Best Golf Practice Tips -Practice the Right Way



Even though a lot of golfers think they are dedicated to improving their golf game,not many of them know how to practice the right way. Here I am going to try to teach you the best golf practice tips to improve your golf game and take it to a new level.

When you go to the driving range and check most of the golfers so called practicing it looks like they are trying to get rid of their golf balls as quick as possible and also hit the ball as hard as they can, believe me this is not the proper way to improve your golf swing.


Practice vs Thought

So your eventual goal here is to improve your golf swing, really not a lot of thinking should actually go into this process. If you hit a golf ball and it did not go where you thought it would go or wanted it to go you should take some reflection on why it did not happen the way you thought it would.

A great idea here would be to have a note book with you so you can jot down some thoughts about what you think you might have done wrong and some ideas of what you may have to do to correct the problem.

By doing this wherever you are you can look back on your notes and think about the problems you wrote down, so really you don’t always have to have a golf club in your hand to actually work on your golf swing.

Practice at Your Current Skill Level

If you are a beginner you should only practice your swing until you feel it is at a comfortable and consistent level. After that you can amp up your training a little and try to tweak some different techniques. Just be sure that you follow certain procedures in every practice session.Listed below are some of the best golf practice tips you should follow:

  1. When you first start your practice you should already have a goal and what you are trying to accomplish with this session.
  2. ¬†When you start out your practice session you should always start out with your lowest club like you’re pitching wedge, start with a nice easy swing and continue through your golf bag with this same thought. Only then should you try to use ultimate power to hit your ball.
  3. Your main objective of every practice session should be to create a nice rhythm which will create good timing and coordination.
  4. Your objective should be to be more in tuned to accuracy not so much as distance, you will get to the green quicker and with less strokes keeping your ball in play as opposed to slicing it into the woods.

Hitting Through the Ball at Impact

Improving your golf swing can be very frustrating unless you have the best golf practice tips to rely on.

There are lots of small adjustments you can try to try to improve your golf swing but probably the most overlooked aspect is the position of your hands and forearms at impact.

An Awesome Tip:
Pretend you are making contact with a real ball, now take your wrist and flip it like you are fishing, this in golf terms is known as wrist break and believe me you do not want this.

If you can break this habit it will play a large part in improving your golf swing. Pay attention of the position of the position of your wrist and hands are doing, if they are not working properly you will need to correct the problem.

For this golf practice tip you will need to have a wristwatch on. This will teach you how to correctly move your hands. When you are approaching impact you want the watch face to be facing your target, when you get to impact you want the watch to face the ground, this will give you the proper flip. Practicing this and perfecting this will also drastically reduce your slice.thus lowering your scores.

Eliminating Shanks

Of all the bad shots you can make on the golf course the most embarrassing is probably the shank.The shank occurs when you actually hit the ball with the hosel or shaft of the golf club.

The most common reason you shank the ball is standing to close to the ball at address, another reason could be you are shifting your weight to your left foot to soon. There are ways to fix this though:

A. The Setup

First be sure you are set up evenly with about six inches between the end of your shaft and your body

B. The Shaft

The second thing you can do is to actually use the shaft of the club. Place the shaft three inches in front of your lead foot and three inches back. Make sure your fist properly placed from your body, take a few practice swings to make sure your left hip brushes against the shaft, take some practice swings and you will notice the shanks will be gone.

Unconventional Shots

When you are at the driving range you can only practice the basic fundamental shots of golf, out on the golf course you are more likely to face shots that you just cannot predict yet alone practice at the driving range.

For example your ball may end up on a golf cart and you can’t get relief, not a shot you have practiced, get an old five iron and try practicing this shot.

Here are some other unconventional shots you might want to practice on the golf course


  1. Try chipping with a three wood
  2. Try turning your club over next to a tree
  3. Hit some shots from an inch of water
  4. Putt from a bunker
  5. Play from up against a wall or fence
  6. Bury a ball in the sand and try to hit it out
  7. Chip from some dried out grass
  8. Putt with your three wood or hybrid

Well that’s about it for now, I hope you have enjoyed these best golf practice tips,if you have please feel free to leave a comment below, or if you have any golf practice tip question please leave them below as well and I will get back to you as soon as possible

To Good Golf