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So, what is the best golf ball for me?  Well there is so much that goes into that one question. First off it depends on what level of golfer you actually are.

There are so many golf balls available today that I believe that most golfers don’t even know what golf ball they should be using.golf balls

For example there are two types of golf ball covers. There are surlyn covers and urethane covers and I guarantee you that most average golfers do not know the difference.

A lot of beginners and novice golfers will watch the PGA tour on television and see ads for the golf balls they are using but little do they know that their golf balls will actually hurt their golf game.

In this article I’m going to try to educate to golfers of all levels, whether you are a beginner golfer or a much more advanced golfer, what would be the best golf ball for me.

What are Golf Ball Differences?

There are so many golf balls and the difference in them all it’s almost impossible to go over each one of them. As I mentioned earlier there are basically two different covers on a golf ball.

The Surlyn Cover

The surlyn cover is a more durable cover which offers less spin off the tee which would work best for a higher handicap golfer who most likely tends to slice their drives.

The Urethane cover

The urethane cover is normally found on higher end golf balls which bodes well for lower handicap players which gives a softer feel and more control of their golf shots.

The Golf Ball Core

The core of a golf ball has to do with the compression and density. Higher compression golf balls would be more adapt to more experienced golfers who have a much higher swing speed. Golf balls change shape at impact at these higher swing speeds and need to support this tremendous energy.

Golfers with slower swing speeds need to learn to lean towards lower compression golf balls which will give them maximum distance even with their slower swing speed.

Golf Ball Construction

There are two basic constructions of golf balls. First is the two piece construction and second is the multi-layer construction.

The two piece golf ball is more suitable for the beginner or higher handicap player with slower swing speeds.

The larger core increases distances and at the same time lowering spin, therefore improving wayward shots.

The multi layer construction is more suitable for mid to lower handicap players with greater swing speeds The multi layer increases your feel, control and shot shaping. Thinner cover offers more spin control and soft feel.

Best Golf Balls For Who

The best golf balls for the beginner golfer

Pinnacle Soft golf Ball

The Pinnacle soft golf ball has a two piece surlyn cover with a rubber core, thus creating longer and straighter drives off the tee and also gives you a great soft feel Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball

The Titleist NXT Tour golf ball is also a two piece surlyn cover but with a Polybutadiene core. This golf ball is engineered to help the golfer with slower swing speeds add more distance to their drives.

The Callaway Warbird golf ball is designed for distance and maximum flight from a high energy core and two piece design.

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

The Titleist Velocity Golf ball is designed for more distance off the tee and more forgiving on miss hits. It also creates a softer feel with short shots around the greens.

Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball

The Callaway super soft golf ball has a low compression core that creates fast ball spin along with lower spin that leads to straighter and longer drives. It’s two piece tri-onomer cover gives greater feel and more spin on shots around the green.

The Bridgestone E6 golf ball was designed to produce tremendous soft feel and straighter drives. The E6 also was designed with a delta dimple design which allows for more air resistance around the ball and greater forgiveness.

The Srixon Q Star golf ball gives you the perfect combination of distance off the tee and spin control around the greens, which in turn will lead to lower scores.

The Pro V 1 golf ball is one of the most popular golf balls used by the better than average golfers, in fact the Pro V 1 is used by many PGA tour pro’s.

It provides you with great short game spin and a soft feel along with added distance and consistent ball flight.

The Taylor Made TP5X gives you command of your golf game from tee to green. It has a 3 layer 83 compression core that gives you maximum energy transfer creating much more ball speed.

It is designed with a 322 dimple cover which gives you a much more accurate ball flight. Second most popular ball used by tour players

If any PGA tour pro is sponsored by Callaway chances are they are using the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball. The chrome soft ball is designed to give you distance and control throughout your golf bag.

The thin soft urethane cover gives excellent feel and shot saving spin around the greens.

The Bridgestone B RX golf ball has been designed to give the golfer a little extra edge in their golf game. Their new core construction promotes more distance through higher ball speeds and less side spin.

The dual dimple design seamless cover on this ball promotes consistent flight and accuracy.

The Titleist DT Tru Soft is newly designed with a new core and a new cover. This new design offer you more distance and accuracy even with a slower swing speed.

This golf ball is probably the softest feeling ball in the Titleist family of golf balls, therefore offering more spin and stopping power on shots from 100 yards in and around the green.

The super hot golf ball has been designed in such a way that it promotes less drag and delivers a much higher ball flight which translates to more distance from every club in your golf bag.

It’s 3 piece soft covers delivers much more feel and spin around the green. The low compression core promotes more energy at impact promoting long straight iron shots.

The Srixon Q-Star ball is probably the best golf ball for the senior or moderate golfer who has a swing speed of 75 – 85 mile per hour.

It’s thin urethane cover promotes more ball speed off the club to make up for the lack of swing speed. The 324 dimple pattern allows for less drag therefore creating more distance and a straighter ball flight.

You can find all these golf balls plus many more by clicking here:

In Conclusion

I hope you have enjoyed my article here on what is the best golf ball for me. Keep in mind there are thousands of other golf balls out there that you could experiment with but I believe I have listed the most popular.

I hope I have helped you in some small way for you to find the best golf ball for you and to take your golf game to the most optimal level that you can.

As always if you have enjoyed this article please feel to leave me a comment below and I will answer any questions you may have about golf balls and your golf game.

Good Golf to You