down the middle, next you hit you second or what is called your approach shot on to the green, say twenty feet from the hole.

You walk up to the green and your thinking great I have a putt to make a birdie. You approach your ball and take your putting stance and you putt your ball.

All of a sudden much to your dismay your putt goes far right, away from the hole leaving you with a lengthy putt coming back, next thing you know you miss that one and you tap in for a five.

How demoralizing is that going to the next tee. What happened was you did not read the green properly. So here I’m going to teach you how to read greens like a pro.

Reading Greensputting

Reading greens is actually an art and the sooner you can master the art of reading greens the sooner you will make fewer putts in a round of golf and therefore lower your scores and your handicap. A lot of factors go in to learning how to read greens properly and some of these are:

  • The type of grass you are putting on
  • The direction of the grain of the grass
  • Whether the grass is wet or not

Any or all of these conditions should be taken into consideration when determining where you will have to putt your ball in order to get your ball in or at least very close to the hole.

For instance if you are putting on a green that is damp or a little wet you may read your putt to break so much but the wetter grass will make your putt slower which in turn will make your putt break more than you thought, whereas a dry faster green will possibly not break as much and slide past the hole.



Develop a Green Reading Routine

Let me start with a major part of developing a proper green reading routine is to spend at least ten minutes on the practice green before you even get on the golf course.

Just about all golf course mimic their practice green to the exact cut and speed of the actual greens on the golf course. This will help dramatically when out on the golf reading

Once on the golf course and you get to the green your subconscious will take over and you will determine what speed you will have to hit the ball and what direction you will have to start the ball rolling.

Obviously if the ball goes in the hole you have read the speed and break properly. if,you missed the putt either left or right you have miss read the green. if, the ball did not reach the hole then you did not hit it hard enough.

This is one of the biggest putting mistakes because if the ball does not reach the hole it will never go in the hole. A good tip here is to always try to hit your putt a foot farther than the hole.

Another great tip for your green reading routine is this:

When you do hit your approach shot on the green, as you drive your cart or if you are walking pay close attention to the slope of the fairway in correlation with the slope of the green. This will give you an initial pre reading of the green.

If I’m driving in a golf cart I will drive up to the green and take my putter out and walk back ten or twenty yards back down the fairway and have another look.

Then walk up to the green and look at your putt from all sides. This should tell you if the putt is a downhill or an uphill putt and possibly which way it will break. The best way to read the break of the putt is ultimately behind your ball.

Your Final Decision

Once you have gone through your green reading routine and have come up with the direction and speed of your putt, do not change your mind.

When,you approach your putt and are ready to take your putt you will most likely start second guessing yourself about your decision, please try to resist this temptation at all costs. Always go with your first instinct, most of the time it will be right.

Do Not Get Angry

Remember one thing, you are not going to make every putt, even some of the most perfectly struck putt does not always go in. Many things can prevent a great putt from going in.angry golfer

For instance a gust of wind could affect your putt, an improperly repaired ball mark could knock it off-line a little, even a small unseen pebble could affect it.

You’ve probably seen a putt that goes all the way around the hole and not go in. These are just part of this wonderful game of golf. Do not get angry, all this will do is carry over to the next hole which could be disastrous. Nothing good can come out of getting mad. It’s only a game.


In Leaving

Remember your focus should always avoid the dreaded three putts. if,you can avoid three putts you will knock a lot of strokes off your final score. if,you can play an eighteen hole round of golf with thirty-six putts or fewer you should consider this a very successful round of golf.

I like to look at this game as what I call bogie golf. Most golf courses are a par seventy or seventy-two, so if you bogie every hole you’re shooting a ninety or better and with practice the pars and birdies will come, lowering your score even more.

I hope you have found this article to be informative and helpful, if so please feel free to leave a comment below, and as always if you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will get back to you as so as possible.

Good Golf To You


Fresh Start Putting

Best Golf Fitness Exercises for Women

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It is no secret that in order to reach your ultimate golf level, golf fitness exercises play a huge part in your reaching that level. Even the professional men on the PGA tour and the professional woman on the LPGA tour understand the importance of golf fitness exercises to keep their respective games at their ultimate level.

There are so many questions floating around on the topic of golf fitness exercises and a few are:

1) What are the best golf fitness exercises to improve your golf playing level

2) Are stretching and flexibility exercises better than other golf fitness golf stretchexercises

3) What are the benefits of golf fitness exercises for the woman golfer?

As we move on here I am going to focus on question number three, that being the topic of the best golf exercises for woman.


Women Pro’s vs Women Amateur Golfers

Is there really that much difference in golf fitness training between the LPGA woman’s pro player and your everyday woman’s amateur player? The answer is no, not really.

Granted the woman’s pro player has a lot more at her disposal as far as personal trainers and portable gyms available to them when they are on tour but that does not mean the woman amateur player cannot take their golf game to a level they are comfortable with through proper golf fitness training.

The professional woman golfers are the best in the world at their sport but that’s the only difference between them and any amateur golfer.

The pro woman golfers have the same skeletal make up as an amateur golfer, they have the same muscular make up as an amateur golfer, they even have the same neurological make up as an amateur golfer.

The one thing the pro woman golfer has the upper hand with is their swing mechanics. They have been training their swing all their lives whereas the amateur golfer has not. So in that sense the amateur has a lot of catching up to do.

A Golf Fitness Program is Sport Specific

What does sport specific actually mean? Sport specific means coming up with a training program primarily geared around the sport of golf and golf alone. There are many positions, body movements and actions. Some that are not really a natural action for the human body to make.

Because of this certain golf fitness exercises need to be learn in order to train the woman golfer to perform these movements without fear of muscular damage or injury.


The first and probably most important fitness training would be improving the woman golfers flexibility. In improving your flexibility your will develop a larger shoulder turn which in turn will give greater club speed which will create longer drives.

Execute the Golf Swing Correctly

The body does most of the major work in creating a good and consistent golf swing. So in order to execute the golf swing correctly you must maintain certain levels of:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Endurance
  • Power


All of these things should be taken into account for the woman golfer to put together a golf fitness program that will take their golf swing to a nice consistent level.

The actual golf swing is really quite simple if your really think about it. Mainly it is the body’s backward and forward motion in order to accomplish a goal, which is to hit a golf ball with a club.



In order for any of this to happen the core needs to coil and uncoil in a continuous motion to execute the golf swing correctly. This is where flexibility comes most into play.

You need to develop rotational exercises in order to strengthen your core. These can be as easy as sitting in a chair and rotating your body back and forth, stand up and rotate your shoulders and torso back and forth, practice doing planks to engage and strengthen your abdominal plank exercise for your back


Doing some of these same exercises will also improve your overall balance in your golf swing.

When your take a golf swing not only does your core have to be flexible but you also need to be balanced, there should be little movement anywhere but for your shoulders and torso rotating back and forth.


Another key element in your executing the golf swing correctly is your endurance. Have your ever gone to the driving range and got a large bucket of balls and by the time your are half-way through your golf shots seem to start to scatter all over the place.

This is a sure sign that your muscles and stamina are getting fatigued. You can correct this by just walking, power walking or use a treadmill to grow your stamina and endurance.


As with men golfers the same principle hold’s true for woman golfers. The more club head speed your can generate the longer your drives will travel.

So even woman golfers need to incorporate a power regime in their golf fitness workouts. When doing your strength exercises your must be careful not to use too much heavy weights, heavy weights will create muscle mass and that will lessen your flexibility.

What you want to do is use less weight, say five or ten pounds at the most. Use less weight and more repetitions until your muscles fatigue, rest and repeat.

In Summary

So whether it is the LPGA woman pro or the amateur woman golfer the golf fitness program is the same. The exercises in the woman’s golf exercise program are designed to improve the movements and positions that are required to improve tour golf swing.

Just always remember the golf swing requires a certain level of flexibility, balance,strength,endurance and power to perform it correctly.

I certainly hope your have found this article helpful and informative. If your have would you please leave a comment below so I can continue to bring useful golf knowledge and information to your, and as always any questions you may have please feel free to ask below as well.

Good Golf To You





Play Golf Your Level Best

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The Difference in Golf Courses

Not all golf courses are created equal. What i mean by that is you could go play a hundred different golf courses and not one of them will be the same. Each and every golf course has its own unique design set up all depending on the architect that designed that particular golf course.

Some golf courses are flatter than others and some the fairways will have hills and undulations in them so you cannot always play golf your level best. The shot that you can be sure will be level is your first shot from the tee box.

Traditional Golf Courseamazing golf courses

Most golf courses in the United States have what would be considered traditional golf courses. Traditional golf courses are mostly tree lined with narrow fairways with strategically placed sand traps, water hazards and other obstacles that make you carefully think about and plan your next shot.

Most of the fairways on these traditional golf courses have predominantly flat fairways with just subtle hills in the fairways. The completeness of these courses are made up on the putting surfaces where you will find many hills and undulations.

Links Style Golf Course

The other type of golf course you will come across is what is called a links style golf course. The links style golf course is most common on the other side of the pond in Europe in places like Scotland, where some say golf originated and Ireland. A links style golf course is just the opposite of a traditional golf course links

Most recently more and more links style golf courses are being designed and built here in the United States, especially out in the mid west where there is plenty of wide open land. When you get the chance to play a links style golf course, believe me you will know the difference.

First off you will not see a tree in site and you can usually see the entire golf course from just about anywhere. You will not find a flat area to hit from after your drive anywhere on the course, Every fairway will have nothing but hills and undulations throughout the golf course land with tall fescue grass.

Different Golf Ball Positions

In previous articles on golf training and tips and what i would always mention is practice, where you would go to the driving range to hone your golf swing but at the driving range you are always hitting from a flat level ball position where there are actually five or six different ball positions you could encounter during a round of golf, especially on a links style golf course. These different positions are:

  • The flat ball position
  • The uphill ball position
  • The downhill ball position
  • The ball below your feet ball position
  • The ball above your feet ball position
  • The fairway sand trap ball position

I’m going to explain to you all the different mindsets and set up positions you will need to pull off these different style shots with more confidence.


The Flat Ball Position

Well its what you need to do when you are in this situation, its basically your regular golf shot. Align your body to your target line with the right golf club for the distance you want to hit the ball and take your normal swing.

The Uphill Lie

When you are faced with this situation where you are standing on an uphill you will need to make some adjustments for the situation. First when you set up to your ball you want to be sure you tilt your shoulders so that they are in alignment with the uphill lie

Next you want to have the ball placement a little further up in your stance with most of your weight on your right side and keeping it there throughout your swing.

One more thing is the ball will want to fly higher and you need to make an adjustment to this by using at least one more extra club than you would normally use for the distance you need to hit the ball.

The Downhill Lie

When faced with this shot the first thing you want to do is align your shoulders with the downhill lie leaning your body forward towards the target, you are going to want to lean your body the other way but resist the urge to do this.

You are going to want to have most of your weight on your front foot here and keep it there throughout the swing. With this shot your ball is going to want to take off with a lower trajectory with a lot more roll at the end so please take this into consideration.

The Ball Below Your Feet

The ball below your feet shot is probably the hardest shot for any mid and golf ball below your feethigh handicap golfer. There are so many things going against you with this shot. One is the feeling that your are going to actually fall down the hill, which you won’t.

Here’s what you need to do to pull this shot off. First when you take your stance you want to grip the club at the very end of the grip, second bend your knees so you feel like you are squatting a little and the last thing is the ball is going to want to go to the right naturally so aim a little left and you should be able to hit a nice fade.

The Ball Above Your Feet

When you are faced with this situation where the ball is way above your feet there are certain things that you need to take into consideration. The first thing you are going to want to do here is as you approach your ball and take your stance you are going to choke way down on your clubs grip otherwise you will chunk the club into the ground.

Next you want to kind of lean into the hill with your weight on the balls of your feet. You will also want to be a little closer to the ball and stand a little more upright. Keep in mind that with this shot the ball is going to want to take off to the left when you hit so make sure to aim to the right to compensate for this.

The Fairway Sand Trap Shotgolf sand shot

The fairway sand trap shot is not really that hard of a shot as long as you are on a flat part of the trap and you don’t have too big of a lip to get over.

So basically you want to take your normal stance and then shuffle your feet into the sand a little. You will want to choke up a little on your grip to make up for sinking in the sand a little, by doing this you will want to take an extra club to make up for choking up.

To pull this shot off you want to have very little lower body movement, you want to hit this shot with your upper body just picking the ball out of the sand with little explosion.


To Summarize

So to play golf your level best your not always going to have a perfectly level lie even in the fairway. At some point in your golfing journey you are more than likely going to come across at least one or more of these awkward shots that i have mentioned above.

Unfortunately you just can’t go to your local driving range and practice these shots. If you have a local course where they know you maybe they would let you out in the evening and let you practice some of these shots or maybe you have a buddy who belongs to a golf club and he can take you out to practice some. Anyway somehow try to practice these shots as often as you can.


Good Golf To You

If you have liked the information in this article please feel free to leave a comment below

or if you have any questions please feel free to ask and i will get back to you as soon as possible



Taylor Made 2017 M2 Driver Review

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About the Taylor Made 2017 M2 Driver

Product: Taylor Made 2017 M2 Driver

Price: $299.97hitting your driver

Best place to buy: Taylor Made Golf

Support: Yes

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars


My Experience With the Taylor Made 2017 M2 Driver

I have been an avid fan and player of the game of golf for many years now, in fact I’m reaching senior golf status. I went out and got me a set of Adams Woods and irons which I was told would be good for my slower swing speed. I was out at the driving range one day with a buddy of mine who is very familiar as me as far as height, weight and overall fitness and I was watching him hit ball after ball with his driver.

I was kind of amazed because of all the golf I have played with Chris I had never seen him hit the ball so consistently. Finally I had to ask him what he changed. He proceeded to tell me about this new driver he just got which was the:

Taylor Made 2017 M2 Driver

He asked me if I wanted to hit a couple balls with it, of course I could not resist. I started hitting balls right down the middle, I don’t think I had quite as much distance but the accuracy was uncanny. The next day I purchased one and I have been saving out least two strokes a round. The Best purchase I ever made.

Taylor Made M2 Driver

Pro’s and Con’s of the Taylor Made 2017 M2 Driver


Pros:                                                                           Con’s

1- Accurate                                                                   1- A little less Distance

2- Large Sweet Spot

3- Large Head

4- Great Feel




Product Overview

The Taylor Made 2017 M2 Driver has brought the average golfer to a new level of golf as far as accuracy and forgiveness with just about all their drives. The M2 Driver has totally raised the bar as far as design and engineering. The M2 Driver comes with a Fujikura Pro XLR 8 shafts with four different flexes and a dual-textured grip for great feel throughout the swing. It is also available in 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees of loft.

My Verdict

I would highly recommend the Taylor Made 2017 M2 Driver to anyone who would like to take their golf game to an entirely different level. Don’t be left out and get your M2 Driver now.

Good Golf to you,


Choosing Golf Accessories

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By now i hope you have gone out and tried out playing this wonderful game of golf. If you have, you probably have gone out and shopped for golf clubs and whatever else you felt you might need to play golf.

I am going to take some time here to be sure you are on the right track to choosing golf accessories that are right for you. The last thing you want to do is go out on the golf course with your playing partners and look like a fool because you do not have the proper golf accessories. So lets go.

Your Golf Clubs

If you have not gone out and got your first set of golf clubs or you are just thinking of upgrading your existing golf clubs there are some things you should be sure of before purchasing or upgrading.Your golf clubs

  • be sure the clubs are the right size for you and your height
  • be sure the grips are the proper thickness for the size of your hands
  • be sure they are weighted properly for your swing style

You can take your clubs to any golf shop and they will measure all these factors for you, usually for free but if any changes should be made there will probably be a small charge.

Your Golf Bag

Probably the second most important golf accessory you will need is your golf bag. Over the course of a round of golf you may face some unforeseen circumstances, so you need to be prepared for this. Your golf bag should have many compartments and pockets to hold many things, including:

Your golf bag

1-A place for your golf umbrella

2-A compartment for your golf club hood to keep your clubs dry in case of rain

3-A compartment for extra towels, they will be needed

4-Smaller pockets for your tees,ball markers and divot tool,wallet,cell phone,golf glove etc:

5-A compartment for your golf balls

So always pick out a strong durable golf bag that can carry all the things you will need to make golf more pleasurable for you.

Golf Shoes

Most definitely the third most important accessory that you most have is a good pair of golf shoes that fit you properly. The last thing you need is to get half way around the golf course and have a blister on one of your feet or have your socks be soaking wet. the most important thing you should think of when picking out your golf shoes is of course comfort but even more importantly is that they are waterproof.

A lot of golf is played early in the morning when there is a lot of dew still on the grass and your feet can get soaked in no time if your shoes are not waterproof, so i would not skimp on shoes.

Shoes are now available in many styles and colors but i would suggest going with something neutral so they can be worn with many different golf outfits you may have. I would also recommend shoes with plastic spikes as opposed to the metal spikes. A lot of pro shops and club houses do not allow metal spikes to be worn inside.



Golf Glove

Wearing a golf glove is totally optional. Most pro golfers all wear a golf glove but i actually know quite a few golfers who do not wear a glove. This is something that you will have to experiment with yourself.

Some golfers feel that they have a better feel of the club in their hand without a glove. Try it out both ways, if you do not wear one and seems like you are getting calluses on certain spots of your fingers you can always put athletic tape on those fingers.


Always make sure you have plenty of golf tees in your golf bag, nothing more embarrassing than to have to ask one of your playing partners to borrow tees from them all day

Divot Tool and Ball Marker

A divot tool is another very important golf accessory to always have with you. Nothing worse than to land your shot on the green and have your ball put a big old plug in the green and you have nothing to repair it with. Actually a great practice to follow is after you fix your plug look for one or two more and repair them also.

You would be surprised how many golfers fail to do this. Your ball marker can be any thing you want. You can use a coin or something from the course your playing that day. A lot of golfers actually collect them from different courses they play.


I highly recommend wearing a good pair of sunglasses when you are playing on a bright sunny day. Not only will they protect you from the uv rays of the sun but they will also allow you to follow the flight of your golf ball after you hit it, this in turn will help speed up play which is so important these days. A golf sunglassesround of golf should take 4 1/2 to 5 hours at the most.

Well, I hope i have helped you in choosing your golf accessories, i think i have covered the most important ones here. If you have enjoyed the information here please feel free to ask any questions you may have and also please leave a comment below and i will get back to you as soon as i can.


To Good Golf


Best Golf Putting Tips

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In my past articles here i have touched on a lot of great golf swing tips from driving the ball off the tee to hitting your fairway woods and long irons to the green or just to advance your ball down the fairway getting closer to the hole, to hitting your short irons from the fairway onto the green.

I have also given great tips on hitting your ball out of the sand trap onto the green, and also chipping the ball from around the green to get close to the hole.

Today i wanted to take some time to help you with some of my best golf putting tips. A lot of golfers, especially novice or beginner golfers seem to think that putting is just a boring part of playing an eighteen hole round of golf.

They think standing on the tee box and smashing the ball down the middle of the fairway is the most exciting golf shot ever. Whilst this a great and exciting accomplishment, little do they know that what comes after those shots is usually what really makes or breaks a great round of golf


Unlike the novice or beginner golfer many of the most experienced and skilled golfers that play the game actually realize that more strokes are lost or gained in an eighteen hole round of golf on the putting green.

They will spend countless hours on the practice green trying to perfect their putting stroke and techniques whereas the novice golfer will show up at the golf course go do the driving range and smash a bunch of golf balls with different clubs and go to the practice green and just spend a couple of minutes putting a few golf balls in the hole from short distances and then head to the first tee.

Little do they know that the exact opposite holds true, you should be spending more time on the practice green than on the driving range. Hence, the well-known term in golf circles ( you drive for show but you putt for dough ) I bet you that most golfers do not realize that over sixty per cent of their golf shots over the course of an eighteen hole round of golf are made from the putting surface.

Fresh Start Putting

Get the Feel for Putting

A major part of your putting stroke is actually all about feel, and by that i mean to get the right feel for putting you will need to block out a lot of outside distractions we have in our everyday lives. Once you get to any golf course you should immediately consider the golf course your own private sanctuary.

One way you can accomplish “feel for putting” is to go to the golf practice putting green and without even using a golf ball yet just grip your putter, take your stance and take a few practice putting strokes with your eyes closed, that’s right playing golf with your eyes closed.

Now using a golf ball set up around ten feet from a hole that is a fairly straight putt and take your stance, grip your putter making sure you are aligned with the hole and envision your ball going into the hole now shut your eyes again and make your putting stroke striking the ball towards the hole.

It seems like when a golfer finally gets on the green and it is their turn to putt, they set up and stand over their putt and then all of a sudden their arms tighten up, they grip their putter tighter and all of a sudden they have lost all feel for their putt.

The best way to eliminate this problem is to constantly practice the eyes closed drill and you will be amazed how much more relaxed and comfortable you will feel standing over your real putts on the course.


More Golf Putting Tips

Just like the old drive for show putt for dough adage, another saying is ” practice makes perfect ” and in the case of putting this certainly holds true. And one of the great things about putting is that you can practice your putting stroke just about anywhere:

  • on the golf course
  • at the practice green
  • on an artificial turf mat
  • on you’re living room floor
  • in your office

Practicing like this will give you different roles of the ball on each different surface but your main golf here is installing muscle memory in terms of your actual putting stroke. This will help your putting tremendously when it comes to consistency with your stroke.

putting green

If you ever pay attention to any really great putters you will notice that during their entire putty stroke their heads hardly move at all, this is also important in creating a consistent putting stroke.

The Cure:

Find a clear wall whether at home, office, anywhere, now approach the wall and take your putting stance and just touch your forehead against the wall and start taking some practice strokes, this will ingrain in your brain the feeling of your head staying still when you get on the golf course.

You can also look down to your putter while you are taking these practice strokes and be sure your is putting is going back and forth along the wall seeing that your putter is moving in a straight line.

Practice Putting Distance

One of the most dreaded terms in the world of golf is the dreaded three putt, which occurs when once you get on the green it takes you another three shots to get the ball in the hole. Rarely do you see a pro or even a seasoned golfer three putt.

Do you know why? Because they practice long distance putts on the practice green. Not always will your shot to the green land close to the hole, sometimes you could be forty or fifty feet away, the key here is even if you don’t get that putt in the hole you at least want to have a short second putt to finish the hole.

One way i do this is by playing a game i call golf boccie ball, the object is to take five or so white golf balls and one colored golf ball. Place the colored ball somewhere on the green, now take the white golf balls and place them different lengths from the colored ball and try to putt them as close to the colored ball as you can, this drill will also help you out in reading different breaks and undulations in the green.

The Putter Itself

I just wanted to take a little time here to talk a little about the actual clubthe putter

( the putter ) that you will be using for this shot once you get to the green. There are many makes and models of putters, some which are:

  • The blade putter
  • The mallet putter
  • The metal faced putter
  • The insert faced putter
  • The groove faced putter
  • The center shafted putter

Most seasoned or pro golfers all have their favorite putter and will use no other, even when they would upgrade their clubs they will still keep their putter. Once a player find their go to putter they rarely change it unless they start having putting problems and feel they need a change.

I, myself have had my insert faced blade putter for almost twenty years now. If you are a novice or beginner golfer and have yet to find that go to putter i would suggest you go to any golf club shop and they usually have a little putting area with all different styles of putters.

Try them all until you find one that really feels comfortable to you. I would not however buy it on the spot. Get the make and model and do some research and you can more than likely get a better deal online or elsewhere.


So in Closing

I hope you have noticed throughout this article and all the tips and techniques their is one constant. What is it? Practice, practice,practice. In order to create the most consistent and dependable putting stroke in order to shave lots of strokes off your score you need to practice.

I hope you find all the information in this article very useful in making your quest for the best golf game possible.

If you have found it helpful please leave a comment below or if you have any questions please feel free to leave them as well, and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

To Good Golf






Golf Swing and Back Pain

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Dealing with Golf Injuries

Most people do not include golf with, say, football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey when it comes to the physicality of each sport. They think golf is a kind of sissy sport where both men and women walk or drive around a golf course whacking a little white ball around until they get it in the hole.


That is actually the furthest from the truth than they can even imagine.Some injuries that occur with golf may not be as drastic or as serious as some injuries incurred with the more physical sports listed above but golf related injuries are just as rampant as those with other more physical sports, especially with the golf swing and back back pain cures



Prevent Golf Back Pain

Rarely does a day go by when I don’t see someone on the golf course or the driving range or in the clubhouse after playing a round of golf complaining about all their aches and pains, especially back pain.

I don’t know if a lot of golfers bring preexisting back pain to the golf course or if they actually agitate their backs while actually going through all the golf motions associated with the game of golf.

I do know that there is evidence that the game of golf does actually cause back pain that could lead to serious back pain. There are many reasons that so many golfers suffer from golf pain, here are a few:


  1. They do not exercise properly, on and off the course
  2. They are not in good physical shape to start with
  3. They play for to long a period without resting


The good news is that there are many exercises that can actually eliminate your golf swing back pain for good. These simple golf exercises will not only eliminate your back pain but also increase your endurance so you can play longer if you wish. They will also improve your flexibility and strength so you will create a much smoother golf swing and hopefully add some distance.

Golf Pain Exercises

golf plank exercise for your backLet me just start by saying if you feel as though you need more help with your golf back pain and other golf related issues you could go to just about any gym where they can get you set up with a golf specific set of golf exercises that could help you tremendously.

So let me get you started with some simple basic golf exercises you can do just about anywhere:

  1. Lay on the floor on your stomach with your hands by your side, now lift your shoulders and head and your legs off the floor simultaneously and hold for ten seconds, do three sets of these.
  2. the plank: Still on your stomach, lift your self up on your elbows and toes so your chest, back and legs are off the floor, be sure to keep your back straight. This will engage your core muscles and strengthen the muscles around your lower back, hold this position as long as you can, do this every day until you can hold it for one minute. You will be amazed at the difference this will make in your golf turn.
  3. Grab two dumbbells five pounds but no higher than ten pounds, you want lean muscles not bulky muscles for a smooth golf swing, bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders and then up to the sky, repeat this ten times and do three sets.
  4. As you know golf requires a tremendous amount of walking whether you are walking the golf course or riding in a cart so it is imperative that you work on your legs. If,you do not have a place to walk you might want to consider getting a treadmill. This will really help your stamina so you do not run out of gas while you are out on the golf course.

Another thing to keep into consideration is fluids. Most often than not golf is played in warm temperatures where hydration is of the utmost importance, so please drink plenty of fluids when playing golf.

Stretch on the Golf Course

On a day you are going to play a round of golf I strongly recommend that you arrive at the golf course early so that you have adequate time to get your golf shoes on, do some stretching and take some golf swings.

So let’s get to stretching. The first stretch will be to grab a golf club with both hands and bend at the waist and try to touch your toes, do this until you think your back feels loosened up.

Next hold the club behind your back and rotate your body back and forth in a slow motion therefore loosening up your torso and core, next hold the behind your neck and rotate your shoulders back and forth therefore loosening up your stretch

The next thing you will want to do is go to the range and starting with your pitching wedge go through your entire golf bag hitting a few shots with each club.

Just remember, especially when you get to your driver, just take nice easy golf swings, you only want to warm up here not wear yourself out.

Now go to the putting green a practice some putting for about five or ten minutes to get the speed of the greens down. You are now ready for the first tee and hopefully an awesome round of golf.

I hope all the information on this page will be very useful to you for improving your golf swing and back pain and other related golf injuries.

If so please feel free to leave me a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible, also if you have any questions about any golf related I will certainly try to answer them for you.

Good Golf To You


Best New Golf Tips

rain or shine golf


Great New Golf Tips can Change Your Game

If you want to take your golf game to another level and you are on a budget you may have to find other resources to find some great new golf tips. The first thing you will need to do is try to figure out where you can find the best golf tips that will truly help your game.

Some advanced tips may be harder to find than some other golf tips but they are literally all over the place, and tons of them at that. All you need to do is know where to look for them. So where do you start?

Get the perfect golf swing

Golf Tips Online

One of the absolute first places you should check out for new golf tip is online. Just type in a few keywords and a whole new world of golf tips and information will be opened up to you. One of the easiest ways to find information about golf is through golf e books, there are literally thousands of e books related to golf:

  1. golf
  2. golf tips
  3. golf stratagies
  4. golf techniques
  5. golf attire
  6. golf accessories

The list goes on and on. There is absolutely no easier way to read about all you will need to learn and what you need to become a much better golfer and also learn to win.

Many of the questions you may have had about your golf game and you golf swing in particular will be answered once you start doing your research on line.

secret to a great short game

Please keep in mind that the more research you do the more golf tips you are going to find, this could actually lead you to have information over load which can end up being detrimental to your golf game.

You do not want to go out to the golf course and have all this different information floating around in your head and all of a sudden you cannot even hit the ball straight.

Another great way to find great new golf tips online is you tube. They have actually thousands of training videos all the way from driving the ball, proper way to hit your irons, how to chip properly, how to hit your ball out of a sand trap and awesome putting techniques. Any or all of these videos will take you through the entire golf swing step by step.

One great book that teaches from the gripping of the club all the way to the follow through is:

The 5 fundamentals of golf by Ben Hogan

Can Golf Tips Online Help

Getting golf tips online can save you a lot of time and money but can it really help your golf game? With the internet becoming more popular than ever golfers from all over the world are flocking to the internet in hopes of improving their golf game.

Taking a golf tip online in hopes that it will be the magical solution for the perfect golf swing can raise some concerns. For one thing always consider the source of the tip. If you read an article like mine here or you find another tip resource make sure you know where the tip resource is coming from.

add 21 yards to your drives


Any article or tip resource should have some type of bio of who actually is offering the tip with at least a link to their website or some information about who this person is offering you this information and what their credentials are.

Any golfer no matter what their skill level is can offer golf tips and technique about the game of golf whether it’s in an article, blog or website. There is more and more of this going on, on the internet than ever before.

There are many golfers that can offer valuable tips about golf but are they really qualified to give such advice, if they are not qualified to give new golf tip advice they should just keep it to themselves or just try to help their buddies out.

Take me for example, I know a lot about golf and have been around this great game of golf for nearly fifty years but I do not feel I am qualified to give you an actual golf lesson tip.

I do however feel that I am qualified to help you go about giving you the proper ways to get yourself golf tip ideas that will make the process easier for you and you will always be able to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.

With the internet nowadays becoming a more pay for content source, there are many qualified golfers and instructors out on the web who are actually putting quality tips and content online.

hit a draw like the pros


I have seen lots of imitation sites and products out there that just do not offer any quality on the internet, that’s why you have to be careful about who you deal with on the internet.

Do your research and try to find out as much information you can on them. What are there qualifications, who have they helped previously and things like that. See if they have referrals or testimonials from real people who have purchased a product from them and someone you can actually talk to, someone who has purchased from them.

What’s the Latest Gadget?

sklz training toolOver the last several years golf has become more and more popular than ever with both men and women and of course with that goes many companies trying to come up with the latest gadget or gizmo that promises to make you a golf swing that will help you hit the ball like a pro.

With that though most of these new miracle training aids and gadgets never really do what they promise but that does not mean that they are all duds, once again all you need to do is some research.

You can start by asking some of your golf buddies if they have tried any new gadgets lately.Even if one of them tells you yea I wasted $20 on this piece of crap. Just because it did not work for him does not mean it will not work for you.

Ask him if you can give it a shot and if it works for you got a deal. You could offer your buddy $10 to be a nice guy. Beware of the gadgets that claim ridiculous claims because you know the old adage if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

The Worst Golf Tip Ever

Have you ever been playing a round of golf at your local course in a foursome with other locals and you were not having one of your best days on the golf course?

There always seems to be that one guy who, after you hit a poor shot has to approach you and he gives you his favorite golf tip, that is probably would be considered one of the worst golf tips ever. For one thing he is probably not qualified to give you a golf tip and the only thing this going to do is mess with your head.

Just because you hit a bad shot does not mean you cannot pull it back together and finish with a half decent round of golf, but this guy with his new-found wisdom probably ruined you being able to do that.

The game of golf is probably more mental than physical and now you have this thought from this guy in the back of your mind and chances are it will ruin your golf swing for the rest of the round.

The only way to combat this is for the four of you on the first tee decide that every one play their own game and no tips or comments about any ones swing during the round of golf. Save it for the 19th hole.

5 minutes to great putting


So, In Closing

I think in this article I have covered a lot of ideas about new golf tips, from tips online to can online tips actually help your game. What to look out for in certain areas, beware of some gadgets and gizmos out there and of course the worst golf tip ever.

I hope you find at least some information in this article helpful to improving your golf swing or your quest to improve your golf game as a whole.

If you have please comment below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible also if you have any questions about any of this content please do not hesitate to ask below.

Good Golf to you







Enjoy the Game of Golf Today – and Forever


As far as most sports go, golf is probably right up there at the top of the list as far as the cost to get started as compared to many other sports, but that certainly does not have to be the case.

There is no reason you cannot enjoy the game of golf today without going broke to get started or even upgrade your current equipment.

As a matter of fact if you are an average golfer or are just getting started playing the game of golf, going out and buying expensive golf clubs could actually be detrimental to your average game.

Your Golf Clubs

When you are just getting started playing golf or have been playing for a little while your first and probably most natural instinct would be to run out and get the most expensive golf clubs you can get thinking that it would increase the level dramatically and quickly, but it could actually a reverse effect on your golf game.
men's senior golf clubs

You see, good expensive golf clubs are not as forgiving as a less expensive set of golf clubs. These expensive clubs are geared more to the more skilled golfer who can hit the golf ball on the sweet spot more frequently than the beginner or average golfer can.

Buying less expensive golf cubs will help you to develop a more consistent golf swing due the fact that they have a larger sweet spot so you will be able to enjoy the game of golf much quicker.

Another route you could take is to look for a good set of used golf cubs. A lot of skilled players are always updating and improving their equipment so you should be able to find someone in this position quite easily. If you do decide to go this route a couple of things to look out for that you might not be aware of is,


  1. Make sure the grips are not worn out, this would add expense out of your pocket
  2. Make sure the grooves in the irons and wedges are not worn down to much
  3. Make sure every club is not bent or damaged in any way.
  4. And a lot of skilled golfers will never give up their favorite putter, so if not include this could add additional expense

Hope this has answered any questions you might have had about purchasing golf clubs

Golf and the Internet

I would suggest especially if you are a complete newbie to the game of golf perhaps you take a short lesson or at least go to the driving range with a buddy who has played the game and has some knowledge of the game in order for you to at least get a solid foundation, a decent swing technique and hitting the ball somewhat consistently.

After that you can go on the internet and find out just about anything you want about enjoying the game of golf. You can learn all the golf terminology used in the golf world and on the golf course so you don’t feel like a fool when you are out on the golf course yourself.

You can find all kinds of videos and e books so you can pick up pointers so you can try to improve your own golf game even more.

The internet is also a place where you can find different golf courses in your area, the rates they charge to play their golf course, directions to all the different courses and just a ton of other golf course information.

If you are just starting out you can find out where certain nine hole golf course are which are much easier to start out on than the larger eighteen hole golf courses.

You can check out different golf instructors, what their rates are for lessons and what golf courses they teach at. You can also find a lot of free instruction on the internet, you tube etc.


Popular Golf Terms

Back Nine

Typically most golf courses consist of eighteen holes, so in this situation if were to start your round of golf on the first hole then holes ten through eighteen would be considered to be the back nine.

Sometimes when golf courses get crowded you may start your round on the tenth hole, in this case holes one through nine would be considered the back nine.


Golf courses normally consist of three different size holes, par threes are shorter holes normally between one hundred and two hundred yards to the hole, if you get your golf ball in the hole with three shots, you have made par, par fours are typically between 300 and 400 yards long, if you get your golf ball in the hole with four shots you have made par.

Then you have par five holes which are typically between 450 and 550 yards long, if you get your golf ball in the hole with five shots you have made par.


A birdie occurs when you get your golf ball in the hole with one fewer shot than what the hole requires, in other words on a par three holes,you get your golf ball in the hole with two shots you have made a birdie or one under par. The same concept hold true for par four holes and par five holes


A bogey occurs when you get your golf ball in the hole with one more shot than what the whole requires, in other words on a par three hole it takes you four shots to get in the hole you have made a bogey, the same concept holds true with the par four and the par five holes..


A bunker is a depression in the ground on the golf course which is more often than not it is filled with sand. Bunkers are normally found around the green area but can also be found in the fairway. The bunker can also be known as a sand trap.

The Green

The green is found at the end of every holes it is where the hole is located and where the flag stick is put.

These are just some general terms used in any given round of golf, there are many, many more that I will cover at another time.


The Golf Bag

There are many things to consider before purchasing a golf bag. Whether you are a novice golfer or a skilled golfer there are many things to take into consideration before you purchase a new golf bag.

There are basically two different types of golf bags, the carry golf bag and the cart golf bag. If you are a novice golfer and plan on walking the golf course as you play your round of golf you probably want to look into a good carry bag with sturdy straps.

Most carry bags have retractable legs so when you put the bag down the legs Your golf bagautomatically come out so your bag does not have to lie on the ground.

The cart bag is a much larger bag and is used to be put and kept on the back of a golf cart or used with a caddie.

There are many other things you need to consider when purchasing a golf bag whether it is a carry bag or a cart bag. The main thing is you will need to have plenty of storage and different compartments. Most bags all have a place for a large golf umbrella.

You will also need a large compartment for golf balls and smaller compartments for tee’s, wallet,sunglasses,golf gloves and other things like keys’ cell phone etc. So be careful in the golf bag you choose and be sure it is comfortable for you.

Always Keep in Mind

If you are really serious about enjoying this game of golf never settle for mediocrity, Whether you are at the driving range or on the golf course playing a round of golf always play to the best of your ability and with great sportsmanship. You will enjoy this wonderful game of golf much more.


I hope you have enjoyed the information in this post always feel free to ask me any questions you may have and I will get back to you as soon as possible, also please feel free to leave a comment below and I will respond to that also asap.

Good golf to you








Best Golf Practice Tips -Practice the Right Way



Even though a lot of golfers think they are dedicated to improving their golf game,not many of them know how to practice the right way. Here I am going to try to teach you the best golf practice tips to improve your golf game and take it to a new level.

When you go to the driving range and check most of the golfers so called practicing it looks like they are trying to get rid of their golf balls as quick as possible and also hit the ball as hard as they can, believe me this is not the proper way to improve your golf swing.


Practice vs Thought

So your eventual goal here is to improve your golf swing, really not a lot of thinking should actually go into this process. If you hit a golf ball and it did not go where you thought it would go or wanted it to go you should take some reflection on why it did not happen the way you thought it would.

A great idea here would be to have a note book with you so you can jot down some thoughts about what you think you might have done wrong and some ideas of what you may have to do to correct the problem.

By doing this wherever you are you can look back on your notes and think about the problems you wrote down, so really you don’t always have to have a golf club in your hand to actually work on your golf swing.

Practice at Your Current Skill Level

If you are a beginner you should only practice your swing until you feel it is at a comfortable and consistent level. After that you can amp up your training a little and try to tweak some different techniques. Just be sure that you follow certain procedures in every practice session.Listed below are some of the best golf practice tips you should follow:

  1. When you first start your practice you should already have a goal and what you are trying to accomplish with this session.
  2.  When you start out your practice session you should always start out with your lowest club like you’re pitching wedge, start with a nice easy swing and continue through your golf bag with this same thought. Only then should you try to use ultimate power to hit your ball.
  3. Your main objective of every practice session should be to create a nice rhythm which will create good timing and coordination.
  4. Your objective should be to be more in tuned to accuracy not so much as distance, you will get to the green quicker and with less strokes keeping your ball in play as opposed to slicing it into the woods.

Hitting Through the Ball at Impact

Improving your golf swing can be very frustrating unless you have the best golf practice tips to rely on.

There are lots of small adjustments you can try to try to improve your golf swing but probably the most overlooked aspect is the position of your hands and forearms at impact.

An Awesome Tip:
Pretend you are making contact with a real ball, now take your wrist and flip it like you are fishing, this in golf terms is known as wrist break and believe me you do not want this.

If you can break this habit it will play a large part in improving your golf swing. Pay attention of the position of the position of your wrist and hands are doing, if they are not working properly you will need to correct the problem.

For this golf practice tip you will need to have a wristwatch on. This will teach you how to correctly move your hands. When you are approaching impact you want the watch face to be facing your target, when you get to impact you want the watch to face the ground, this will give you the proper flip. Practicing this and perfecting this will also drastically reduce your slice.thus lowering your scores.

Eliminating Shanks

Of all the bad shots you can make on the golf course the most embarrassing is probably the shank.The shank occurs when you actually hit the ball with the hosel or shaft of the golf club.

The most common reason you shank the ball is standing to close to the ball at address, another reason could be you are shifting your weight to your left foot to soon. There are ways to fix this though:

A. The Setup

First be sure you are set up evenly with about six inches between the end of your shaft and your body

B. The Shaft

The second thing you can do is to actually use the shaft of the club. Place the shaft three inches in front of your lead foot and three inches back. Make sure your fist properly placed from your body, take a few practice swings to make sure your left hip brushes against the shaft, take some practice swings and you will notice the shanks will be gone.

Unconventional Shots

When you are at the driving range you can only practice the basic fundamental shots of golf, out on the golf course you are more likely to face shots that you just cannot predict yet alone practice at the driving range.

For example your ball may end up on a golf cart and you can’t get relief, not a shot you have practiced, get an old five iron and try practicing this shot.

Here are some other unconventional shots you might want to practice on the golf course


  1. Try chipping with a three wood
  2. Try turning your club over next to a tree
  3. Hit some shots from an inch of water
  4. Putt from a bunker
  5. Play from up against a wall or fence
  6. Bury a ball in the sand and try to hit it out
  7. Chip from some dried out grass
  8. Putt with your three wood or hybrid

Well that’s about it for now, I hope you have enjoyed these best golf practice tips,if you have please feel free to leave a comment below, or if you have any golf practice tip question please leave them below as well and I will get back to you as soon as possible

To Good Golf