Golf Tips for Winter Play

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Golfing in Winter

So if you are in the same predicament as I am you should find this article very helpful and useful for your golf game. I live in the northeast section of the United States and if you reside in the north or northeast United States you will find this particularly helpful.

If you are familiar with this part of the country and actually live in this part of the country and you are an avid golf fan as I am, you then know that our golf season in warm weather is not as long as in other parts of the country.

So being such an avid golf fan as I am sometimes you have to brave the elements of the weather in order to play golf without having to travel to other parts of the country where the weather is warm pretty much all year round.

In this article I am going to try to educate you the best golf tips for winter play when you do not have the resources or the opportunity to take your golf game to warmer climates.

Dressing for Winter Golf

One of the most important things you will need to take into consideration when golfing in the fall and winter is absolutely dressing for winter golf. You need to be dressed properly so that you are warm and comfortable when playing in the cold elements.

First and foremost you definitely need to keep your head, feet and hands warm. These parts of your body determine how warm and comfortable your entire body will feel during a winter round of golf.

There is such a wide variety these days of golf attire for making your winter golf experience much more enjoyable. For instance there are plenty of different styles of golf gloves available by the pair, whereas you get both a right and left-hand glove specifically made for golfing.dress for winter golf

As far as your head goes there are many a wool hat ( which I recommend ) to keep your head warm.

Another very important thing to keep in mind for dressing for winter golf is to dress in thin layers of light clothing as opposed to dressing in big bulky jackets or coats.

Dressing in thin layers will keep you warm and also free up your golf swing, also if the day gets warmer as your round of golf goes on you have the opportunity to remove a layer or two of clothing.

Last and most importantly is your feet. If your feet are warm and dry your entire body will be warm. This is the reason why a really good pair of golf shoes are of the upmost importance.

There are a good deal of golf shoe manufacturers out there but don’t feel overwhelmed by this. In my opinion the best golf shoe available on the golf shoesmarket today is foot joy.

Not only are they durable but they are also totally waterproof. The latter being the most important when you are playing golf in the winter.

Normally when you begin your winter round of golf the ground is likely to be cold and dry but as the sun comes up and becomes warmer the ground will become wetter. This is one of the main reasons you need a good waterproof pair of golf shoes.

Winter Golf Club Selection

One of the biggest golf tips for winter play I would say will be your club selection for any given shot you might happen upon. The only club that you will not have to change would be your driver.

As far as the rest of your shots they are going to be a lot of things to take into consideration when playing golf in the winter. The main thing will be the condition of the ground itself in the fairways and on the greens.

In the spring and summer you are used to nice plush fairways and nice smooth tightly mowed greens to putt on. At this time of year you may hit your eight iron 140 yards. Come fall and winter when the ground is firmer and not as soft, your eight iron may roll out to 160 or 170 yards.

winter pitch and putt

When you are closer to the green and have a wedge shot to the pin you are not going to get the height you normally get with your wedges and when you do hit the firmer greens they are not going to stop as quick as on softer plush greens. All these variables must be taken into consideration when playing golf in the winter.

So, as you can see playing golf in the winter may be even more challenging than playing in the spring and summer. One good thing about playing golf in the fall and winter is that the golf courses will not be as crowded as usual. Most courses drop their green fees so it is not as expensive to play.

More often than not you will be able to play your round with two balls for every shot you have. This will give you even more practice for your golf swing.

I usually don’t even use a score card when I play in the fall and winter. I just enjoy being out in the fresh air playing a game that I love to play.

One other thing I forgot to mention is your putting and the green conditions. Most golf courses at a certain time of year will stop relocating their pins on the greens, so if you play the same golf course expect the pins to be in the same position every day you play. The greens will also be fast and firm without as much break as usual.

When to Stop Playing Golf in Winter

Most golf courses, even in the North and Northeast would stay open year round if they could, unfortunately weather conditions usually makes this impossible.

I will only play golf in the winter if the temperature is above 35 degrees, not to windy and the sun is shiny. No matter what time of year it is golf is supposed to be a pleasant experience, not going out and try to battle the elements to play.

Another reason you should not play below a certain temperature is for health reasons. The chances of getting injured increases more and more the colder it is out on the golf course.winter golf

If it is to cold out no matter how well you think you are warmed up, your probably not.

This increases the chance of injury dramatically. The game is meant to be fun and to get seriously hurt. Doing so could also affect your golf game the following season.

What are My Winter Golf Options

Believe it or not there are several winter golf options available to you nowadays. More and more golf driving ranges are now equipped with heated teeing areas where you can hit buckets of ball in complete warmth and comfort.

Another winter golf option that I have seen popping up more and more are golf shops that are set up kind of like a bowling alley but instead of bowling lanes, they have golf simulators set up.

If you are not familiar with a golf simulator, it is a larger screen with an area where you hit from and you are looking at a golf hole on a large screen. When you hit your ball into the screen and it automatically tracks your ball exactly how you hit, whether a slice, a hook or right down the middle.

The beauty of this is you can call for tee times just like at the golf course and you and three other golf buddies can go play an eighteen hole round of golf in the comfort of a warm building.

Another great thing about this scenario is these golf simulators can be programmed to play golf courses that you have only dreamed of playing, like Augusta National or Pebble Beach etc. You can also program the length of the course in accordance with your handicap.

skytrak platinum simulator

One other option, although probably not financially feasible for many people would be to purchase your own golf simulator. Years ago this would not be an option for just about anyone but as of late the cost of a decent golf simulator has dropped drastically. You will also need the room to set one up like in a nice size basement or heated garage.

One More Winter Golf Tip

Depending on where you do live maybe none of the winter golf tips I mentioned above are convenient to you, you can still keep yourself in golf shape over the winter.

The most important is doing your golf exercises on a regular bases, so you do not have to play catch up with your game come spring.

One more thing you can do rather cheaply is to pick yourself up a golf hitting net and an old piece of carpet and set it up in your garage or basement and hit some balls that way. Of course putting you can practice just about anywhere.

golf practice net

Well, that’s about it from me for now. I hope you have enjoyed this article on my best golf tips for winter play.

As always if you have found this information useful and informative, please feel free to ask any question or leave me a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. And as always,

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Golf Swing Training Aid Reviews

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Golf Training Aids

In this day and age of golf technology more and more improved golf clubs, golf head trainergolf balls and accessories are becoming available every single day.

The same holds true for golf swing training aids. Golf swing training aids can be a good thing and not one is necessarily better than the other.

More golf swing training aids are becoming available to the golf world every single day.

Most of the top golf training aids can really help a particular area of your swing but you need to know what your main problem is with your golf swing before choosing a golf swing training aid that might be right for you.

Don’t be misled here, a certain golf training aid can significantly help your golf swing and your golf score but is not going to happen overnight.

Just like anything it will take a lot of dedication and a faithful commitment for anything new to help you. Below I am going to introduce you to some of the best golf training aids available to all golfers today.

The Medicus Hinged Golf Swing Trainer

I mention this golf swing training aid first because it is my favorite. If, you want to perfect your golf swing you really do need to check out the Medicus golf swing trainer. The medicus swing trainer is a dual hinge golf club trainer in a driver or a 5 iron.

The objective of the medicus swing aid is to allow you to make a perfect medicus driverswing plain on a consistent basis.

From your setup to your back swing and all the way to your downswing and through impact if you do not make a perfect swing all the way through one of the two hinges built into the club will break down.

This will tell exactly at what point of your swing that you did something wrong. If, you can learn to swing the medicus on a regular basis this will help your golf swing and score significantly. I actually did a review on the hinged golf swing trainer which you can check it out here:

Amazing Assist Swing Trainer

If, you want to improve your golf swing and your strength at the same time then you might want to check out the amazing assist swing trainer. It is pretty much like getting a free golf lesson.

The amazing assist trainer club has a weighted head and a bent shaft that will teach you the correct hand action you need to have in order to create a consistent golf swing.

This trainer will also improve your muscle memory, which is so important in hitting consistently. It will also help in your weight transfer as well as your tempo and the timing of your swing.

When this club is swung the release is exaggerated which will eliminate your slice and improve your club head speed.

The assist swing trainer club also comes with a built in swing trainer grip. This assures that you always have the proper grip with the V’s of your thumb and index fingers always pointing in the proper position.

The trainer can be used at home or on the range. It is perfect for pre-round warm ups. It is available for both men and women and can be purchased right here.

The Tac-Tic Elbow Golf Swing Trainer

One of golf’s great misnomers is that you must keep your left arm perfectly straight in order to create the perfect golf swing.

This is somewhat true but necessarily totally true. What you want to do is keep your left arm as straight as it is comfortable to you.

Yes, keeping your left arm as straight as possible will create a much wider swing arc which in return will create more club head speed and more distance.

If your elbow breaks down the tac-tic elbow will click letting you know where in your swing some adjustments need to be made.

The tac-tic elbow trainer can also let you when you are doing something right in your golf swing.

When put on your right arm the club sleeve will click when your elbow bends at the proper point in your back swing. You can check more about the

Tac-Tic elbow golf swing trainer here:

tac tic elbow trainer

The Speed Stik

Probably one of the original golf training aids today is the speed stik. It has been around as long as can remember. The fact that it still around must say something for the product itself.

What determines how far a golf ball is hit? It is led to believe it is club head speed. This fact has been proven to be true.

If, you want to hit the golf ball farther you will need to increase your club head speed, improve your body’s balance and keep your golf club on a consistent swing plane.

So what does the speed stik do exactly?

The speed stik is exactly what it say’s it is. It is a stik, but not just any stik. Upon using your speed stik you want to swing it in a pendulum motion back and forth about a foot off the ground. At first start out slowly and increase your speed as you go.

Now and then check your speeds miles per hour and see how it increases. For every one mile per our you can swing your golf club you will increase your driving distance by 3 yards or more.

This is one of the reasons the speed stik has been around so long, it has proven to work. For more information on the speed stik click here.

golf speed stik

The Impact Ball

If, you want to get the feeling of hitting the ball properly every time you should check out practicing your golf swing with an impact ball. The impact ball is very easy to use and to understand.

Especially if you are a recreational golfer or a beginner golfer chances are you have swing faults like your elbows flying out or you try to scoop the ball as apposed to making solid contact with the ball then the impact ball maybe just the golf swing trainer you need.

How does the impact ball work?

It is quite simple. The impact is multi-colored to start. You place the impact ball between your forearms from address all the way thru your follow thru. Your only thought here should be to have the ball change colors as you go into the impact zone.

The impact ball can help you to improve every aspect of your golf game from driving. Long irons, short irons, chipping and pitching and yes, even putting. You can use the impact ball anywhere, whether at home or on the range or even at the office.

golf impact ball

Swingyde Wrist Trainer

If you have a problem with getting your wrists in the proper position at the top of your back swing this aid could be just what you need.

It keeps your club face square throughout your swing, leading to more distance and accuracy, which will lead to lower scores.

This is the perfect training aid for the driving range for men, women and juniors. You can also actually hit golf balls with it on.

golf swing corrector

In Closing

This golf training review depicts some of the best golf training aids available in the golf world today. Please remember that not every one of them may be for you. You need to go out to the range or just judge by your play on the golf course and decide what area of your golf swing needs the most work.

Once you have determined this then you can check into what might be the best training aid that will help the weakest part of your golf game. If, you can determine this than I’m sure that any given training aid can certainly help you cut strokes off your score.

If, you have found this article useful and helpful in educating you in the use of golf swing training aids then please feel free to leave a comment below. Your input would be very much appreciated.

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Golf for Women Over 50

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There is one wonderful thing about golf. You are never to young or too old to learn how to play this game. Unlike many  of the more physical sports like football and hockey you are limited on how long you can effectively play these sports just due to the physical requirements to do so.women golfers over 50

Now golf, well golf is a different story. I know a lot of people who are well up in their years and they still play a decent game of golf.

The best part of this is, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman you can play this great game for many years. In this article I am going to dedicate it to golf for women over 50 years of age and older.

Golf for Women Over 50

Let me start here by telling me a little about myself and my wife, Beth. We both grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia called Delaware county. We have been together for like 40 years now. We have raised two beautiful daughters and now have 3 awesome grandchildren.

So let me get to my point here. Every Sunday morning I would get up at 6:00 am and head to my local golf course to get ready to play a round of golf with all my local buddies at our golf club.

Beth just never understood this, You have a day off from your demanding job all week and you want to get up this early to play this silly game of golf.

golf community

So let’s fast-forward here fifteen years. Our children are grown, out of the house and have families of their own. We decided we did not need our large house anymore and wanted to downsize our lives. We sold our house and moved from Pennsylvania and moved to the South Jersey Shore area.

We purchased a home in a 55 year or older community. It is a very nice community with a pool, a recreation center and of course, a golf course. I spend most mornings at the golf course and then my wife would come and meet me for lunch.

One day we were sitting having lunch outside, overlooking the 18th green and my wife mentioned to me she has been thinking about taking up golf, and asked me what I thought of it, of course I was all for it. She mentioned that maybe she was too old to start playing golf at this stage of her life.

My wife has always kept herself in pretty good shape, so I told her, nonsense, let’s go for it.

Women Getting Started in Golf Over 50

senior couple playing golfWhen first getting started in playing golf one of the first fears you will need to overcome is the intimidation factor that you are going to go out to the driving range and make a fool of yourself.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and yes, you will not have a great golf swing right out of the gate.

If you live in a community with a golf course or just belong to a country club, the first thing you should do is hook up with the club pro golfer and take a few lessons just to get the feel for the basic golf swing. They are really not that expensive but well worth the investment.

Most golf courses will even give you loaner clubs to use to make sure you enjoy the game before going out and investing in your own golf clubs.

Once you have your basic golf swing down with your driver and your mid and long irons you will need to learn what is called the short game in golf. The short game consists of your chipping, putting and sand trap shots.


This is where your husband or partner can come into play to teach you these aspects of your golf game. Chances are they have been playing golf for some time now and are very knowledgeable in these areas of golf.

Just about every golf course has a practice putting green, a chipping area, and a sand trap to practice from. The two of you can go out and practice these shots just about any time you want.

You can eventually make a little competition out of your practice, making it more fun for the two of you. Practicing can get boring at times.

Another learning tool is golf magazines. They always have a large array of golf lessons and instruction in them. Then of course there is the internet. You Tube videos about golf are out there by the thousands. You can pull up golf video’s about any golf shot you could ever think of.

So if you have gotten this far and you feel that golf is really something that you want to seriously get into then the next thing you will need to do is go out and get yourself your own set of golf clubs.

Buying Women’s Golf Clubs

Ever since women’s golf has become more and more popular it has also become much easier to purchase women’s golf clubs. Men’s clubs are much different from women’s clubs, so I suggest you go out and get fitted for your set of golf clubs tailored to your height, weight and swing.

Most golf shops will first analyze your golf swing and then recommend women's golf clubscertain things which may include:

  • The shaft and the material it is made from
  • The length of the clubs in relation to your height and golf stance
  • The weight of the clubs in relation to your golf swing

Most golf fitting shops will probably recommend a graphite shaft for the woman golfer. It is much lighter than a steel shaft which will give you more swing speed, therefore more distance with your shots.

The next thing you need to take into consideration is the length of your golf clubs. If you try to play with golf clubs that are to long your golf game will suffer tremendously. If you have to have your clubs custom-made it will be worth it in the long run.

The weight of your golf clubs is very important. In this day and age golf clubs can be weighted on the fly. In other words most golf shops have swing analyzers and they will let you use clubs of different weights and look at the results on a monitor and see what the perfect weight of golf club you need.

Golf Fitness for Women Over 50

As in any sport you have to be in pretty good shape to play at an optimal level, and Golf is no exception. The main thing about golf fitness for women over 50 is you do not need any kind of muscle mass to excel in the sport.

The most important element in golf fitness, no matter what age you are is flexibility.

A good deal of golf fitness exercises you can do just about anywhere. You do not need any large barbells or exercise equipment to get in golf shape. In fact, you can just go to an article I did on best golf fitness exercises for women by clicking here: Here you will find all you need to get in the best golf fitness of your life.

Women and Golf Socializing

Getting back to the beginning of this article where my wife and I moved to this new +55 community with a golf course and she decided to take up the senior golf foursomegame of golf, our live’s have changed drastically for the best.

She has actually gotten pretty good and occasionally has broken a 100 a couple times. Not bad for someone who has played for one season.

The best part about her decision to take up golf has got to be the social interaction and the wonderful people we have met.

She has joined the ladies golf club and plays golf with them every Wednesday where they have first crack at morning tee times and they make a social day out of it.

Going hand in hand I have met many of the partners that she plays golf with and I in turn now play golf with a lot of them.

It has turned into a win, win situation. We have created friendships that I’m sure will last for many years and for that we feel blessed. This has all come about because of this silly little game called golf.

So in Leaving

I just want you to know that you are never too old to start playing this wonderful game of golf. Golf for women over 50 is totally doable.

Just always remember in the beginning golf can be very scary and intimidating but just don’t throw in the towel. The journey can very frustrating at times but just hang in there and keep practicing.

Always remember it is only a game and is meant to have fun with. There is never any reason to get angry or disrespectful on the golf course and ruin someone else’s day. Learn the proper etiquette of the game and adhere to it.

I hope you have enjoyed my article here on golf for women over 50 and have learnt some valuable information here; As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask me and I will try to respond promptly. Also, please feel free to leave a comment below as your opinion is always valuable to me.

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New Taylormade Golf Equipment

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More pros on the PGA golf tour use Taylormade golf equipment than any other golf club manufacturer. Some top tour players who use Taylormade golf equipment are Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson among many other tour players. There must be something about the new Taylormade golf equipment for so many PGA tour players to be using them.

The Taylormade Company

The Taylormade golf company was founded in 1979 by a man named Gary Adams. At the time Mr. Adams was working as a salesman for the Witteck Golf Company. In time, he got a promotion with the company in the research and development department. Around the same time the new two piece golf balls had been developed.

In Adam’s research he noticed that the new two piece golf balls performed much better with the irons than they did with the original persimmon woods. With this new information in hand he left the Witteck golf company. He went on to start the Taylormade golf company.

Adam’s took the information he had and developed the Taylormade metal wood driver. The driver caught on immediately and Taylormade hollow metal woods ever since. To this day they continue to make improvements in their golf club design.

The Taylormade Drivertaylor made driver

Taylormade drivers are made of materials that make them easier to hit and to control your swing thus maximizing your driving performance. This is one reason that the Taylormade driver is one of the leading drivers used on the PGA golf tour. Their metal wood design have taken them to develop the famous Taylormade burner and the Taylormade bubble.

Probably the most popular Taylormade driver is the 2017 M2 driver which i recently did a review on. It offers a totally new level of distance and forgiveness in its new driver technology.

The M2 driver houses a new speed pocket that makes it twice as flexible as the previous model. The Taylormade driver is extremely strong and durable but yet light and easy to swing due in part to their titanium heads.

Taylormade Irons

taylormade ironsOne of the most popular set of Taylormade irons would have to be the 2017 M2 irons. They are considered to be Taylormade’s most technologically advanced iron made by them to date. Their low center of gravity helps even the lesser advanced golfer hit purer iron shots even on slightly missed hits.

The Taylormade M1 irons are very similar to the M2 iron put have a smaller head size and shorter blade length but they are more suitable for the more advanced golfer who strikes the ball on a more consistent basis.

Taylormade Hybrid Clubs

Taylormade has an extensive line of hybrid golf clubs. The difference in the different line of hybrid clubs depends mostly on a golfers swing speed and their swing tendencies. For those of you that are not aware of this, the hybrid club was designed to replace your hard to hit long irons. For instance the #3 hybrid would replace your harder to hit 3 iron. Some of Taylormade’s hybrid clubs:

The Taylormade burnertaylormade hybrid club

This hybrid club was designed for golfers with a swing speed between 70 to 105 miles per hour. It has a large head and a better center of gravity which translates to better ball striking and a higher launch angle. It is basically a very easy club to hit.

The Rescue TP

This hybrid model is more suitable for the more advanced golfer who has a swing speed of 90 to 115 miles per hour which is pushing the swing speed of the professional player. It has a smaller head and is less forgiving than the burner. The more skilled player does not need as much forgiveness. It has a lower launch angle and produces less backspin.

The rescue dual hybrid

Taylormade’s dual hybrid offers movable weight technology. In other words if you tend to slice the ball a lot you can change weights on the head of the club creating more of a draw bias and eliminating your slice. The club head is small but still offers a fair amount of forgiveness.

Taylormade Putters

Although Taylormade is more famous for their drivers, irons, fairway taylormade puttermetals and hybrid golf clubs they actually have a very attractive line of putters to choose from. All of their putters are designed with the Rossa insert system which is a technology called ASGI which stands for anti skid groove insert.

These systems cause less skid when striking the ball which leads to purer and straighter on line putts. They have 10 different lines of putters which you can check  out here.

Taylormade – Adidas

Most recently the Taylor Made company has purchased the Adidas corporation. So now besides being world renowned for their awesome golf clubs they now offer a full line of other golf equipment and accessories.

  • Manufacture their own line of golf balls
  • Produce the Maxfli golf ball
  • Carry their own golf bag line
  • Their own golf shoes
  • Many other golf accessories

The present company is known as Taylor Made – Adidas Golf Company, so come on in and check out the new Taylormade golf equipment.


In Conclusion

I hope i have helped you in your research if you are looking to purchase new golf clubs. Taylormade has many a full line of clubs and equipment for the man, for women and also a full line of junior golf clubs and equipment.

They also offer a selection of pre-owned golf clubs that you may find more affordable. Keep in mind if you decide to purchase Taylormade golf clubs they will not be cheap but they will give you many, many years of good golfing.

I hope you have found this article on new Taylormade golf equipment useful and informative, if so kindly leave a comment below.

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Golf for Women Today

rain or shine golf


You know, for years and years golf has been considered a gentleman’s game, little do a lot of people know, that women’s golf has been around almost as long as the men’s game.

All the pioneers of women’s golf are deceased now but believe me their legacy’s lives on. Which in turn has catapulted golf for women today.

The Women’s Pro Tour

Many people do not realize that the ladies’s pro golf tour, more commonly lpga golferknow, as the LPGA has been around since 1950. Which, it the longest lasting professional women’s sport ever.

There is more opportunity for women to excel in golf today than ever before.

It has been a long struggle for the women in golf to gain the respect and notoriety that the men receive but they are well on their way to doing so. The stars of the current LPGA are setting a standard to give their tour a very bright future.

Look at some past stars like Annika Sorenstam, Lorena Ochoa, Christie Kerr and Nancy Lopez, they have set a standard and have passed the torch to some of today’s stars like Michelle Wei, Paula Creamer, Lexi Thompson and many other young women golf stars from all around the world.

Through the years the LPGA has grown tremendously. More and more young professional women golfers are coming along making their sport even more popular.

Their T V exposure has increased letting more young girls at home see them play and are starting to think golf is cool. Their prize money is growing, their endorsement deals are improving making the sport that much more enticing to other prospective young golfers.

Women’s Golf Today

Because of the growing popularity of women’s golf today many women are starting to take up the game of golf. Many mothers are getting their daughters involved in golf if they show an interest in it.

Many golf courses, country clubs and resort courses are starting to cater to the women golfer. Some even offering free lessons to children or special group rates for a family.

women and golf

More women are realizing that when they get good enough either from lessons or just learning on their own at the driving range, they can actually keep up with the men.

Golf courses are set up where the men tee off from one tee box and the women have their own tee box, up a little closer, thus making it a level playing field.

Another thing a women has going for her is that golf is more of finesse and flexible sport not a sport of brute force. A lot of men get up on the tee take a mighty swing at the ball and rarely are the results good, whereas most women’s are taught to just go up and take a nice easy swing and strike the ball.

More times than not the shot goes right down the middle of the fairway. That is the name of the game. Keep the ball in play and you will score well.

Women’s Golf Fitness

There used to be a time when a woman would feel totally intimidated standing on a golf course next to a man getting a golf tip, but those days are long gone. Women have come to the conclusion that you do not need brute force to hit a golf ball and or play well. All you need is a golf exercise program to build your strength and flexibility.

The first thing you need to do is put together a golf specific exercise program. Golf uses many muscle groups other than your basic gym workouts.

You can put together your own golf specific program by doing your own research, or you can go to a golf fitness instructor and have him or her put together a program for you. What ever direction you decide to take there are always three things you have to follow diligently.


  1. Commitment: You have to commit to yourself that what you are doing is really going to benefit your golf game. Get yourself a journal or just a notepad and write down the goals you want to achieve with your exercise program. Once you do this you need to totally commit yourself to meeting the goals that you have set for yourself.
  2. Discipline: No matter what, you are going to need plenty of discipline to stick to your exercise program. You cannot wake up one morning and make excuses for not wanting to exercise today.

This is where you need the discipline to follow through with your exercise task for this given day. If one day calls for core exercises then do the core exercises. If it calls for stretching do your stretching. This is what will get your golf game where you want it to be.

3. Dedication: There is no doubt that there will be times when the going is going to be tough. This is when your dedication is really going to come into play. The difference in those that go on to improve their golf game and those who do not, is dedication.

There are going to be times when you say this just not working for me but you need to stay dedicated, getting into great golf fitness does not happen overnight. If you commit, discipline and dedicate yourself to your exercise program, the difference in your golf handicap will certainly reflect your hard work.


Golf for the Family

It used to be back in the day that the man of the family would go out on Saturday morning and meet up with his buddies at the golf course or country club and spend the day golfing and hanging out. Back then there were hardly any women golfers. Some courses and clubs would not even let women play on their course.

golf for the family

Boy has that changed in recent years. With the emergence of such women’s golfing stars, most notably Annika Sorenstam, golf has started to catch on more and more with women.

Women have started to get tired of dad going out for the entire day and have fun playing golf with his buddies and leaving his family behind.

Even kids want to start playing golf because of the likes of Tiger Woods and other superstar PGA players. Golf courses are realizing how much their revenue can grow by getting entire families playing golf together. They are even offering lessons at greatly discounted prices to make this happen.

Golf is now becoming a great family pastime. Two or three families can get together and play a round of golf and make an entire day out in the great outdoors together.

Hilton Hotels

Family Golf Vacations

Golf vacations are becoming more popular than ever. All over the country where the weather is always warm and sunny golf resorts are in abundance. Many resorts are really catering to family golf vacations, offering lessons for everyone in the family.

Once it’s time to hit the golf course a family can go out confidently and play their round of golf enjoying each others company while doing so.

After golf the entire family can go out sightseeing and enjoy the local restaurants where they are staying. A vacation like this just makes for a wonderful time that the entire family can enjoy together.


In Closing

Golf for women today is here to stay. It is growing by leaps and bounds every day, so men move over and get used to it. This might be a blessing for your golf games men. You might decide to train harder and practice better in order to improve your game. After all, YOU DON’T WANT TO GET BEAT BY A GIRL.

I hope you all have enjoyed my article here about women and golf today. As always please feel free to leave a comment below if you have. It would be much appreciated.

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Golf’s Trouble Shots – A Video Tutorial

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Every one want’s to have a perfect golf swing and it takes a lot of practice to achieve this goal. Even, though you think you have acquired a pretty good golf swing no one is perfect. Even the PGA pro’s who have some of the best, close to perfect golf swings in the world still hit shots that go astray at times. Like I said no one is perfect, not even the pro players on the golf tour.

Of course every time you get on the tee box you want to hit your drive right down the middle of the fairway, or on a par three hit your tee shot right onto the green but things don’t always work out as planned.

Like I have said before there is a lot of mental thought that goes into always hitting a good golf shot. The slightest lack of concentration or focus can cause you to hit a bad golf shot. We are going to focus here on how to approach and play golf’s trouble shots without doing too much damage to your final score.

Playing From Thick Rough

When standing on the tee box your main objective is to hit your drive in the fairway. Unfortunately that does not’t always happen. Most golf courses are designed with first the fairway, then what is called the first cut of rough, this is where the grass is a little longer than the fairway. Usually not too hard to hit from.

Then there is what is called the second cut of rough. This is where the grass is so long sometimes it’s even hard to find your golf ball. Hitting from this rough can be quite challenging.

Often times, depending on how far you are from the green, you may just have to take a more lofted club and just try to advance your ball down the fairway as far as you can. This way you at least have a chance to chip onto the green and save your par, and at worst make a bogey.

Do not try to be a hero and try to hit a 3 or 4 iron or a hybrid club out of this kind of long rough because you will just end up squirting the ball right back in the same rough. Play it safe and swallow your pride. You’re final score will reflect this.

Playing Around a Tree

Once again you hit your drive a little off the mark. You are still in play but in the left or right side of the fairway in the first cut of rough. Say you are like a hundred sixty yards from the green but sixty yards ahead of you there are over hanging branches from a tree. This shot would normally need a six iron to get to the green but a six iron doesn’t have enough loft to get over the branches. What do you do here?

You actually have several options here. Depending on what side of the fairway you are on you could take a lesser club and hit your shot left or right of the branches and then chip up on the green and take your par. Another option would be to hit your shot around the branches and up on the green with a putt for a birdie. In golf terms this is called fade or a draw.



If, you are a right-handed golfer a fade would be aiming left of your target, the green, set up and aim to the left. On your downswing you would leave your club face open and your shot will start out left and then curve to the right landing on the green.

Again, if you are a right-handed golfer a draw would be aiming right of your target. Set up aiming right of the target and on your downswing you want your club face closed. This will start the ball out to the right and curve to the left and up onto the green.

If, you are a left-handed golf all the above would be opposite. You will have to spend some time on the driving range to perfect these shots but it would be well worth it to have these shots in your arsenal.

The Low Punch Shot

Let’s assume you really hook your drive and it goes way to the left or slice your drive and it goes way to the right into a tree lined area. How would you approach this situation. You have a couple options here. One, you could just punch it out, side ways back to the fairway and have a longer third shot to the green hoping to get it close for a short par putt, but bogey is more likely. Second, you could hit what is called a low punch shot under the trees.

This shot will work perfectly as long as there are no other obstacles beyond the trees and you have a clear look at the green. What you want to do here is take a less lofted club like a four, five or six iron, depending on how low the branches are. Choke down a little on the club and take a nice easy swing with very little follow through. The ball will come out low and hopefully roll up on the green with a putt for a birdie.

Chipping From Hardpan

Now and then, especially in fall and winter you will come across a shot where your ball land in an area of the golf course that is called hard pan. This is a situation where the ground under your ball is hard as a rock. This could be a very difficult shot if you don’t know how to execute it properly.

Most golfers have a tendency to grab their sand wedge or their lob wedge to execute this shot. The fact of the matter is that the exact opposite is the case. What you want to do here is take like your eight iron, nine iron or even your pitching wedge. The more lofted wedges have to sharp an edge and will tend to dig into the ground, thus chunking the shot.

Take your less lofted club and choke down on the grip a little, about an inch. Setup with the ball in the middle of your stance. You want little wrist action with this shot so I actually use my putting grip. Now just bring the club back and then through using mostly your body. Hitting it like a putt and let it roll out to the hole.

Trouble Bunker Shots

Many golf courses have sand traps/bunkers all over the place. Most times they are around the area of the greens, although some may be found in the fairways. No matter where they are chances are that during a round of golf you are going to find yourself in one of them.

The thing is you will rarely find yourself in a perfectly flat lie in the bunker. There are many awkward bunker shots you may come in contact with. Some being:

  • An uphill lie
  • A downhill lie
  • Ball below your feet lie
  • Ball above your feet lie
  • Ball up against the lip of the bunker

Each one of these situations require different setups, ball positions and swings to pull these different shots off. Check out the video below to learn how to practice and perfect these different bunker shots.


The Backhanded Golf Shot

Say you are a right-handed golfer and you hit your drive or iron shot off-line and it comes to rest up against the right side of a tree. What do you do here? Well, you have two options here, if your are very athletic and have ever practiced hitting golf balls left-handed, you could grab your least lofted club, say a four iron, take a left-handed stance and with the back side of the club and try to advance the ball as far as possible, thus giving you a chance to save par.

Second, Once again, if your a right-handed golfer, say your ball comes to rest on the right edge of a deep bunker and you cannot stand in the bunker to make this shot effectively, what you can do here is make a backhanded golf shot. What you want to do here is turn and face the opposite way you want your shot to go, now with your club in your right hand with the face of the club facing the target brace your right shoulder with your left hand. Now take a few practice swipes and then strike the ball popping it on the green. This technique can also be used with the tree scenario above.

I hope you have learnt and have enjoyed these video tutorials on golf’s trouble shots as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. Remember, if you want to perfect any of these trouble shots you need to hit the driving range or your local course and practice them because practice makes great because no one is perfect.

Once again if you have enjoyed this article and have any questions concerning it please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Golf Resort Vacation Packages

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So you have been playing golf all summer with your buddies either playing at your country club and all the other local golf courses in your area and you are looking for a change. Especially if you live in the north or northeast part of the country where the weather is going to start getting colder.

Maybe it might be time for you to start thinking about planning a little golf vacation with your golf partners to a nice warm climate to get away and have some fun golfing. since,the emergence of Tiger Woods on the golf scene nearly twenty years ago golf is on a huge upswing.

More and more golf courses are being designed and built all over the world. To date there are over one hundred thousand golf courses all around the world with more being built every day.

Planning a Golf Vacation

With this huge emergence of golf courses and golf resorts it is an optimum time to plan your golf resort vacation package. There is more competition now than there ever has been, golf resorts are just begging for you to come to their golf resort for your golf resort vacation package. It is a premium time to plan your golf trip.

Most golf resorts want to accommodate you with a great golf vacation experience for everyone, whether you are an experienced golfer or a weekend duffer but some maybe some resorts not so much.

This where you have to do your due diligence and do as much research you can on any resort that you plan to vacation at. There are many things to take into consideration when planning your trip. Does the resort:

  1. Have the amenities you are looking for, pool, spa, etc.
  2. Are golf fees and cart included
  3. How many rounds of golf are included
  4. If the resort does not have an on site golf course do they offer transportation to and from the courses
  5. Do they offer a continental breakfast every day you are there.
  6. Are any dinners included

Another thing you will need before booking your trip is how many of you are actually going on your trip. Most of the time golf is played in foursomes, so planning your trip should consist of four or eight players. I think eight is perfect for an enjoyable golf adventure.

And one more thing is to be sure you book your trip well in advance of when you would like to travel. The reason for this is you can get the best tee times available on any given course thus giving you the rest of the day to enjoy the other amenities that the resort offers.

The Best Discount golf Vacations

Most of the best discount golf packages will normally include air fare along with ground transportation from the airport to the resort you are staying at. Make sure they offer the best services you can get. Just because you are getting a cheap deal on your vacation package does not mean that you have to stay at a cheap hotel.

Even though discounted, you should receive many freebies, including full service concierge, green fees, cart and or a caddie, transportation, group outings or tours, so once again do your research on what is available for the best golf resort vacation package.

Are You Bringing Your Own Golf Clubs?

I would think that most golfers whether you are a beginner novice golfer or an experienced golfer I’m sure you would want to have your own golf clubs, otherwise you will have to take your chances with rental golf clubs from the resort that may not be up to your standards or be just be inappropriate for you. Not having your own clubs could put a damper on your entire golf vacation adventure.

If you are planning to bring your own clubs on your golf trip there are some things you will have to take into consideration in doing so. For one thing you will not be able to take your clubs on the airplane with you so you will need a golf travel bag.

The last thing you need to happen is to have your clubs ruined by airport luggage handlers, you know have they throw luggage around, so be sure you get a good one. A good golf travel bag will accommodate your golf clubs, your golf shoes and a few dozen golf balls.

A Golf Family Vacation

With the popularity of golf in general and especially the success of the LPGA, the ladies professional golf association golf has become just as popular with women as well. With organizations like The First Tee, more and more children are now learning the game of golf as well.

This leads to a perfect scenario for the entire family to plan a golf resort vacation package. Resorts also know how lucrative this can be for their resorts business. Many golf resorts are actually taking huge steps to make the family golf vacation as enjoyable as possible.

Many are offering free golf lessons for children as well. Even besides golf most resorts have many other amenities catering to the whole family. In other words the entire family can enjoy a golf resort vacation package.

Good Golf To You


If you have enjoyed all the information in this article please feel free to leave me a comment below and I respond as soon as I can.

Thank You

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Golf Careers Opportunities – Work in Golf

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I’m sure you all know me by now and you know that I am very passionate about the wonderful game of golf. I have been around this great game most of my life. Don’t get me wrong I’m not that good anymore but I still love to hang out at the golf course and enjoy the sheer beauty and camaraderie of being there.

I think so many golfers take for granted what really goes on at any given golf course or country club when they drive in to play their round of golf. The first thing they are thinking of when they arrive at the golf course is how am I going to play today, how is my swing going to be, how is my putting going to be.

They are totally unaware of what is going on around them. They have no idea what is going on behind the scenes of what make’s their day of as enjoyable as possible. This leads me to write this article about the best careers opportunities in the golf game.

What Does Go On ?

Like I said I have been around golf and the golf scene most of my life and it never ceases to amaze how blind golfers can be. Like I have never seen a golfer drive into the golf course and say, wow, look at all those clean golf carts all lined up for us. They pull up to the bag drop area, pop their trunk, put their golf shoes on and go park their cart

When,they get back their clubs are all loaded up on their golf cart ready to go. Granted most golfers will give the gentleman a tip but not all of them.

I’m not saying that golfers are snobby but a lot of them take for granted what is done for them when they arrive at the golf course.

When,they go in the pro shop to pay their greens fees they totally take the guy or girl behind the counter for granted not realizing he or she is also trying to make their day a pleasant one, When they pull up to the first tee and the starter that tell’s them when they can tee off, totally taken for granted.

Rarely have I seen a golfer stand on the first tee and say, man, the golf course looks just beautiful today. I guess what I’m trying to say is that there are a good deal of golf careers opportunities that most people. Even golfers don’t even realize.

Why Do People Play Golf ?

There is a lot of golfers that really enjoy this great game, some have different reasons than others, some like to get out with their buddies, play a round of golf and throw down a few beers and go back home.

Others play to perfect their swing and try to get their scores as low as possible. Others just play for the fun of just playing the game itself. Going out having a few beers and just having fun.

So that being said, it is surprising to me that when all these people from all walks of life that love this game so much would not think about actually checking into getting into an actual career in this game so much.

They see on a daily basis all the jobs available to them and that’s just what they see with the human eye. There are  a good deal of golf careers behind the scenes you just can’t even imagine.

A Golf Career You Say

Golf today has pretty much become a national phenomenon. Thanks to the likes of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and the likes have created a golf frenzy. High schools all over the country have created golf programs where young kids are getting into the game of golf. If you are good enough you can get a full ride to college just on your golf ability alone.

If you don’t cut it as an actual golfer they offer programs that you can major in, in the golf profession. These can range from a horticulture degree where you can take that to be a groundskeeper on a golf course. You can get an associates degree in golf operations and management. The golf careers opportunities are literally endless.

When most people think about a golf career the first thing they think of is a golf pro and or instructor, he may a great golfer but not great enough to be on the pro tour. Nothing wrong with that, he will probably a great instructor, but the realm of golf careers opportunities go far beyond that.

Turn Your Golf Passion Into A Career

Here are some different golf positions that could be available at any given golf country club:

  • Club Instructor: You would have to be a very skilled player to even apply for this position but you could start as an assistant and work your way up to head instructor.
  • Marketer: If you are educated in marketing most resorts, which are growing in droves are always looking for good marketers to bring people into their resorts
  • Golf course superintendent: If you have a passion for landscaping and maintenance you might want to get a position on the grounds crew of a golf course and after time could turn that into being a lucrative superintendents position

Besides the main positions that I mentioned above there are a good deal of other golf careers positions available that most golfers totally take for granted. Most have no idea what goes into running a golf facility with precision and accuracy.

golf mower

  • The grounds crew: These guys have probably been out on the golf course before you even gotten out of bed. If it were not for these guys you would be bitching all day about the course conditions.
  • Food service crew: From the ninth hole concession stand to when you get done your round of golf, who makes it possible for you to have that hot dog and cold beer at the turn or the lunch and cold beers when you are done your round, It’s the food service crew!
  • Chemical Technicians: These are the men and women in charge of fertilizing and keeping the greens and fairways bug and fungus free, who would have thought, so underated
  • Mechanical Engineers: These guys are the one’s that keep all the equipment in tip-top shape for cutting fairways, cutting the rough and rolling the greens.
  • Golf merchandise and sales: When you go in the pro shop because you need a towel or tees or even golf balls, they don’t appear from nowhere, someone has to make sure the shop is always stocked from hats, visors, etc.

In Conclusion

I can go on and on about jobs in the golf industry, I haven’t even touched on human resources, advertising, public relations, photography, the spokes’ person and then there’s the manager that oversees all of this stuff.

So believe me there are so many job positions in the golf industry it will make your head spin. So go out and take advantage of some of these golf careers opportunities.

Good Golf To You


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{Golf’s Mind Game – The Mental Side of Golf}

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So by now if you are a novice or beginner golfer you should have your golf clubs and bag, you should have your golf shoes and all the other golf accessories that are needed to go out to the golf course and enjoy this wonderful game of golf.

Hopefully you have been to the driving range to practice hitting your driver, your long irons and also your short irons. I’m sure you have been to practice putting green to practice probably the most important part of a good round of golf, you’re putting.

So after going through all of this preparation to play good golf when you do get out on the golf course things don’t always go as planned. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and probably will that you just cannot control.

It is the way that you handle these situations when they arise that can either make or break a good round of golf. That is why we are going to get into another side of golf that get’s overlooked a lot and that is golf’s mind game, or in other words the mental side of golf.

Your Mental Approach

When do you actually start thinking about the round of golf you are going to play? I talk to a lot of golfers who say they start thinking about their round your golf mindof golf in the car on the way to the golf course, believe me that is not mentally healthy.

Some players will sit in their office and visualize hitting their drive on the first hole right down the middle of the fairway. That’s not going to work either. You should not be thinking about draining a thirty-foot putt while out to dinner with your wife or girlfriend either. You could end up with pasta on your pants.

Trying to dream up a good round of golf while you are participating in other things just simply does not work. You will do yourself more harm than good.

No matter how good a golfer you are it is not a good idea to think about a certain hole you might have had trouble with before and try to conquer it beforehand in your mind. Chances are when you get to that hole you’re going to mess it up. That is part of golf’s mind game.

Any thinking beforehand about your round of golf coming up should be about swing thoughts and techniques or you’re putting stroke, anything but your upcoming round of golf.

Your thoughts of having a good round of golf and coming up with a good game plan for the day should start on the first tee. Just think about that first shot and nothing but that first shot. Your mindset should remain the same for each and every shot from then on out until you have completed your round of golf.

Develop A Pre-Shot Routine

Just as you have come up with muscle memory for making different golf swings for different situations on the golf course you now need to have to come up with a mental memory visualization for every shot you may face on the golf course.

Mental side of golfThe best way to accomplish this is to come up with your own pre shot-routine. What this will accomplish is it will clear your mind of any distractions that may be around you.

Remember you should come up with your own pre-shot routine that you are comfortable with so you can be consistent with it for each and every shot. For example: you get to the tee box and take your grip on the club, then stand behind your ball and visualize your shot path you want to take, next stand up to your ball and take a couple of practice swings. Now take your shot and hopefully it goes where you wanted it to.

When it is time to take your shot the main thing you need to do here is focus, focus,focus.Do not be thinking of the last hole or the hole to follow, just focus on the shot at hand and that alone. Jumping ahead in your mind, even about the final score will do nothing but bring bad results.


The Power of Positive Thinking

The minute you get to the golf course and walk to the first tee the only thing you should be thinking is, I’m going to have a good round of golf today. The important thing here is focusing on success as opposed to failure, doing this more good things than bad will happen.

I know this is easier said than done but even the slightest negative thought could potentially ruin your entire round of golf. Even professional golfers make bad shots from time to time but the main thing here is when you do make a bad shot you need to immediately put it behind you and focus on your current shot, you can’t bring that bad shot back.

Better yet, when you do make a bad shot try to make a positive out of it, by that I mean try to learn from it. Try to remember what you did wrong on that particular shot and take it back to the driving range and work on it as to try to not let it happen again.

Just don’t get upset about it on the golf course. In order to play your best golf you need to be relaxed and stress free and getting upset over one or two shots will only build up stress in your body and possibly make things worse. Live and learn.

Retrain Your Mental Approach

In all of professional sports there are today golf is probably the one sport that mind power comes in to play the most. The thing you need to do is make a positive out of your mind power when you need to.

Like I said earlier you need to focus on your shot at the moment and nothing else. Avoid thinking of any past bad shots or any upcoming tough holes, worry about them when you get to them.

Another good mental tip that a lot of players seem to lose focus on is this shot. You are on the tee of a par three hole and the only thing between you and the green is water. This is a situation where golf’s mind game really comes into play.

You have to stand on that tee box and pretend that water is not even there. I would, be safe and take an extra club just to make sure I hit it far enough to clear the water, even if you hit it a little long you will not be in the water. Chip and putt for par and move on. That is way better than hitting in the water and making a bogey or worse.


Remember bad shots happen to all of us. Even a bad break, like a bad carom off a tree, remember that it would not have happened if you hit a good shot. Remember to put it behind you and focus on the rest of your holes. Remember what you did wrong and take it to the range and work on it.

Golf can be very competitive but it is also meant to be fun, no matter what, always remember that. Granted it is more fun when you are playing well but some days it doesn’t always work out that way.

An eighteen round hole of golf can be a long day and a lot can go wrong but remember why you are there, to have some fun with good friends and have fun. So don’t ever let golf’s mind games get to you. There’s always your next round of golf.

Good Golf To You


Please remember if you have enjoyed this article please feel free to leave me a comment below and also include any questions you might have and I will respond as soon as possible.

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Odyssey White Hot XG Putter Review –

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Odyssey White Hot XG Putter Overview

From amateurs to Pro’s the Odyssey company is world renowned for their putters. They actually have eighteen models to choose from, but I believe that the Odyssey White Hot XG model is the best model that they offer.

They have come up with this new putter face insert technology that is second to none. It gives you a much softer feel when you are putting and it is only available with the White Hot XG putter.

According to the Odyssey company the new design was solely based on the new two layer golf balls that are also softer. To achieve this effect with the putter two different materials are used, the first being what is called an elastometer core material which is what gives the putter it’s softer feel.

The second is a thinner striking surface which is made of a harder material. The face of the putter is also textured which gives a larger sweet spot which translate to more forgiveness with a not so perfect hit.

Odyssey White Hot Core Models

All the Odyssey core models come with the same technologies and all are based on classic putter designs. They are all variations of your classic blade putters and mallet putters. These models come in the Odyssey White Hot XG number one all the way up to the number nine versions. There is also the White Hot XG Rossi model

The Rossi model and the Number one, three and nine also come in left-handed models as well. Back in 2007 when Phil Mickelson won the Players Championship he was actually using the Odyssey White Hot XG number nine version. The most radical looking putter would have to be the number seven model which has weighted wings that helps you with alignment of your putts.


Odyssey White Hot XG progressive Models

The Odyssey progressive line of putters are based more on your modern basic designs especially as far as the putting alignment aids. Like the two ball putter which has more of a head weight distribution technique.

There are two versions of the Odyssey White Hot XG Marxman putters. One is Odyssey mallet puttermore of a mallet design and the other is on the line of a blade putter.


The progressive models are more like two ball putters but as opposed to golf balls at the back of the putter they have long parallel lines to help you to line up your putts better.

The more I see golfers putting their biggest problem seems to be proper alignment of their putts. These Odyssey White Hot XG putters will certainly help in this area of your putting.

The other five putters in the progressive series of putters are all two ball putters, which have become very popular on the PGA tour recently. These are also available in both mallet and blade designs.

The newest version of the Odyssey White Hot XG putter is called the Saturn odyssey saturn putterring technology putter. What it is basically a semi circle of metal is added to the rear of the putter.

What this does are increase the sweet spot on the face and offer more forgiveness with off hit putts. It also cuts down on the club twisting on you thus preventing your putts going offline.

One of the biggest problems I see with most recreational golfers is that they tend to hit their putts offline. I believe the best solution for this problem would be the Odyssey White Hot XG line of putters. Which in return will make the game of golf much more enjoyable and more fun.

In Conclusion

I truly believe in the Odyssey White Hot XG line of putters. I use one myself and I am extremely happy with mine. I think if you switched to the Odyssey White Hot XG putter you will be extremely happy as well. You will be shocked with the amount of shots that you will save on the greens during your next round of golf.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of the Odyssey White Hot XG putter. Please, if you have any questions feel free to ask below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, feel free to leave a comment about my review below.

Good Golf To You