Golf for Women Over 50

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There is one wonderful thing about golf. You are never to young or too old to learn how to play this game. Unlike many  of the more physical sports like football and hockey you are limited on how long you can effectively play these sports just due to the physical requirements to do so.women golfers over 50

Now golf, well golf is a different story. I know a lot of people who are well up in their years and they still play a decent game of golf.

The best part of this is, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman you can play this great game for many years. In this article I am going to dedicate it to golf for women over 50 years of age and older.

Golf for Women Over 50

Let me start here by telling me a little about myself and my wife, Beth. We both grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia called Delaware county. We have been together for like 40 years now. We have raised two beautiful daughters and now have 3 awesome grandchildren.

So let me get to my point here. Every Sunday morning I would get up at 6:00 am and head to my local golf course to get ready to play a round of golf with all my local buddies at our golf club.

Beth just never understood this, You have a day off from your demanding job all week and you want to get up this early to play this silly game of golf.

golf community

So let’s fast-forward here fifteen years. Our children are grown, out of the house and have families of their own. We decided we did not need our large house anymore and wanted to downsize our lives. We sold our house and moved from Pennsylvania and moved to the South Jersey Shore area.

We purchased a home in a 55 year or older community. It is a very nice community with a pool, a recreation center and of course, a golf course. I spend most mornings at the golf course and then my wife would come and meet me for lunch.

One day we were sitting having lunch outside, overlooking the 18th green and my wife mentioned to me she has been thinking about taking up golf, and asked me what I thought of it, of course I was all for it. She mentioned that maybe she was too old to start playing golf at this stage of her life.

My wife has always kept herself in pretty good shape, so I told her, nonsense, let’s go for it.

Women Getting Started in Golf Over 50

senior couple playing golfWhen first getting started in playing golf one of the first fears you will need to overcome is the intimidation factor that you are going to go out to the driving range and make a fool of yourself.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and yes, you will not have a great golf swing right out of the gate.

If you live in a community with a golf course or just belong to a country club, the first thing you should do is hook up with the club pro golfer and take a few lessons just to get the feel for the basic golf swing. They are really not that expensive but well worth the investment.

Most golf courses will even give you loaner clubs to use to make sure you enjoy the game before going out and investing in your own golf clubs.

Once you have your basic golf swing down with your driver and your mid and long irons you will need to learn what is called the short game in golf. The short game consists of your chipping, putting and sand trap shots.


This is where your husband or partner can come into play to teach you these aspects of your golf game. Chances are they have been playing golf for some time now and are very knowledgeable in these areas of golf.

Just about every golf course has a practice putting green, a chipping area, and a sand trap to practice from. The two of you can go out and practice these shots just about any time you want.

You can eventually make a little competition out of your practice, making it more fun for the two of you. Practicing can get boring at times.

Another learning tool is golf magazines. They always have a large array of golf lessons and instruction in them. Then of course there is the internet. You Tube videos about golf are out there by the thousands. You can pull up golf video’s about any golf shot you could ever think of.

So if you have gotten this far and you feel that golf is really something that you want to seriously get into then the next thing you will need to do is go out and get yourself your own set of golf clubs.

Buying Women’s Golf Clubs

Ever since women’s golf has become more and more popular it has also become much easier to purchase women’s golf clubs. Men’s clubs are much different from women’s clubs, so I suggest you go out and get fitted for your set of golf clubs tailored to your height, weight and swing.

Most golf shops will first analyze your golf swing and then recommend women's golf clubscertain things which may include:

  • The shaft and the material it is made from
  • The length of the clubs in relation to your height and golf stance
  • The weight of the clubs in relation to your golf swing

Most golf fitting shops will probably recommend a graphite shaft for the woman golfer. It is much lighter than a steel shaft which will give you more swing speed, therefore more distance with your shots.

The next thing you need to take into consideration is the length of your golf clubs. If you try to play with golf clubs that are to long your golf game will suffer tremendously. If you have to have your clubs custom-made it will be worth it in the long run.

The weight of your golf clubs is very important. In this day and age golf clubs can be weighted on the fly. In other words most golf shops have swing analyzers and they will let you use clubs of different weights and look at the results on a monitor and see what the perfect weight of golf club you need.

Golf Fitness for Women Over 50

As in any sport you have to be in pretty good shape to play at an optimal level, and Golf is no exception. The main thing about golf fitness for women over 50 is you do not need any kind of muscle mass to excel in the sport.

The most important element in golf fitness, no matter what age you are is flexibility.

A good deal of golf fitness exercises you can do just about anywhere. You do not need any large barbells or exercise equipment to get in golf shape. In fact, you can just go to an article I did on best golf fitness exercises for women by clicking here: Here you will find all you need to get in the best golf fitness of your life.

Women and Golf Socializing

Getting back to the beginning of this article where my wife and I moved to this new +55 community with a golf course and she decided to take up the senior golf foursomegame of golf, our live’s have changed drastically for the best.

She has actually gotten pretty good and occasionally has broken a 100 a couple times. Not bad for someone who has played for one season.

The best part about her decision to take up golf has got to be the social interaction and the wonderful people we have met.

She has joined the ladies golf club and plays golf with them every Wednesday where they have first crack at morning tee times and they make a social day out of it.

Going hand in hand I have met many of the partners that she plays golf with and I in turn now play golf with a lot of them.

It has turned into a win, win situation. We have created friendships that I’m sure will last for many years and for that we feel blessed. This has all come about because of this silly little game called golf.

So in Leaving

I just want you to know that you are never too old to start playing this wonderful game of golf. Golf for women over 50 is totally doable.

Just always remember in the beginning golf can be very scary and intimidating but just don’t throw in the towel. The journey can very frustrating at times but just hang in there and keep practicing.

Always remember it is only a game and is meant to have fun with. There is never any reason to get angry or disrespectful on the golf course and ruin someone else’s day. Learn the proper etiquette of the game and adhere to it.

I hope you have enjoyed my article here on golf for women over 50 and have learnt some valuable information here; As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask me and I will try to respond promptly. Also, please feel free to leave a comment below as your opinion is always valuable to me.

Good Golf To You


Golf for Women Today

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You know, for years and years golf has been considered a gentleman’s game, little do a lot of people know, that women’s golf has been around almost as long as the men’s game.

All the pioneers of women’s golf are deceased now but believe me their legacy’s lives on. Which in turn has catapulted golf for women today.

The Women’s Pro Tour

Many people do not realize that the ladies’s pro golf tour, more commonly lpga golferknow, as the LPGA has been around since 1950. Which, it the longest lasting professional women’s sport ever.

There is more opportunity for women to excel in golf today than ever before.

It has been a long struggle for the women in golf to gain the respect and notoriety that the men receive but they are well on their way to doing so. The stars of the current LPGA are setting a standard to give their tour a very bright future.

Look at some past stars like Annika Sorenstam, Lorena Ochoa, Christie Kerr and Nancy Lopez, they have set a standard and have passed the torch to some of today’s stars like Michelle Wei, Paula Creamer, Lexi Thompson and many other young women golf stars from all around the world.

Through the years the LPGA has grown tremendously. More and more young professional women golfers are coming along making their sport even more popular.

Their T V exposure has increased letting more young girls at home see them play and are starting to think golf is cool. Their prize money is growing, their endorsement deals are improving making the sport that much more enticing to other prospective young golfers.

Women’s Golf Today

Because of the growing popularity of women’s golf today many women are starting to take up the game of golf. Many mothers are getting their daughters involved in golf if they show an interest in it.

Many golf courses, country clubs and resort courses are starting to cater to the women golfer. Some even offering free lessons to children or special group rates for a family.

women and golf

More women are realizing that when they get good enough either from lessons or just learning on their own at the driving range, they can actually keep up with the men.

Golf courses are set up where the men tee off from one tee box and the women have their own tee box, up a little closer, thus making it a level playing field.

Another thing a women has going for her is that golf is more of finesse and flexible sport not a sport of brute force. A lot of men get up on the tee take a mighty swing at the ball and rarely are the results good, whereas most women’s are taught to just go up and take a nice easy swing and strike the ball.

More times than not the shot goes right down the middle of the fairway. That is the name of the game. Keep the ball in play and you will score well.

Women’s Golf Fitness

There used to be a time when a woman would feel totally intimidated standing on a golf course next to a man getting a golf tip, but those days are long gone. Women have come to the conclusion that you do not need brute force to hit a golf ball and or play well. All you need is a golf exercise program to build your strength and flexibility.

The first thing you need to do is put together a golf specific exercise program. Golf uses many muscle groups other than your basic gym workouts.

You can put together your own golf specific program by doing your own research, or you can go to a golf fitness instructor and have him or her put together a program for you. What ever direction you decide to take there are always three things you have to follow diligently.


  1. Commitment: You have to commit to yourself that what you are doing is really going to benefit your golf game. Get yourself a journal or just a notepad and write down the goals you want to achieve with your exercise program. Once you do this you need to totally commit yourself to meeting the goals that you have set for yourself.
  2. Discipline: No matter what, you are going to need plenty of discipline to stick to your exercise program. You cannot wake up one morning and make excuses for not wanting to exercise today.

This is where you need the discipline to follow through with your exercise task for this given day. If one day calls for core exercises then do the core exercises. If it calls for stretching do your stretching. This is what will get your golf game where you want it to be.

3. Dedication: There is no doubt that there will be times when the going is going to be tough. This is when your dedication is really going to come into play. The difference in those that go on to improve their golf game and those who do not, is dedication.

There are going to be times when you say this just not working for me but you need to stay dedicated, getting into great golf fitness does not happen overnight. If you commit, discipline and dedicate yourself to your exercise program, the difference in your golf handicap will certainly reflect your hard work.


Golf for the Family

It used to be back in the day that the man of the family would go out on Saturday morning and meet up with his buddies at the golf course or country club and spend the day golfing and hanging out. Back then there were hardly any women golfers. Some courses and clubs would not even let women play on their course.

golf for the family

Boy has that changed in recent years. With the emergence of such women’s golfing stars, most notably Annika Sorenstam, golf has started to catch on more and more with women.

Women have started to get tired of dad going out for the entire day and have fun playing golf with his buddies and leaving his family behind.

Even kids want to start playing golf because of the likes of Tiger Woods and other superstar PGA players. Golf courses are realizing how much their revenue can grow by getting entire families playing golf together. They are even offering lessons at greatly discounted prices to make this happen.

Golf is now becoming a great family pastime. Two or three families can get together and play a round of golf and make an entire day out in the great outdoors together.

Hilton Hotels

Family Golf Vacations

Golf vacations are becoming more popular than ever. All over the country where the weather is always warm and sunny golf resorts are in abundance. Many resorts are really catering to family golf vacations, offering lessons for everyone in the family.

Once it’s time to hit the golf course a family can go out confidently and play their round of golf enjoying each others company while doing so.

After golf the entire family can go out sightseeing and enjoy the local restaurants where they are staying. A vacation like this just makes for a wonderful time that the entire family can enjoy together.


In Closing

Golf for women today is here to stay. It is growing by leaps and bounds every day, so men move over and get used to it. This might be a blessing for your golf games men. You might decide to train harder and practice better in order to improve your game. After all, YOU DON’T WANT TO GET BEAT BY A GIRL.

I hope you all have enjoyed my article here about women and golf today. As always please feel free to leave a comment below if you have. It would be much appreciated.

Good Golf To You